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13 Sep 16 - Arts Rhetoric News

Liberals fuzzy on plans for Canada's culture industry: 'Everything is on the table'
Recent weeks have seen accusations from film and television writers, angry that the CRTC loosened Canadian content requirements for productions, that the Trudeau government is failing to live up to its rhetoric about supporting artists in the wake of ...

Craft Beer and Writing? Not the Unusual Pairing You Imagine
Rice's College of Arts and Sciences Department of Writing, Rhetoric and Digital Studies focuses on the study of writing.

Ohio Grandmother Slams Trump's Rhetoric as 'Punk Moves'
A Cleveland, Ohio grandmother called out Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after he visited an area charter school Wednesday, Sept.

V&A director reportedly set to resign over Brexit vote disillusionment
... this week, with Brexit apparently having played a part. In interviews with the German broadcaster DW, he said the vote to leave Europe felt like a personal defeat and he was particularly upset to hear aggressive “war rhetoric” used during the ...

People Magazine and NPR Feature Professor James J. Kimble's Research on 'Rosie the Riveter'
Kimble's research, which was published earlier this year in the journal Rhetoric and Public Affairs, is concerned with the identity of the figure in the famed poster and the cultural and media processes that came to misidentify her in popular culture ...

Art show relives horrors of martial law for millennials and amnesiacs
“The fact that Fernandez always goes back to the rhetoric of who or what his art should serve echoes the need to remind himself and those present during the time of martial law that such horrors should never happen again,” reads the curatorial note of ...

Great British Bake Off: Why the show's move to Channel 4 from the BBC could ruin it
(Not bad for a country with a strong tendency towards anti-Muslim rhetoric.) It also comes down to what the BBC does so well - churning out a great, comforting and strangely addictive formula.

The Music of Prince: A fusion of sonic, social forces
When ASU professor Rashad Shabazz hears Prince classics like “1999” and “Little Red Corvette,” he hears musical artistry and creative genius, to be sure.

SCI-Arc Launches Liberal Arts Curriculum for its Bachelor of Architecture Program
... SCI-Arc is investing in the Liberal Arts and providing its students with foundational knowledge and multiple perspectives in art, art history, literature, new models of understanding nature and society, culture and civilization, philosophy ...

'This Halloween he can dress up as a journalist': Samantha Bee eviscerates Matt Lauer for forum with Hillary Clinton
Samantha Bee's Full Frontal saw a much needed return to television on Monday night after taking a hiatus, and she had plenty a bone to pick with the state of the American election - and Matt Lauer.

Trudeau should offer clarity on Canadian content: Editorial
The latest decision on Canadian content rules suggests that, despite a new federal government and new rhetoric on cultural policy, a controversial decades-long trend looks likely to continue.

All the fun of a day at the art gallery
Exhibitions with entertainment value, designed to have mass consumer appeal and marketed with the inflated rhetoric of a luxury car ad, are dominating calendars.

Why Triple J Moving The 'Hottest 100' Could Reset The Convo About Aus Day
Apart from barbecuing meat, the Hottest 100 is possibly the most 'Strayan cultural phenomenon we have. It's supportive of local artists, it's a celebration of everything we hold dear about Aussie music, and having the countdown playing in the ...

Respect VAPA students, degrees other than your own
I made a choice and immediately felt better and committed to writing and rhetoric. Throughout college, I've noticed a stigma with art majors that increasingly feels like getting a Bachelor of Arts is a set up for failure. I bought the stigma that only ...

At Liberty Rally, hosts pal around, urge Republicans to vote Trump as “lesser of two evils”
12, at Tampa's Straz Center for the Performing Arts, radio host Dennis Prager addressed a VIP crowd so spellbound that members finally stopped posing for pictures with actor Jon Voight and Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee in order to listen.

Will South Korea Go Nuclear?
In the meantime, Seoul has embraced a little bit of North Korea-style rhetoric—it recently threatened to turn Pyongyang to "ashes" in the event of an attack.

Hollywood diversity report reveals damning 'entrenched inequality' across movie roles
Lead author Professor Stacey Smith said the status-quo remained unchanged, despite highfalutin rhetoric in the industry about activism.

Kiefer Sutherland Returns. This Time the Oval Office Is His.
Among other gigs, he did two “24”-related projects, and appeared in art-house fare, including Lars von Trier's “Melancholia,” and “Forsaken,” a western with his father, Donald Sutherland.

Who's who in the Senate race?
He believes the University should decrease fees for vocational degrees like accounting, engineering, and finance, and increase fees for arts degrees because they offer no hard skills and “simply preach ideology”. He also believes majors like gender ...

RIT, UR continue to attract international students
"I don't think the campaign rhetoric - the anti-immigrant rhetoric - is deterring international students from coming.

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