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12 Aug 11 - Clothing/Apparel Children's News

Shopping tax-free
The tax-free weekend focused on clothing apparel, such as shoes, belts, shirts, pants, school uniforms, accessories and so on. Store manager Kevin McDonald of JC Penny's took the weekend a step further with a theme. “Every register is decorated in ...

Analysis of Financial Terrorism in America
As you can see, the price of basic necessities are consistently increasing, only clothing (apparel) has declined. The second chart highlights the crucial skyrocketing cost of energy: The cost of education essentially buries a young person in a debt ...

MUSD to issue revised handbooks
Clothing apparel may not be more than one size above one year's growth. For the secondary schools, there are more variations as students begin reaching the age of self-identification. From the handbook: “The Board recognizes that each student's mode of ...

From Benetton to Murdoch: The Culture of Money, Shock and Schlock
Originally designed to produce colorful sweaters, the business expanded into a full range of clothing apparel and eventually developed into a $2 billion dollar fashion empire producing 80 million pieces of clothing a year for 7000 franchise stores in ...

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