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18 Oct 14 - Countries News

Here's What 44 Countries List As The Greatest Dangers In The World
At 58%, Lebanon had the highest level of concern of any country and identified religious and ethnic hatred as the single greatest danger to the world, correlating to its diverse religious makeup of Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Lebanese Christians ...

Caribbean countries announce Ebola travel bans
A group of Caribbean countries have announced bans on entry to foreigners who have travelled through the three West African countries most affected by Ebola. Jamaica said it would not accept travellers from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone for the time ...

Ebola health chiefs increase efforts to aid 15 African countries
"As the number of cases is increasing, it wouldn't be a surprise to have a case in neighbouring countries. And it's for this very reason that we are working with them so that they are able to detect and take immediate action," Ms Nuttall told a news ...

Experts Oppose Ebola Travel Ban, Saying It Would Cut Off Worst-Hit Countries
But public health officials say a travel ban would be ineffective and difficult to carry out and would not entirely prevent people in Ebola-hit countries from entering the United States. Ultimately, health specialists said, a ban would do more harm ...

The world, mapped by countries' greatest fears
These are among the findings of Pew Research Center's survey of over 48,000 people in 44 countries this spring (so, it's worth noting, pre-Ebola pandemic).

DHS Started Expediting Visa Extensions from Ebola Countries in August
In short, the USCIS has been waiving fees, expediting the immigration process, and allowing extensions of visas for anyone coming from the three designated Ebola-stricken countries, provided that they are in the United States. The Free Republic blog ...

Ebola death toll rises to 4546 in hardest-hit countries: WHO
The death toll for the three countries with intense transmission of the virus includes 62 more deaths than on Wednesday. There are 239 health workers among the fatalities.

'The problem of Ebola is in three countries in Africa,' WHO official says
“The problem of Ebola is in three countries in Africa," WHO official Isabelle Nuttall said, referring to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

USA, UK, Canada are Most Desirable Countries to Work In
The Boston Consulting Group and The Network conducted research on today's global workforce to determine which countries and cities are the most desirable to work in. The results are based on a survey from more than 200,000 people from 189 countries.

i100: Here are all the countries that recognise Palestinian statehood
Ed Miliband has instructed Labour MPs to back a vote in parliament that would call on the government to “unilaterally recognise” Palestine as a state.

Rick Perry Supports Air Travel Ban For 'Countries That Have Been Hit Hardest ...
"It is understandable how someone might come to the conclusion that the best approach would be to just seal off the border from those countries," Fauci said. "But we are dealing with something now that we know what we are dealing with," he said ...

Countries in conflict often play out battles minus the shooting
When the two countries took their places in the Asian qualifying group for the 1994 World Cup, five years after the end of a bloody eight-year war, the only solution seemed to be an arrangement to play each other on neutral ground.

Come together, right now: countries are working with neighbours like never before
Regional networks give countries access to a much broader menu of policy options, including tools for advancing their own social standards much faster than can be achieved through negotiations involving hundreds of countries. For smaller and developing ...

The Caribbean and Colombia ban entry of travelers from Ebola stricken countries
A group of Caribbean countries have announced bans on entry to foreigners who have travelled through the three West African countries most affected by Ebola. Jamaica said it would not accept travelers from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone for the time ...

The AAA-rated club: which countries still make the grade?
Finland has become the latest country to be stripped of its coveted AAA credit rating, after Standard & Poor's downgraded it one notch to AA+.

St. Lucia, Colombia Ban Travelers From Ebola-Hit Countries, As Second Case In ...
Kenny Anthony, the prime minister of St. Lucia, said that the country will not allow people arriving from Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, until the outbreak is brought under control, according to Associated Press, or AP.

These 6 Countries Will Be Screwed If Oil Prices Keep Falling
Here's why: In order for governments in oil-exporting countries to meet their spending commitments they need oil to remain above a certain price.

Food prices soar in Ebola-hit countries, aid workers deliver rations
GENEVA/MONROVIA (Reuters) - Food prices have risen by an average of 24 percent across the three countries worst hit by the Ebola outbreak, the World Food Program (WFP) said on Friday, as aid workers scrambled to distribute emergency rations to the ...

Cancer patients increasing in Gulf countries: Report
Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Tawfiq Khoujah, conference president, said one of the objectives of the event is to examine the impact of the growing incidence of cancer on the economy of GCC member countries and how early detection and screening of ...

Why US Sanctions Mean Some Countries Don't Get Any iPhones
Some 36 additional countries will receive shipments of Apple's iPhone 6 this month, with over 115 countries on track to get the big-screen smartphones by the end of the year.

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