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18 Oct 14 - Countries Germany News

Bloc in Europe Starts to Balk Over Austerity
MILAN - With Europe once again rattling global markets, many of the largest European countries are now rebelling against the German gospel of belt-tightening and demanding more radical steps to reverse their slumping fortunes. One after another ...

Germany and Poland - how closely do the two countries compare?
Both now have female leaders. Merkel is the first for Germany and Kopacz the second for Poland. But while the countries share a lot of common factors, there are also some big differences. As is the norm with central European countries at the moment ...

United Nations worker infected with Ebola dies in Germany
A United Nations worker infected with Ebola has died in hospital in Germany despite intensive medical treatment. The 56-year-old man was being treated at the St Georg hospital in the eastern German town of Leipzig after being admitted five days ago.

With Free Universities, Germany Sets a Good Example for Egypt
What's happening in Germany and other similar countries that offer university education for free is the practical embodiment of the concept of education as a human right, and a clear bias toward the idea that educating an individual is a public service ...

Want to go to college for free? Move to Germany
Germany is the most recent country to go this route, but it's certainly not the first. Students at state schools in Luxembourg, Norway, and Argentina also don't pay tuition.

These countries are the biggest cyberattack targets
Britain and Germany were the most targeted countries by sophisticated cyberattacks across Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) in the first half of 2014, according to a new report.

Europe Now Consists Of Two Factions: Germany, And Everybody Who ...
There's been no shortage of headlines out of Germany this week, showing just how much the country is now pitted against other eurozone countries, central bank authorities and international institutions. Germany, which was so recently Europe's savior ...

Rules Vary About Travel to Countries Hit by Ebola
Like the U.S., Germany doesn't have any direct flights from those three African countries. France: The government advises against non-essential travel to Liberia, Guinea or Sierra Leone.

Germany, France Tap Economists for Advice to Avoid 'Lost Decade'
BERLIN—Germany and France have tapped an economist from each country for advice on countering the threat of prolonged economic stagnation in Europe, in a bid to help bridge a rift between the two governments over how to revive growth.

Britain, Germany among countries most targeted by cyber attacks: FireEye
About 17% of advanced persistent threats were aimed at the United Kingdom and 12% at Germany. These two nations were targeted the most as they have strong economies and are home to many international firms' operations, said an expert.

100% Tuition-Free – Why Germany Is The Envy Of University Students From ...
Germany may not be in the top 10 ranking of the just released Times Higher Education world university rankings, but insofar as students from other countries as concerned, German universities are number 1 if only because the country is 100 per cent ...

'Getting away from sanctions is the only way to stop EU economic downturn'
MM: It will draw all the European countries even deeper. We have already had those very difficult and hard problems in the southern periphery - in Italy, Spain, Greece and now also France.

German Minister Calls on EU Countries to Help Citizens of Eastern Ukraine
MOSCOW, October 15 (RIA Novosti) - The EU countries should provide further assistance to people of eastern Ukraine and expand humanitarian aid, German Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Gerd Muller said Wednesday.

You Can Now Go to College in Germany for Free, No Matter Where You're From ...
First of all, the concept of “campus life” differs widely between our two countries. German universities consist almost entirely of classroom buildings and libraries—no palatial gyms with rock walls and water parks; no team sports facilities (unless ...

Germany: 25 years later and no looking back
Today, Germany is the world's fourth largest economy, and the most important market in the European Union. Its 5.3% unemployment rate is the second lowest in the EU.

Germany cuts growth forecasts amid recession fears, as Ireland unveils budget ...
Wall Street rode to the rescue to flagging European markets, writes Nick Fletcher, helping them end the day in positive territory - just.

Germany needs to fix its economic model
But its growth model has helped to drain demand from the rest of the eurozone, unnecessarily denied German workers and households a higher standard of living and left it vulnerable to external shocks.

Germany Steps Up Ebola Aid Amid Criticism of Slow Response
German leaders said this year their country should play a larger role in tackling international crises. But, as the shortcomings in Berlin's Ebola strategy show, this pledge has run into practical obstacles, including antiquated military hardware that ...

Germany: Memories of a Nation, British Museum, London
Weighty moral questions lie at the heart of the British Museum's new exhibition, Germany: Memories of a Nation. How is it possible for a country to come to terms with its most shameful episode? Can it ever move forward with renewed confidence in itself?

'Germany loses its position as EU economic power house'
With current forecasts Germany can't keep up the rates of economic bailout and credit support that it has previously given to South European countries, the director of the Freedom Association in the UK Rory Broomfield told RT. The EU summit on jobs and ...

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