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13 Sep 16 - Autism Spectrum Disorders Autism News

Link between labor induction and autism spectrum disorder?
Findings from a study using a family comparison design to control for environmental and genetic factors conferring risk for labor induction and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) do not support there being any causal association between labor induction and ...

New drug target to increase social interaction in autism
Autism spectrum disorder, Drug for Autism, PCDH10, journal Biological Psychiatry, d- D-cycloserine has been shown, in recent small studies, to significantly improve social interactions in older adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders.

NBCC campuses improve support for students on the autism spectrum
Roughly 350 staff and instructors at New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) campuses across the province recently completed specialized training to better accommodate students on the autism spectrum. “Transition for anybody going to post-secondary ...

Fulfilling an unmet need for children with autism spectrum disorders
That's why reading comprehension--the ability to understand and get meaning from what you read--is such an important skill for kids to learn.

Europe Autism Spectrum Disorder Market and Competitive Landscape Highlights 2016 - Research and Markets
Europe Autism Spectrum Disorder Market and Competitive Landscape Highlights - 2016, provides comprehensive insights into Autism Spectrum Disorder pipeline products, Autism Spectrum Disorder epidemiology, Autism Spectrum Disorder market ...

Genes, Ultrasounds May Be Associated with Autism Severity
Antenatal ultrasound and risk of autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 40(2), 238-245.

Autism Speaks fundraising event 'Southern Pieces Gala' Sept. 24
There are about 30,000 children in Georgia diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or autism, two general terms for developmental disabilities caused by a brain abnormality.

MicroRNA Dysregulation Linked To Autism Spectrum Disorder
The brains of people with autism spectrum disorders show distinctive changes in the levels of tiny regulator molecules known as microRNAs, which control the activities of large gene networks, scientists at UCLA have found.

Drug target identified that may increase social interaction in autism
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania linked a missing gene in the brain to social avoidance among people with autism spectrum disorder, and in mice missing the gene were able to correct for the symptom using drug treatment. Photo by pathdoc/ ...

Education about autism, training get boost from state
The need for the statewide resource center came about five years ago, said Alex Eldreth, community outreach director for Autism Delaware, as the number of children in public schools with an autism spectrum disorder has grown from 152 in 2011 to about ...

Biobank aims to help research on autism
So when Kaiser Permanente researchers asked the family if they would submit a blood or saliva test for a study surrounding the cause and new treatments for autism spectrum disorder, the Trevinos were more than willing to oblige. “If we can do anything ...

Study links autism to changes in micro-RNAs
In an important new study, scientists at UCLA have found that the brains of people with autism spectrum disorders show distinctive changes in the levels of tiny regulator molecules known as microRNAs, which control the activities of large gene networks.

The Autism Solutions bot helps autistic kids
With one out of every 64 American children being affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, it's a huge problem worth working on.

Applauding the unsung heroes of N.J.'s autism community | Opinion
Shabazz is a direct support professional, also known as a DSP, and it is her responsibility to help some very special adults who live with autism spectrum disorder be active and contributing members of our community. What does a DSP do? In essence ...

The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation for Adult Autism Announces Newest Endowment Gifts to Leading US Universities
Today more than 3.5 million Americans live with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and we need to do more to understand adult autism and to create as many paths as we can for adults to participate in and contribute to community life. It is a matter of human ...

Is Your New App Autism-Friendly? Probably Not
Computers, smart phones, and related technologies are actively improving the lives of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). These technologies can help compensate for verbal and social challenges as well as enabling new ways of communication, ...

Randburg Clinic School has a dedicated unit for autistic children
Randburg Clinic School is a school for children with severe behavioural difficulties and has a dedicated unit for children with a primary diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Gauteng Department of Education acting spokesperson, Oupa Bodibe ...

Severna Park gym offers option for children on autism spectrum
SEVERNA PARK, Md. —Many times, parents with children on the autism spectrum said playgrounds can be difficult places. They often ... Kyle has a genetic disorder called NF1 and We Rock the Spectrum gym is the right place for him to play, his family said.

Michael Sandford admits he attempted to steal a gun to shoot Donald Trump
Sandford also suffers seizures, obsession-compulsion, anxiety and autism spectrum disorders, Chahal said. Sandford was arrested on June 18 after trying to grab a gun in a 1500-seat venue at Treasure Island hotel-casino, where Trump was speaking.

Supporting students with autism in the classroom: what teachers need to know
Students with autism often present unique challenges to schools, and teachers can often find it difficult to meet their needs effectively.

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