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18 Oct 14 - Countries Hong Kong News

China tells foreign countries not to meddle in Hong Kong
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi responded on Wednesday to comments by the United States and others on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, saying foreign countries should not meddle in China's domestic affairs. Wang, the ...

The Guardian view on Hong Kong: Beijing's crisis isn't over
The problem it seems, is more “one country, two states of mind” than “one country, two systems”. The confrontation over democracy has widened this gap.

Hong Kong athletes offer value for money in Incheon Asian Games
Hong Kong's entry for the first time into the top-10 sporting nations in Asia is doubly significant when taking into account the size of the populations of the other countries in this leading group - Hong Kong has the smallest by far at 7.2 million ...

China warns foreign countries against Hong Kong interference
TOKYO, Oct 15 (KUNA) -- China has urged foreign countries to stay out of Hong Kong's affairs and refrain from supporting "Occupy Central" activities there, according to state-run Xinhua News Agency.

China cautions foreign countries against HK interference
"We have repeatedly stressed that Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China and that Hong Kong affairs are China's domestic affairs," Hong Lei said at a daily news briefing when asked to comment on some countries' ...

US lawmakers want resumption of congressional briefings on Hong Kong
“Beijing can accept this fact, work within the promised 'One Country, Two Systems Model' and be lauded for its leadership, or Beijing can use force and repression again to stifle peaceful dissent and reform, losing the trust of the people of Hong Kong, ...

Chinese premier: confident of Hong Kong stability
BERLIN Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Friday he's confident "social stability" can be preserved in Hong Kong and stressed that Beijing won't change its "one country, two systems" approach to running the territory. Li met German Chancellor Angela ...

Hong Kong protests dwindle, but talks with government likely to go nowhere
China's Communist Party leaders rule Hong Kong through a "one country, two systems" formula which allows wide-ranging autonomy and freedoms not enjoyed on the mainland and specifies universal suffrage as an eventual goal.

How Hong Kong's History Set The Stage For Today's Protests
Supreme leader Deng Xiaoping told Thatcher that China “cannot but resume the exercise of sovereignty over the whole of the Hong Kong area in 1997.” Deng proposes the “one country, two systems” formula he had earlier elaborated for Taiwan, under which ...

'Today's Hong Kong, Today's Taiwan'
But it is certain that the East Asian countries and regions close to China experience the pressure of China's rise first, and most directly.

How Democratic Is Hong Kong?
While protesters in Hong Kong are still in the streets demanding democracy, it's a good time to take a look at what democracy is, how democratic Hong Kong is at the moment and how it compares to countries around the world. At a minimum, according to ...

Hong Kong's freedom affects us all
Under the policy of “one country, two systems” adopted when Hong Kong returned to Chinese rule in 1997, Hong Kong residents generally enjoy more regional autonomy and freedoms than their mainland counterparts. But the current controversy now pits the ...

Won't Stand Foreign Interference in Hong Kong: China
China today asked foreign countries to exercise prudence in expressing support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong saying it will not stand any external interference in its matters. "Hong Kong is China's special administrative region and it ...

Risks of civil unrest to business spikes
Aside from Hong Kong, Liberia also had its risk rating raised to "high" from "medium", following the outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.

Confronting China on Hong Kong a balance of rhetoric and diplomacy
Worse, it will use statements by Canada to reinforce its own storyline, namely that what's happening in Hong Kong is yet another effort by western countries to destabilize China. That narrative is already being picked up approvingly by many on the ...

Where Hong Kong Hits Home
Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of modern Singapore, who governed the city state for three decades has said he once looked to Hong Kong as a source of inspiration when plotting his country's path to development: "Singapore is indebted to the example of Hong ...

To Prevent Chaos, Give Hong Kong Democracy
In my conversations, I found that Hongkongers are almost unanimous in their hope for an election that is both more open and in line with “one country, two systems.” They hope that Beijing will stop placing so many restrictions on Hong Kong, and that ...

Taiwan Warily Eyes Battle of Wills Between Beijing and Hong Kong
Under the principle of "one country, two systems," Hong Kong (a British colony between 1841 and 1997) is governed by a Basic Law that guarantees a much more liberal set of personal and political freedoms than Chinese citizens enjoy on the mainland, ...

Heightened supply chain risk in Hong Kong following pro-democracy ...
The risk of business disruption due to civil unrest has increased in a fifth of countries over the past quarter, according to a report.

Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam and Japan: A public relations disaster ...
HONG KONG, China - China's public image is being severely battered across Asia ever since the start of the year as the China government is hardening its stance following a repressive movement launched by China President Xi Jinping who has embarked into ...

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