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18 Oct 14 - Countries Iran News

Iran Says Number of Foreign Tourists Surges
"The new government has employed a proper language in international relations, leading to growth in tourism," Soltanifar said, adding that foreign tourists, most of whom are from neighboring countries, spend about $1,500 each in Iran. Looser visa ...

Pakistan Demands Answers After Officer Is Killed on Iran Border
The border problems with Iran come as Pakistan is also facing growing tensions with India on its eastern border. In recent weeks both countries have accused each other of initiating shooting and mortar attacks along the disputed border of Kashmir. At ...

How falling oil prices are squeezing Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia
And for major producers like Russia or Iran or even Saudi Arabia, that's unsettling news. How bad is it? One good place to start is with this excellent chart from The Economist looking at the "break-even" points for various countries. These are all ...

Low oil prices won't make Iran more conciliatory
“Having the highest fiscal break-even price of all the oil exporting countries, the Iranians have suffered from 'under-priced' oil for a while, and that hasn't had an impact on their behavior,” Luft said.

Iran nuclear negotiating team heads to Vienna
The Iranian foreign minister is then set to attend a trilateral meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry and Ashton on Wednesday.

Iran backs countries truly fighting ISIL: Velayati
“The Islamic Republic of Iran supports friendly countries, which are fighting terrorism and countering the ISIL,” Ali Akbar Velayati, a senior advisor to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, told reporters on Sunday.

Despite Ukraine, U.S. and Russia Cooperate on ISIS and Iran
They also discussed other issues like Ebola and nuclear talks with Iran. Kerry said although the relationship between the two countries hasn't always been cordial, both recognize that the current global climate requires them to work together. “It is no ...

Iran: Confidential report reveals Khamenei strategy for Syria and other Arab ...
The Iranian regime should prevent the more active intervention of Turkey by utilizing all of its resources. The above report clearly shows that the Syrian crisis, and procrastination of the conflict and bloodletting in that country are direct ...

ISIS Militants Use Bullets Made in US, Iran, 19 Other Countries
ISIS jihadi fighters have been using bullets manufactured in the United States during the militant group's bloody campaign across Iraq and Syria, according to a new report.

Iran, Armenia Seeking to Boost Gas, Electricity Trade
In May 2009, Iran and Armenia started trading gas and electricity. According to a contract previously signed between the two countries, Iran was planned to supply gas to Armenia until 2029 with or without exchanging electricity with the country ...

Iran says Saudi comments may damage relations
However the two countries have recently tried to build closer ties through bilateral meetings and visits. Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal Monday accused Tehran of having forces inside Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and insisted Iran was “part of the ...

War of words between Saudi and Iran is exacerbating regional crises
The rising tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a major cause of the problems plaguing the Middle East, argued Abdel Bari Atwan, the editor of the London-based news website Rai Al Youm.

Germany to urge Iran, Turkey and Arab states to unite to fight Islamic State ...
“We are trying to persuade Arab countries, Turkey and Iran that we have to fight together against IS,” he told the Tagesspiegel am Sonntag newspaper.

Here's How President Obama Is Using the 'Oil Weapon'—Against Iran, Russia ...
Under the Iran Sanctions Act, foreign firms that invest in the Iranian oil industry are barred from access to US financial markets and subject to other penalties.

Iran's Top Spymaster Emerges From Shadows
Iran is believed to have gained more influence over Syria and Iraq during the current crisis because the violence in those countries has forced them to turn more closely to Iran. The Quds Force has been especially useful in training ground forces to be ...

“De-Dollarization”: Iran, Russia Planning to Establish Joint Bank
Unilateral sanctions imposed on Iran's banking sector by the US and the European Union over Tehran's nuclear energy program and the recent Western bans against Russia over Ukraine have prompted the two countries' trade officials to boost economic ...

Turkish truckers paid $1 billion to Iran for fuel prices difference
... our borders from Iran and 600-700 trucks into Iranian borders from Turkey. As Turkish authorities, we are quite aware of the need to create new alternative routes to ease high truck traffic on Iranian roads [as a transit country from Turkey to ...

Exception urged as court rules torture victims can't sue foreign countries
The federal government is being urged to allow torture victims to sue foreign states in Canadian courts, after a Montreal man lost a long battle to sue Iran over the beating death of his mother. The Supreme Court ruled 6-1 on Friday that current ...

James Baker: Iran May Be 'Quietly' Helping US Against ISIS
Despite longstanding divisions between the countries, Iran may be helping the United States in its fight against the Islamic State (ISIS), says former Secretary of State James Baker.

Iran, Azerbaijan raise relations to higher level
The relations between neighboring countries, Azerbaijan and Iran with a long history of bilateral ties and cooperation have risen to a higher level.

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