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13 Sep 16 - Addiction Drug Addiction News

Victorian magistrate's radical proposal for compulsory rehab for drug-addicted children
Ms Bowles said she was unable to comment on the Liordos case, but said children in the child protection system were particularly likely to be affected by drug addiction and mental health problems. "That's clearly because they've had very difficult ...

Drug addiction: There is help
(CNN) Facing the reality that "I need help" and knowing where to get it are crucial steps in the battle against addiction. It is not something people can do by themselves. Here are several organizations that help addicts beat back their habits and ...

Drug addiction, is it in the genes? | The National
Research to find if Emiratis are prone to dependency, as more nationals fall victim to addiction.

Researcher explores the history of addiction, drug abuse
McCrady, a distinguished professor of psychology and director of the Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions at the University of New Mexico, was the speaker of the second annual Stephen A. Lisman Annual Lecture in Clinical Psychology, ...

Broadcasters unite to fight heroin, prescription drug addiction
HOUSTON - Broadcasters across the country will join forces to address heroin and prescription drug abuse, which has soared in recent years.

Former BMX pro teaches Biddeford area about drug addiction - WLBZ
BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Tony Hoffman, a former professional BMX racer, made a stop in Biddeford Monday to discuss his risks, on and off the ...

Abby Wambach Reveals She Played Soccer Through Alcoholism, Drug Addictions
The retired USA soccer superstar revealed Monday in an interview with The Associated Press that she abused drugs and alcohol for years.

Banning a Promising Cure for Opioid Addiction Is a Bad Idea
Forty-five years after the drug war was declared by President Richard Nixon, the United States leads the world in both recreational drug usage and incarceration rates. Heroin abuse rates continue to soar. Drug-related violence in our nation's cities ...

ADHD Medication Addiction Is Turning People To Crystal Meth
One of the biggest problems involved in the spread of stimulant addictions is doctors being too willing to diagnose people with ADHD, and subsequently prescribe them drugs they don't need for a condition they don't have.

Mother demands court help son tackle drug addiction - even if it means him going to prison
THE mother of a man who has battled with a drug addiction for 16 years has spoken out in court, urging magistrates to give him the help he needs.

Parents Respond to This Haunting Photo of Drug Addiction with the 'Other Side': Recovery
Last week, the East Liverpool, Ohio Police Department shared haunting photos of a scene which they responded to. The photos show two adults in the front seat, passed out and unresponsive after overdosing on heroin.

Federal crackdown on drug some say treats opioid addiction faces backlash
Capsules of the drug Kratom, recently labeled by the DEA a schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act, prompting outcry from users who say it helps everything from PTSD to menstrual cramps.

Recovery Days celebrate sobriety, aim to inspire those struggling with addiction
Annie McCullough, who is in long-term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and co-founded Recovery Day, an event that has spread across Canada to help others, poses for a photo in her Toronto home on Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

Anne Arundel County police chief writes letter to addicts to help ...
There is a plea from the Anne Arundel County Police Department asking for the public's help to battle the heroin and opioid abuse in the county.

Trevor Manuel: 'Corruption is harder to ditch than drug addiction'
A life lived on “ill-gotten” gains is harder to ditch than drug addiction‚ former finance minister Trevor Manuel said on Tuesday.

Recovering drug addict turns himself into a triathlon champion
Crandell's intense fitness journey may not have happened if he hadn't tackled his drug and alcohol addiction first. He says he abused alcohol, heroin and cocaine for more than a decade, destroying his personal and professional life. After his third ...

The photos of an overdosing couple in Ohio won't help anyone — especially addicts
Taking an aggressive position against addiction can make you feel like you are doing something, Carrie Wilkens, co-founder and clinical director of the Center for Motivation and Change, a drug use recovery program, wrote in an email. And that feels ...

Coalition forms to weaken grip of drug addiction in the midcoast
For Pike, she has been sober for three years after many years of being addicted to alcohol and drugs. She was raised in a conservative household in Camden, and she was shy as a teen.

WeConnect is an app to support addiction recovery
Keeping close, quantified track of personal progress is absolutely imperative for one group of people: recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. And it's this often isolated segment of society that the startup behind the WeConnect app is aiming to help ...

Event to focus on issues of drug use, addiction and recovery
“We hope that families will take advantage of having direct access to an expert on addiction and drug policy, especially as Stanton Peele can point out how our approach to the issue of drug use actually causes the harms we fear the most,” said Randy ...

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