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18 Oct 14 - Consumer Art News

Consumers Launch New Yes on 45 Street Art Campaign - Asks San Franciscans ...
SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Consumer advocates and nurses launched a new "Yes on 45" street art campaign hitting San Francisco and Sacramento this week that exposes the health insurance companies spending $37.5 ...

Analysis - Costco seeks China path that avoids Wal-Mart's potholes
N) Tmall is designed to help the warehouse store operator study consumer shopping habits with no brick-and-mortar costs and fewer risks, signalling a new approach to expanding in China.

Jeff Koons: beyond taste and shame
Judge Richard J. Cardamone of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ruled against Koons, taking care to note that many found the artist “truly offensive” and that his works sold for over $100,000. .... Others will discern the grinning skull ...

iPad: Art object or enterprise tablet?
Look at any iPad or iPhone advertisement, and you will see where art object and consumer industrial design takes precendent over tech.

Retailing C-Suites Need To Be Retooled
Today, JC Penney announced that it has named former Home Depot Home Depot head of stores Marvin Ellison as CEO; and last week, Gap's digital leader, Art Peck, was tapped to succeed outgoing CEO, Glenn Murphy. Gap's announcement hit Wall St. like a ...

Pharmacists rate high in customer satisfaction
Code. Result. <p><a href="">Pharmacists rate high in customer satisfaction</a></p>.

Doctors treat man addicted to Google Glass
Code. Result. <p><a href="">Doctors treat man addicted to Google Glass</a></p>.

An interview that flattered me
Before your retirement, you were associated with having mastery of the masa market, with strong gut feel but based on consumer pulse. Jollibee, Lucky Me! are just some local brands you handled that grew so big. What traits do you think you have that ...

Tsannkuen introduces more food brands
As a major consumer electronics retailer in Taiwan, Tsannkuen has accumulated extensive experience in logistics. Since last year, the company expanded into the food industry.

Capital investment: the evolution of luxury London
Two decades on, however, the city's consumer geography is remarkably rich and varied, and these particular strips have provided a model for engineering new kinds of shopping-and-dining destinations.

The Shonkys: Thermomix, Tim Tams named as Choice announces dodgiest ...
The consumer advocacy group bestowed awards upon seven "shonky" products and services which they declared were "sneaky, slippery, unscrupulous and sometimes unsafe" at the Carriageworks art centre in Redfern, Sydney. Commonwealth Bank was ...

How to Read Cosmetics Labels
Discovering these products isn't difficult; you just have to look for the special “NEW” or “IMPROVED” flashes on the labels.

Travel and Tourism in South Africa performed well during the review period ...
The government has identified tourism as an important sector for economic growth and has been making efforts to develop and promote tourism at both domestic and international levels.

Buying gold jewellery
The good news is that consumers in Fiji can now access professional gold testing services at a minimum price of $15 to know if their jewellery is authentic or not.

Was William Morris actually just a pious bore?
There are more anecdotes than art here, and many of those are about long-forgotten Marxists and anarchists. The British left is ... In reality it was an entertaining sideshow to the rise of consumer society that was the real story of modern Britain. So ...

Feature: A brand-led reinvention of higher education
Besides that, retailing a credential to consumers who were taught to shop around is going to turn what was once a no-brainer into a hard sell.

Why the Grey Album still matters – in black and white
Music fans have been converted, according to cyber liberties scholar Patrick Burkart, into “music 'users' who lack property rights to their recordings and even rights to ordinary consumer protections”. These debates appear set for a long grind and, at ...

Lower oil is not all good news: Art Cashin
"The good news it'll work its way through the pump and that'll be a benefit to the U.S. consumer," said Cashin, who has more than 40 years of experience on Wall Street.

Sophie Maxwell: The Big Switch-Off – Why Brands Need to Create New Ways to ...
Selfridges highly publicized “No-Noise” campaign - featuring “The Quiet Shop,” the “Silence Room” and window-display art installations depicting space and time - was opened for a second year, reinforcing both the interest in this type of initiative and ...

Officeworks boss Mark Ward perfects the art of pen pushing
Growing consumer demand for fashion stationery has sparked new rivalry in the sector, as seen by the international expansion of Smiggle, the chain owned by listed Melbourne-based retailer Premier Investments.

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