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dotAlcoholics Anonymous Australia | PR PR

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.
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dotFirst Step Sober Living | PR PR

Sober Living Homes in San Diego for men and women.
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dotFlorida Drug Rehab - Addiction Treatment - Aion Recovery Center | PR PR

Find Help And Care At Aion Recovery Center, A Florida Drug Rehab For Effective Addiction Treatment And Aftercare. Call 888-775-9048 And Get Help Now!
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13 Sep 16 - Addiction Alcoholism News

Abby Wambach Reveals She Played Soccer Through Alcoholism, Drug Addictions
The retired USA soccer superstar revealed Monday in an interview with The Associated Press that she abused drugs and alcohol for years.

Atwater: Alcoholism, addiction have many faces
I guess if I've learned anything over the years about alcoholism and addiction in general it is that it has many faces.

Elizabeth Vargas opens up about alcohol addiction: 'I couldn't stop drinking for my children'
Elizabeth Vargas is not holding anything back about her long battle with alcohol addiction. “Rehab isn't what finally got me sober.

Researcher explores the history of addiction, drug abuse
McCrady, a distinguished professor of psychology and director of the Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions at the University of New Mexico, was the speaker of the second annual Stephen A. Lisman Annual Lecture in Clinical Psychology, ...

Calgarians struggling with addictions talk about shame: 'alcoholism just about killed me'
WATCH ABOVE: Dozens of people gathered at Olympic Plaza to share their stories about how alcoholism has devastated their lives and how they are recovering.

Interactive Video and Resources for Alcohol Addiction, Recovery and Support
... for addicts and their families about understanding addiction, how to seek help for yourself or a family member and where to find treatment programs and support groups.

Shillong's drug problem: Alcoholism does not scare families the way addiction to narcotics does
"Alcoholism does not scare families the way drug addiction does," Bah Marwein, a father of four says as he sips red tea on a rather warm night during his community watch in the middle class neighbourhood of Bishop Falls, Lower Mawprem.

Targeting 'addiction switch' may help combat alcoholism
"Alcoholics are missing 'vital chemical in their brain' that helps control addiction," the Daily Express reports.

PRDM2: Could Targeting Addiction Enzyme Help Fight Alcoholism?
Research carried out on rats suggests that low levels of the PRDM2 enzyme could trigger self-destructive addictive behavior associated with alcohol dependency, leading people to continue to drink even though it is causing them physical and mental stress.

Elizabeth Vargas on How She Hit Rock Bottom When She Got Drunk on Her Son's 8th Birthday
On the day of her son Sam's 8th birthday in August 2014, Elizabeth Vargas planned to bake a vanilla coconut cake - his favorite.

A Cure For Alcoholism? Scientists Turn Off Switch For Booze Craving, Reverse Urge To Drink
Alcohol addiction is difficult to overcome, and even those who seek professional help often face high relapse rates. A new study, however, claims to have reversed alcohol dependency in rats by “switching off” the neurons in the brain associated with ...

ABC News Anchor Elizabeth Vargas on Her Long Battle With ...
Today, when Elizabeth Vargas walks down the streets of New York City on a warm evening, passing wine bars filled with people enjoying glasses of wine, it's a ...

Compulsive drinking in rats stopped cold by flipping neurons like ...
Researchers have discovered that deactivating neurons in the brains of alcohol-dependent rats completely stopped compulsive drinking behavior.

National Conference on Addiction Kicks Off in Buffalo
"The focus on prevention and the whole prevention system around what we're trying to do to improve all over health care and addiction," said New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services Commissioner Arlene Gonzalez-Sanchez.

Elizabeth Vargas Describes Struggle With Alcohol Addiction, Anxiety
Video Transcript. Transcript for Elizabeth Vargas Describes Struggle With Alcohol Addiction, Anxiety. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

'We can completely reverse alcohol dependence'
Although commonly available, it is an incredibly addictive substance. In the United States, an estimated 16.3 million adults over the age of 18 have an alcohol use disorder, and around 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually. For these ...

These Women's Stories of Overcoming Addiction Prove There's Strength In Weakness
Alcoholism, eating disorders, abuse, and porn addiction can bring with them great pain and challenge, but they can also bring—with a dedication to recovery—great opportunity for growth.

Elizabeth Vargas: 5 Things To Know About…
Elizabeth entered rehab in 2013 for alcohol addiction after suffering from the disease secretly for years. She explained that she had extreme anxiety since she was a child, and tried to ease it by drinking. It spiraled out of control, and she became an ...

Community Addiction and Intervention Lecture to Take Place Oct. 12
The couple has extensive experience in intervention for alcoholism, drug addictions, and all forms of dysfunctional behaviors including eating disorders, video game addiction, suicide ideation, gambling and other mental health disorders. The Champion ...

With Over 22 Years of Sober Living Without a Relapse, Aaron Offers ...
13 Sep, 2016 - Trafficking and abuse of drugs is a big problem in the United States. It affects nearly all aspects of the nation. The economic cost though huge, ...

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