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18 Oct 14 - Countries France News

Rules Vary About Travel to Countries Hit by Ebola
Like the U.S., Germany doesn't have any direct flights from those three African countries. France: The government advises against non-essential travel to Liberia, Guinea or Sierra Leone.

Obama annoyed by weak Ebola response from France, Italy and others
And key Obama aides at the White House and in the State Department, as well as sources in Congress, describe Obama as annoyed to the point of anger with countries like France and Italy, which holds the rotating presidency of the European Union Council.

Bloc in Europe Starts to Balk Over Austerity
MILAN - With Europe once again rattling global markets, many of the largest European countries are now rebelling against the German gospel of belt-tightening and demanding more radical steps to reverse their slumping fortunes.

Race to Find Ebola Cure Continues; US, France, Canada, UK Among Future ...
A group of researchers at the Laboratory for the Modeling of Biological and Socio Technical Systems at Northeastern University in Boston has projected the countries that are most at risk to Ebola by the end of October. The United States, France, United ...

Germany, France Tap Economists for Advice to Avoid 'Lost Decade'
BERLIN—Germany and France have tapped an economist from each country for advice on countering the threat of prolonged economic stagnation in Europe, in a bid to help bridge a rift between the two governments over how to revive growth.

Ebola Virus Could Spread To France, UK And Other European Countries In Less ...
Scientists have predicted a 75 percent chance that the Ebola virus may reach France by Oct. 24 and a 50 percent chance that it could reach the UK by that date.

France Is The New 'Sick Man Of Europe'
Brussels (AFP) - France headed for a showdown with the EU over its 2015 budget Wednesday with deficit-ridden Paris under threat of becoming the first country to have its spending plans rejected by Brussels. Eurozone countries have until midnight to ...

France lauds Ghana for turning to IMF for support
The dialogue falls within the framework of the new drive in bilateral relationship between the two countries, following President John Dramani Mahama's visit to France in May, 2013, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ms ...

House prices: which EU countries have performed best?
(A map of country valuations. A similar study by The Economist last month also found prices were nearly 30pc too high. French mortgages, however, have become far cheaper for British buyers in recent months.

European Union Officials Urge Nations to Submit Draft Budgets
LUXEMBOURG - European Union authorities on Wednesday warned eurozone countries like France and Italy to hand in their draft budgets by the end of the day under rules aimed at staving off future financial crises.

France's military pays price for country's debt
France has around 8,000 military personnel stationed abroad, including 3,000 involved in Operation Barkhane, a force combating Islamist militants in five countries -- Mali, Chad, Niger, Mauritania and Burkina Faso. Paris also has troops in conflict ...

France announces Ebola screenings at Paris airport
French health officials on Thursday said screening measures for Ebola among passengers arriving from Guinea, one of the main West African countries affected by the deadly disease, would start Saturday at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. France ...

Ebola Travel Bans Enacted by Nearly 30 Countries, but Not US
Image: Ebola Travel Bans Enacted by Nearly 30 Countries, but Not US Passengers use an Air France tickets desk at Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport Terminal 2 on Oct. 16 in Madrid, Spain.

EU considers airport screening for Ebola
PARIS (AP) - France and other European countries are considering following the lead of the U.S. and Britain to start screening passengers arriving on flights from the West African countries hit hardest by the Ebola outbreak. The French presidency said ...

French Lash Out At John Lewis After Andy Street Mocks 'Hopeless' France
The French embassy also rejected the John Lewis boss' comments, with a spokesperson saying: "France is the fifth biggest economy in the world, the second in Europe, and is the country with the fifth largest stock of foreign direct investment in the ...

Burqa bans already in place in many countries
FRANCE. France, home to about five million Muslims, was the first European country to ban the public use of veils, both face-covering niqabs and full-body burqas, in 2011.

France slaps travel warnings on 40 countries
With France carrying out air strikes against Isis in Iraq and one of its nationals beheaded at the hands of jihadists, French authorities have added new countries to a warning list for its citizens. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expanded the list ...

France, where children sip wine, wants to end binge drinking
When the French school semester started in September, most college students had no lack of drinking opportunities. As is common in other countries, French freshmen are usually encouraged to drink heavily in initiation ceremonies. But soon the excessive ...

EU Prepares to Reject France's 2015 Budget, Setting Up Clash Over Deficit
The credibility of Brussels' new powers threatens to be seriously undermined if big countries such as France and Italy are able to flout the new rules—which give the European Commission the right to demand changes to proposed budgets before they are ...

Ebola could reach France and UK by end of October: Scientists
France is among countries most likely to be hit next because the worst affected countries include Guinea, alongside Sierra Leone and Liberia, which is a French-speaking country and has busy travel links back, while Britain's Heathrow airport is one of ...

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