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18 Oct 14 - Countries Cambodia News

Cambodians protest Australia refugee deal
"We do not discriminate any refugees coming to live in Cambodia, but I'm afraid that they will not be able to live in a dignity because Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world; the situation can be worst than their homeland country.

Cambodia refugee deal: UNHCR, Amnesty International condemn refugee ...
"As a party to the Refugees Convention, Cambodia, while making countless efforts to develop the country after the civil war, is demonstrating its ability and willingness to contribute positively to this humanitarian issue," he said.

UN lukewarm on Abbott's Cambodia solution
Bangkok: The United Nations has no plans to boost its presence in Cambodia despite the Abbott government's claim it is working "closely" with the agency in a controversial plan to resettle refugees there.

Australian-Cambodian refugee agreement could set disturbing precedent – UN ...
26 September 2014 - The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) today expressed deep apprehension today over a new refugee agreement between Australia and Cambodia barring Nauru refugees seeking Australia's protection from settling there, offering them instead ...

Cambodia's political calculus
I wish to address the conditions that are conducive to Cambodia's inconsistent policy and behaviour in dealing with refugee issues.

Cambodian officials, CEOs discuss country's economic future
PHNOM PENH, Oct. 6 (Xinhua) -- Around 300 Cambodian government officials, business leaders, economists and researchers met in an international investment conference here on Monday to exchange views on the prospect of Cambodia's economic ...

Retracing Cambodia's past
The Communist Party of Kampuchea, also known as Khmer Rouge had recently gained power in the south-east Asian country Cambodia. Led by Pol Pot, the government embarked on a regimented restructuring of the Cambodian society. People were asked ...

Asylum seekers: Morrison to sign resettlement deal with Cambodia
Negotiations between the two countries began in February, when Australia's foreign minister, Julie Bishop, paid a visit to Cambodia. But the full details of the deal have not been publicly disclosed and refugee advocacy groups, as well as the UNHCR ...

Cambodia-China Relations: Overcoming the Trust Deficit
It has never been easy to paint a rosy picture of Cambodia-China relations. Despite multiple high-level exchanges and a public display of unwavering friendship, mistrust between the two countries remains deep and pervasive. What is ironic is that even ...

The wrong kind of refugee: Australia exports its problems to Cambodia
Many decades previously, Cambodia and neighboring Vietnam had their own refugees fleeing by boat, many of who were resettled in Western countries. “Boat people in previous times were processed correctly but in this case it is being undermined,” ...

Vietnam's growth rate could fall behind Laos, Cambodia: experts
A survey by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in 2013 showed that 54 percent of polled businesses investing in Vietnam said they had considered investments in other countries, including Laos and Cambodia. In the past, Laos and ...

The Golden Lands: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam
After a brief but important introduction to the faith's architectural roots in India, they cover six countries, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Each of those is analyzed through the lens of its architectural history, the ...

Garment Factories, Unions Edge Closer to Wage Deal
However, Kong Athith, vice president of the Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers' Democratic Union, the largest independent union in the country, said the factories' refusal to budge meant he wouldn't either. “It is not an official agreement between ...

Cambodians claim land grabs are crime against humanity
The ICC petition dovetails with attempts by people from poor countries to pursue multinationals for damages over profits they have allegedly reaped from improperly seized property.

Report Puts Cost of Illicit Cigarettes at $1.2M
Hundreds of millions of illegal cigarettes consumed in Asia last year were manufactured in Cambodia, which also lost an estimated $1.2 million in revenue from untaxed cigarettes smuggled into the country during that time, according to a report released ...

KAS: Twenty years of strengthening Cambodia's democratic development
Although Germany and Cambodia both had to cope with terroristic regimes, the consequences for Cambodia - which lost nearly all its intellectuals - were much more debilitating and can still be felt today.

The Cambodia “Solution”: Can it work?
Cambodia is an incredible country that is managing to rebuild after the horrors experienced under Pol Pot. The brutality the Cambodian people experienced under the communist regime in the 1970s is still having an impact on Cambodians today. If you ...

Calmette Opens Country's 1st Neurology Center
“This [center] reflects the level of charity and deep generosity of Francois-Xavier Roux as well as the generosity of people both nationally and internationally to the Cambodian people who face a shortage of neurological services,” King Sihamoni said ...

US State Senator Lauds Hun Sen's Anti-Graft Efforts
“That's another reason we're here is to say, 'You don't have to take a second-class product because it's the only country that will help you…because America can help you too,” Mr. Benton said in reference to Cambodia's dependence on China for road ...

Cambodia may miss AEC date
The ADB's scepticism at Cambodia meeting the December 2015 deadline comes after the National Assembly in May approved a draft law aimed at simplifying and modernising customs procedures in line with those of neighbouring nations. More recently, on ...

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