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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Asperger Syndrome Autism Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
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13 Sep 16 - Autism Spectrum Disorders News

Link between labor induction and autism spectrum disorder?
Findings from a study using a family comparison design to control for environmental and genetic factors conferring risk for labor induction and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) do not support there being any causal association between labor induction and ...

New drug target to increase social interaction in autism
Autism spectrum disorder, Drug for Autism, PCDH10, journal Biological Psychiatry, d- D-cycloserine has been shown, in recent small studies, to significantly improve social interactions in older adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders.

Michael Sandford admits he attempted to steal a gun to shoot Donald Trump
Sandford also suffers seizures, obsession-compulsion, anxiety and autism spectrum disorders, Chahal said. Sandford was arrested on June 18 after trying to grab a gun in a 1500-seat venue at Treasure Island hotel-casino, where Trump was speaking.

Fulfilling an unmet need for children with autism spectrum disorders
That's why reading comprehension--the ability to understand and get meaning from what you read--is such an important skill for kids to learn.

Research Assistant – Autism Spectrum Disorder Genetics Research
Located at the Melbourne Brain Centre in Heidelberg, the Victorian Collaborative AuTism Study (CATS) undertakes clinical and genetic research into autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The Research Assistant will be responsible for the recruitment of ...

MicroRNA Dysregulation Linked To Autism Spectrum Disorder
The brains of people with autism spectrum disorders show distinctive changes in the levels of tiny regulator molecules known as microRNAs, which control the activities of large gene networks, scientists at UCLA have found.

Genes, Ultrasounds May Be Associated with Autism Severity
Antenatal ultrasound and risk of autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 40(2), 238-245. doi:10.1007/s10803-009-0859-4; Stoch, Y. K., Williams, C. J., Granich, J., Hunt, A. M., Landau, L. I., Newnham, J. P ...

Study links autism to changes in micro-RNAs
In an important new study, scientists at UCLA have found that the brains of people with autism spectrum disorders show distinctive changes in the levels of tiny regulator molecules known as microRNAs, which control the activities of large gene networks.

Autism Speaks fundraising event 'Southern Pieces Gala' Sept. 24
There are about 30,000 children in Georgia diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or autism, two general terms for developmental disabilities caused by a brain abnormality.

Is Your New App Autism-Friendly? Probably Not
Computers, smart phones, and related technologies are actively improving the lives of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). These technologies can help compensate for verbal and social challenges as well as enabling new ways of communication, ...

Drug-Induced Dementia IS NOT Alzheimer's Disease
Could the disabling American epidemic of autoimmune disorders, psychiatric disorders, autism spectrum disorders, etc (all supposedly of unknown origin) be found to have recognizable iatrogenic root causes and therefore be preventable?

New Mouse Model Identifies Drug Target that Could Increase Social Interaction in Autism
Behavioural symptoms in individuals with autism spectrum disorder have been attributed, in part, to aberrant connections between neurons, but the molecular underpinnings of ASD-related behavioural and brain physiology are largely unknown.

5 misconceptions about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Children and adults with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders struggle with lifelong learning and behavioral problems. Without appropriate ... The term fetal alcohol spectrum disorders represents the range of effects associated with prenatal exposure to ...

Mood, mind and memory: can gut bacteria meddle with the brain?
It is enticing to think probiotic supplements to treat psychological disorders - dubbed 'psychobiotics' - could one day hit the shelves.

Children with affected older sibling at 14-fold increased risk for ASD
“Studies that examine genetic influences on [autism spectrum disorders (ASD)] show a higher concordance of ASD in monozygotic twins than in dizygotic twins and a much higher risk of ASD in siblings of an affected child than in the background population ...

Hope House Austin Is Where the Heart Is
No, I didn't know very much at all about Asperger Syndrome, other Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and Down syndrome or about so many other severe intellectual developmental delays and physical disabilities afflicting children and adults.

Autism Causes
A diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or ASD in a child can be devastating for parents. Scientists have been seeking the cause of ASD for decades but it still remains elusive.

University of San Diego lab showcased at Waisman Center lecture
Previous UW-Madison research suggests autism can be reliably diagnosed by age two, but fewer than half of children with autism spectrum disorders are being identified in their communities by age five nationwide. With one out of 68 children being ...

Cognitive behavior therapy could be key for children with autism getting enough sleep
Eligible participants must be between the ages of six and 12, been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and have experienced problems falling or staying asleep.

State officials launch effort to improve autism services
The interagency committee is charged with using evidence-based practices and programs to improve outcomes for people living with autism spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities by sharing information with public and private agencies ...

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