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13 Sep 16 - Addiction Problem Gambling News

Panorama: Why Are Gambling Machines Addictive? review – scandal of the century
“FOBTs have been present on the high street for over 15 years, yet there has been no evidence of an increase in problem gambling over that time.” But no one was prepared to come on camera, show their face, defend FOBTs. Probably because they are ...

Virtual betting games could encourage problem gambling, experts warn
I regard it as quite evil,” Tim Costello from the Alliance For Gambling Reform told 9NEWS. He also expressed concerns online games had no way of being regulated.

Are You A Problem Gambler?
Though men gamble more than women, women develop gambling-related problems earlier. Gambling addiction cuts across social and economic divides but ethnic minorities and young people are especially vulnerable.

Violent behaviour can be a sign of gambling addiction: study
A recent research showed that men, who gamble are more likely to act violently towards others, with the most addicted gamblers, most prone to serious violence. It found that gambling in any capacity, may it be pathological, problem, or so-called casual ...

Sex addiction: How to treat the problem and save your family
Adams, who was in Sydney recently to run a course on a fresh approach to treating this condition, says these addicts have developed patterns of compulsive behaviour which they genuinely want to stop but can't, even though the consequences can be dire ...

It's time to call pokies to heel
Community Voice on Pokies Reform, an alliance of more than 35 peak bodies, organisations and local councils, is doing great work making sure our voice is heard over vested interests that profit from pokies addiction. The alliance includes many ...

Gamblers more prone to violent behavior
A study published in the journal Addiction found that gambling in any capacity -- pathological, problem, or so-called casual gambling -- related to significantly increased risk of violence, including domestic abuse. Researchers surveyed 3,025 men about ...

Letter: We all pay gambling's price
And then there are family members, loved ones, co-workers and colleagues who are connected to a pathological gambler. A 2012 study by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services found that 1.5 million Ohioans are negatively affected by ...

OLG ready to help problem gamblers
Though not an expert in the area of addictive gambling, Dr. Richard Schabas, the medical officer of health for the local region, said “it's a concern, but I'm not sure how much the problem is aggravated by having a local casino, because there are many ...

Chronic gambler steals $2k from Master Builders Club pokies
A chronic gambler who busted open the coin container on two poker machines at the Master Builders Club five times in four days in order to keep funding his addiction has narrowly escaped full time jail. Glen Wheeler was handed a 12-month suspended ...

Problem Gambling Under Attack As NSW Greens Launch Campaign
Problem gambling on pokies in New South Wales is under fire with the launch of a new Greens campaign. Candidates in Fairfield have set up a Local Government 5 Points Gambling Protection Package to help fight the effects of gambling addiction in the ...

Agency expects increase
Jason Miller/The Intelligencer Mary Labine, senior clinical services manager, Addictions and Mental Health Services - Hastings Prince Edward, says the agency is preparing itself to cater to people who may fall into the trap of problem gambling due to ...

Hooked on Q-Tips
What if Q-tips really do share something in common with other, more prevalent addictions like gambling, heroin, and even Facebook use?

Pokies Gambling Addiction Fuels $100 Million Fraud, New Report Claims
Speaking to Pro Bono Australia, Brett Warfield, who penned 'Gambling Motivated Fraud in Australia 2011-2016, said that there was a “strong correlation between problem gambling and employee fraud.” And pokie machine habits have been singled out for ...

'It was a definite statement ... that gambling can kill'
Gambling-related suicides are rife in South Africa. According to the South African Responsible Gambling Foundation, the industry-funded body for addiction treatment and prevention, about 22% of problem gamblers have attempted suicide and 52% are ...

North Dakota Gambling Council works on needs study to lower addiction rates
Rasmussen is one of the 14,000 to 21,000 people in the state who is addicted to gambling. Nationally, the numbers are just as extreme.

iGB Diary: Problem gambling in the UK, Brazil regulation, no one likes us...
Happy Friday igaming people! First Diary back after the summer break so slightly shorter instalment this week. The industry talks a good game when it comes to problem gambling, although the UK regulator seemed to have moved beyond words at this week's ...

Gamblers more prone to violent behaviour: study
Men who gamble are more likely to act violently towards others, with the highly addicted gamblers most prone to serious violence, new research has found.

Don't drop the ball by making these estate-planning errors
... your will, consider whether your heirs have the financial and emotional capacity to handle the money responsibly. They may be spendthrifts, lack financial knowledge or could have an asset-consuming issue, such as a drug problem or gambling addiction.

'The mighty can fall' - Chelsea legend Kerry Dixon fires warning to current players
Chelsea legend Kerry Dixon has urged modern-day professionals to be responsible with their money, having blown his own fortune on a well-documented drug and gambling problem. The former Blues striker, who is behind only Bobby Tambling and Frank ... The ...

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