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13 Sep 16 - Breastfeeding Tandem Feeding News

Tandem Breastfeeding: 27 Photos Show Sheer Beauty Of Feeding Two
... attached to some: #tandembreastfeeding or #tandemnursing. This included moms of multiples or moms with a baby and older child who hasn't weaned.

Tandem breastfeeding mom: PPD “shameful, isolating”
“I pumped before tandem nursing the twins to express the foremilk so the 'reflux,' aka projectile vomit across the room, would be lessened when it was mixed with the hindmilk expressed after the tandem nursing and immediately warmed in a bottle to 'top ...

This Mom's Viral Breastfeeding Photo Celebrates Moms & Non Moms Alike
Back in 2015, she posted a private picture to Facebook tandem feeding her babies while working on a laptop. But recently, she decided the photo needed to be out in the world.

Column: The stages I took to becoming a stay-at-home mum...
Pre-baby I said I would only MAYBE breastfeed, in a secluded place, and now I find myself getting my boobs out and about whenever wherever.

Actually, My Boobs Look Better After Breastfeeding
Then, when I started tandem breastfeeding my toddler and baby at the same time, my breasts swelled to an unbelievable HH cup.

Bisakah Menyusui si Sulung dan Adiknya Secara Berbarengan?
Untuk tandem nursing atau menyusui sang kakak dan adik dalam waktu yang sama, boleh saja dilakukan, namun harus sangat diperhatikan kecukupan ASI untuk sang adik, sehingga harus mengutamakan sang adik karena masih dalam masa ASI eksklusif, ...

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