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13 Sep 16 - Breastfeeding And Alcohol News

Answers To Your Kids' Nutrition (And Breastfeeding) Questions
After nine long months of avoiding coffee and alcohol, the last thing you want to hear is that you can't drink either while you breastfeed. According the Joubert, you may safely have caffeine in small quantities. "What you eat is what your baby eats ...

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is a completely avoidable tragedy
As we observe World Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Day, on September 9, the South African Breastmilk Reserve (SABR) urges government and society to support mothers in abstaining from alcohol use during pregnancy and moderating use during breastfeeding.

Mum's view: Why I share my bed with my babies
"For a breastfeeding mother who is smoke, alcohol and drug free and follows the Safe Seven, the safest place to breastfeed at night is on a bed; free of gaps with no pillows or heavy covers near the baby. The most dangerous thing to do is sit up at ...

What to eat in pregnancy: the new rules according to the experts
No sooner does a woman break the news that she is pregnant than she is bombarded with a list of things she must eat or avoid, from alcohol to sushi, blue cheese to Parma ham. The advice is ever changing and still controversial. But what's becoming ...

Drinking during pregnancy and fetal alcohol syndrome in Ghana
That being said, women are encouraged to not drink when pregnant or when trying to conceive, and many experts discourage the consumption of alcohol until after the child had been weaned from breastfeeding. “There is no known safe amount of alcohol ...

Eating in pregnancy: What's off the menu
No sooner does a woman break the news that she is pregnant than she is bombarded with a list of things she must eat or avoid, from alcohol to sushi, blue cheese to Parma ham. The advice is ever changing and still controversial. But what's becoming ...

Do you need to detox? Epworth Richmond's expert explains
“I think with any detox diet the intention is that it's supposed to purge the toxins in our body, like all the processed and refined foods we eat, the alcohol and caffeine, cigarettes and external pollutants that apparently get into our system,” she ...

Is your busy life killing your oxytocin 'cuddle chemicals'?
... such as oxytocin while emasculating the testosterone-challenged New Age male. Known as the "bliss hormone" or "cuddle chemical", oxytocin is a hormone produced during childbirth, breastfeeding and sex that drives the formation of attachments ...

Revealed: Improved diagnosis for health
One in five year six pupils are classified as obese, it adds, in addition to “levels of teenage pregnancy, breastfeeding initiation and smoking at time of delivery are worse than the national average”.

The Local Scene: Sept. 14
There will be live bands and speakers about finding help with drug addiction, alcohol abuse, foster care and more. Representatives from local police will attend.

Pot And Pregnancy: No Harm Seen At Birth, But Many Questions Remain
But the analysis suggests that public health dollars budgeted for preventing bad birth outcomes should be spent to discourage the things with more evidence of harm, such as tobacco or alcohol, she says. There are still plenty of reasons for women to be ...

Parents Lose Custody After Cocaine Was Found in Daughter's System
“It is a lesson for all parents that if you use any substance—alcohol, prescription substances, illegal substances—that you do not breastfeed your child and do not assume that things go out of your system immediately. Even if you do not feel the ...

Should you instinctively know how to be a parent?
Barnardos, the children's charity, has a suite of ebooks available to download for free, offering advice and support on a range of topics including, separation, bullying, teen wellbeing, domestic abuse and drug and alcohol misuse. Its website also has ...

Binge drinking? A mechanism in your brain may be responsible
"This is a serious disorder and no one likes to treat women with medication during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but there is certainly a very high risk in not treating as well, such as the risk for suicide," said Katherine Wisner, Professor at ...

How can I reduce my risk of breast cancer?
Moderate drinking (a drink a day or less) is alright, but even low levels of alcohol intake can increase your risk for breast cancer.

The 411 on vitamins
Women need extra folates very early in pregnancy to prevent birth defects, such as spina bifida, and while breastfeeding to replenish their own store of folate.

Coco Austin Reveals Her Secrets to Staying Fit After Pregnancy
During her pregnancy, she was also sure to drink plenty of water and cut out all alcohol (obviously). Austin took vitamins to ensure she was getting enough nutrients and minerals for both her and her growing baby.

Bed sharing ban not the answer, former pediatrician says
Former paediatrician and New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance deputy chair Dr Leo Buchanan says the co-sleeping debate is complex but there shouldn't be a blanket ban against it.

Nadya Suleman explains why she had to 'kill' Octomom
I had a breast augmentation after breastfeeding three kids, which I paid for myself as I was working… I had a tummy tuck after the octuplets after a media outlet promised me $100,000 to pose nude… I have had no work on my face ... She explained how ...

I'm a Mom and I Don't Love Wine — There, I Said It
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my journey through motherhood has been a near constant since I turned 21, my life revolving around pregnancy and breastfeeding. Even if I had wanted to spend my early mothering years blissed out with a ...

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