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Search Engine Optimization Articles

Track Your Progress in Google Search Engine Results Effectively
21 Feb 13

Our Google Position Checker gives you a real time indication of where your website is placed in the Google search engine results pages. Every single query is also saved against your profile so you can effectively track your campaign for a given keyword. If you`re new to our website, you will be given 25 free Save Credits just for signing up so you can trial our service. If you run out of credits, it only costs US$5 for 500 Save Credits. Every Save Credit entitles you to one successful query and the result is saved against your profile.

Track Progress of Each Website

Track website progress

Capture Each Individual Query and Result

View individual query

Monitor Search Term Position Trend in Google via Chart

Trend chart

Automate Your Campaign Tracking

Automate campaign tracking

You can automatically track your campaign by specifying the number of days you want to re-run the query for.

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5 Tips to Online Success
16 Oct 12

1. Stand Out

It is important to stand out when it comes to online business success. The internet is saturated with thousands of websites that provide the same product or service that you do. In order to stand out you need to have a clear focus on what will drive your business forward. Target your message to the right audience in order to reach the right audience for your product or service.

2. Be Clear on the Purpose of a Page

As well as having a clear focus on your general business, you need to be clear on the purpose of each page on your website. You need to ask this question, "Does the visitor do what you want them to do when they visit the page?". If the answer is yes more often than not, then you`re on the right track.

3. Direct the Traffic

Sometimes a visitor looking for a specific bit of information lands in the wrong place on your website. If the visitor is not directed to the relevant page, then you might lose this lead. It is important to direct the traffic effectively via automatic redirects or through simple navigation menus. Put yourself in the visitors` shoes and navigate through your website. You`ll be pleasantly suprised on how many simple improvements you come up with in the process.

4. Monitor Behaviour and Adapt

If haven`t already got a Google Analytics account, sign up and get one. It`s free and it`s effective in monitoring traffic on your website.

5. Be Reliable and Consistent

If you`re reliable and consistent, then your customer will become an advocate of your product or service. A great service is the best marketing tool that will drive your business to success.

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