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13 Sep 16 - Anaphylaxis Insect Bites And Stings News

Mylan didn't just shell out for TV ads as EpiPen prices soared. Search spend was way up, too
"[T]heir creative changed in April and May to promote allergic reaction symptoms, insect bites/stings and anaphylaxis,” an AdGooroo spokesman told FiercePharmaMarketing in an email. The anaphylaxis TV awareness campaign, which had spent more than ...

BC's first case of anaphylaxis from European fire ant stings confirmed
According to entomologist Robert Higgins, who is also an associate professor at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, Olson was B.C.

Be(e) Prepared: What to Do When You Get Stung
UR Medicine Urgent Care's Dr. Michael Loeb offers advice to help take the sting out of a close encounter with a buzzing bug. honey bee in a flower. As summer leads into fall, we commonly ... When you're stung, venom gets into your skin through the ...

Mylan: The Calm Before The Storm
The technical term -- Anaphylaxis -- is an allergic reaction that occurs rapidly, and is potentially life-threatening. Such reactions can be caused by food, insect bites or stings. Mylan's EpiPen auto injector provides epinephrine -- a hormone that ...

Obscene increase in cost of EpiPen justifies probe
Thus, the $500 increase in the cost of EpiPen, the injected emergency medicine for severe allergic reactions to food and bug bites, has taken the country by storm. According to the Associated Press, Mylan N.V., the maker of EpiPen, has a virtual ... of ...

Adjusting for the need; EpiPen users struggle to adjust for inflated prices
EpiPen, the injected emergency medicine for severe allergic reactions to foods and bug bites, and its maker, Mylan, have been at the center of healthcare discussions in recent weeks after the company's frequent price hikes pushed EpiPen's list price ...

Midway FD rebuilds resident's porch
After treating and transporting a man suffering from Anaphylaxis shock, most likely from a bee sting or other insect bite according to Kanzigg, the crew took over the lawn care detail, completing the edging, weed eating and blowing before then securing ...

Editorial: Company deserves EpiPen firestorm
Most prevalent are foods such as peanuts, milk and shellfish, bee stings or other bug bites, medications and latex, the type of rubber used to make balloons and medical gloves.

Mommy Monday: Doctor-approved remedies for the family
Local Honey - Is your child suffering from seasonal allergies? If so, you can use local honey ... Experts say to combine baking soda with less than a teaspoon of water to create a paste that can be used on bug bites, rashes, and stings. Saline Rinse ...

Wasp and bee stings on the rise in valley
“People with allergies should carry their EpiPens,” Robertson said, referring to the brand name for portable shots of epinephrine that limit allergic reactions to stings. Allergic reactions ... “As summer progresses and insect prey becomes scarce ...

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The senators said in a letter Tuesday that price hikes of more than 500 percent have jeopardized access to emergency allergy shots for many Americans. The letter was addressed to Heather Bresch, CEO of the pharmaceutical company that makes the devices ...

Ninfield and Hooe
Ok, now I'm not just making a drama queen fuss here, I am allergic to mosquito bites and have only been stung by a wasp once, which was pretty naff. But this is a whole new ballgame, the pain, the swelling and even now, 48 hours on, my arm is still as ...

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