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13 Sep 16 - Arts Myths And Folktales News

From dinosaurs to Dipa Karmakar, everything is illuminated in Chandannagar
The themes include the armed forces, recreations of monuments, sporting achievements (there's a display on gymnast Dipa Karmakar) and short narratives based on folk tales and mythology. The light makers, who trace their craft to the post-independence ...

Traditional Maltese folk monsters get the rock opera treatment in Belliegha
We wanted to exhibit the true magic which our graphic designers, costume designers, makeup artists, lighting designers were so wonderfully capable of doing and merge this with the unmatched talents of our script writers and musicians.

RLHC Announces 2016 Fall Living Stage Line Up
The program features local artists from all walks of life, designed to benefit the community as well as hotel guests. ... She loves stories from all genres—folktales, Greek myths, legends and personal stories—and often mixes them together in a single ...

Vignettes of an illustrious life
... would be too lofty a term for someone as rooted and humble as him—it is difficult to tell what you enjoy more, the accomplished illustrations that make up the book, the simple, accompanying text, or the snatches of poetry and folk tales that ...

Trilogy Thrills, Madame White Snake Still Shines
“The Ouroboros Trilogy,” with libretto by Jacobs, follows the cyclic life of Madame White Snake, a mythical being inspired by Asiatic folklore, as she slithers between the boundaries of mortals and immortals, life and death, love and hatred ...

Peninsula storyteller to be featured at national festival
“These days when I work trips, I tell stories to the passengers as we travel - history stories, folk tales and other kinds of stories.

Eleanor Arnason: Unfolding
She studied art history and English literature at Swarthmore (graduating in 1964) and did graduate work at the University of Minnesota until 1967, eventually settling in Detroit for several years before returning to Minneapolis/Saint Paul, where she ...

Las Vegas Jubilingo group shares tales to teach, inspire
She enjoys telling a variety of stories, including personal tales, folk tales, historical tales and myths. She and her husband had been in and out of Las Vegas for years but finally settled here permanently in 2012.

Speak and See Listings: Sept. 7 to 13, 2016
570-955-0130. Persistence: The Continuing Influence of Classical Myths, a group exhibit of works by contemporary artists who find inspiration in Greek and Roman mythology. Through Oct. 12 at the Sordoni Art Gallery, Stark Learning Center, 150 S. River ...

How Frankenstein became a monster – and what he means to us today
“I saw,” Mary Shelley wrote, “– with shut eyes, but acute mental vision - I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together.” Shelley's vision then grew into ... The authors therefore bypass Mary Shelley's prose ...

Things to do in Wilkes-Barre, Sept. 8-18
ART SOCIAL, through Dec. 17, Tuesdays-Thursdays, noon to 4 p.m. Bring your work and/or create. Non-members are welcome to sign up if they wish to continue attending.

Wari: Chapter Two happening in Delhi
Through three small tales, one from mythology, one from south of India and one from some History texts' we realise that while we keep talking of development and evolution; while the world moved from reality to the world wide web; as far as humans are ...

Exhibit Listings: Sept. 2 to 8, 2016
Persistence: The Continuing Influence of Classical Myths, a group exhibit of works by contemporary artists who find inspiration in Greek and Roman mythology. Through Oct. 12 at the Sordoni Art Gallery, Stark ... Wolves, Magic Mirrors & Spinning Wheels ...

A Rabbit's Tale: The magical, mysterious reality of Bill Rutherfoord
The work behind him comments upon large art fairs - unsustainable phenomena that cannot survive in a global economy about to transpire.

Godzilla: Rage Across Time #1 Review
Travel to different time periods to examine the origin of myths that fueled nightmares! In this first installment, ... The art is done in an ancient Japanese folktale style, evident in the wat Godzilla's breath is drawn, as well as the Orochi and the ...

Shankar, CBT and the rise of children's books in India
Initially, mythology, culture, tradition and values were the themes of these books. Shankar encouraged his team of writers to write about real-life happenings and blend fact with fiction, instead of merely confining themselves to folk tales and the ...

Beautiful, Meaningful Messes
Rib Mountain is also the mythological burying place of Paul Bunyan, an American folktale twist on the biblical story of Eve springing from Adam's rib.

Interview with author and illustrator Luke Pearson, creator of the 'Hilda' series
The stories chronicle the adventures of a courageous blue-haired girl who resides in a land filled with mythical creatures and magical happenings.

September 7, 2016 Arts Etc.
New and recent shows /activities at the Wing include the following - “Everything Has Been Material For Scissors To Shape” is a new group exhibition on textiles and how they move through history and myth, commodity culture and art, linking women's hands ...

What's hot this week in theaters: Morgan
Propelled by imagination rather than might, "Kubo" is a quest of family and folktale through dazzling animated landscapes,.

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