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FOR OVER 15 YEARS Dr. Orzack, a licensed clinical psychologist, has treated addictive behaviors at McLean Hospital, where she is founder and coordinator of the Computer Addiction Service and a member of the Harvard Medical School faculty. She is also a faculty member of the Cognitive Therapy Program, and in private practice in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. In addition she has studied recreational drug use and thinks that inappropriate computer use is similar.
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13 Sep 16 - Addiction Computer Addiction News

Digital detox: A family's struggle with technology addiction
Nic Hope is the first to admit he is "not the best at keeping off the computer". The Brisbane grade nine student is addicted to technology. He eats dinner in front of his computer, he plays games late into the night and he is tired every morning. His ...

Digital technology addiction: Mary Aiken, cyber-psychologist
Using anecdotes from press reports and her own research and that of colleagues, Aiken, whose work inspired American television series CSI: Cyber, argues that the internet provides the optimum environment for amplifying and worsening all kinds of ...

Court records: Cop said he was 'addicted' to child porn
Vasecka went on to tell police that he used his cellphone or computer to access the chat room and specifically looked for chat rooms that were labeled for child pornography, court records say.

Computer Crystal Meth: How Screens Are Killing Kids' Minds and Souls
It's a common and sad story of addiction. Thoroughly hooked, John began to ignore and disengage from other aspects of his life.

Peak TV And The Problem With Our Addiction To 'More'
... in 2017, when as many as 500 scripted shows (including 71 on Netflix alone) could be in production, up nearly 100 shows from when Landgraf made his original prediction last year.

A light of hope for those addicted
Kim Palmer wasn't sure what to do when she found out her son sank into the dark depths of heroin addiction in 2009. Devastated, she took to the computer keyboard to research support for moms who've gone through such a traumatic experience. She found ...

Hacking A Solution To Boston's Opioid Crisis05:42
Almost 200 counselors, computer coders, architects, doctors and current and former addiction patients gathered over the weekend for a day of stories and speeches and then two days of hacking.

Guilford County steps up its fight against opioid addiction
“We have to put this antidote into the hands of those most likely to be able to use it,” said Jim Albright, the director of Guilford County Emergency Services.

Scientists: DEA's Kratom ban will hinder studies on treating pain and addiction
"I said, 'Yeah, I've heard of this thing called kratom. It's from Southeast Asia, and some use it to self-treat opioid addiction,'" recalled Dr. Edward Boyer, who was then a toxicologist at the center, but who now works at UMass Memorial Medical Center ...

Mind Boggled: Berkeley Prof Is a Board Game Addict
Daniel Acland's addiction to tabletop games began when he was a child, starting with the gateway game: Monopoly— “arguably the worst-designed board game ever to achieve commercial success,” he said.

Run Against Addiction raises funding for rehab
The local addiction support group Families Into Getting Help Together (FIGHT) hosted a "Run Against Addiction” 5K on Saturday to help raise awareness of the drug epidemic in Boyle County, as well as raise funds for Boyle County Agency for Substance ...

In This Episode
But I DID need my computer to be made aware of its existence! Brooks Austin • 4 months ago. I'm all for all things in moderation but this freak out about cell phone addiction all seems like an exaggeration to me. Parents have been ignoring their kids ...

NWI addiction expert: To treat the addict, treat the family
Addictions often blossom within the family environment, Lee said. He argues that drug abuse stems from an addiction to avoiding the uncomfortable.

Cash Piles at American Companies Are Shrinking
Analysts see income declining 1.4 percent in the current period, dragged down by contractions at automakers, banks and computer makers. Earnings before interest and taxes at S&P 500 companies totaled $1.1 trillion in the year ended last quarter, the ...

Walking a new path: Man battles addiction amidst overdose spike
The 26-year-old Seymour resident was looking for a way to take away the pain and sickness of withdrawal from suboxone, a prescription painkiller he had been on for more than two years to help kick his drug addiction. His doctor had been weaning him off ...

A community concern: Breaking the cycle of opioid addiction
A tragic fact is that the opioid addiction epidemic is tearing apart lives and families in every city and town in Pennsylvania.

Join hundreds at Journal's heroin forum
And the public will play an integral role, able to ask questions of experts and those directly impacted by these addictions. Together, the community ... You can watch it live from your desktop or latptop computer at The Journal ...

Close to 100 attend vigil for addiction, overdose awareness
Since 2009, Robb Rodriguez has seen six friends die because of drug problems. He also battles his own drug addiction, which has led him to some dark places.

Canada now allows prescription heroin in severe opioid addiction cases
VANCOUVER - Health Canada has amended regulations allowing doctors to prescribe heroin to people who are severely addicted to opioids.

Heroin crisis: Simple origins, complex solutions
For many, the path to heroin begins with a pill. Meghan Hetfield's journey was no different. It only took a year for the then 15-year-old to move from taking pills to using heroin - and in doing so, she began a 20-year fight against her addiction. Now ...

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