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18 Oct 14 - Countries Netherlands News

The Netherlands is one of the best countries to grow old in: survey
Universal pensions, access to healthcare, good social networks and a national policy on ageing help the Netherlands to be among the leaders.

Belgium, Netherlands and Australia start combat flights against ISIS in Iraq
Australia, Belgium and the Netherlands have joined the US, Arab allies and other European countries and over the last day have started the fight against the Islamic State from the air over the last day.

Dutch biker gang grabs rifles, joins Kurds in fight against ISIS
“Ron from The Netherlands has joined the Kurds to exterminate the rodents of [ISIS],” a caption with the photo reads, according to the New York Post.

Dutch lessons to keep Indian feet dry
The devastating floods that swept Srinagar in September pose a critical question: as rainfall patterns become erratic, can India acquire the capacity to mitigate the impacts of such catastrophes?

Cyprus among countries with no tuition fees
In most European countries only a minority of students receive grant support. In nine countries, all (Cyprus, Denmark, Malta, Finland) or a majority of students (Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom (Scotland), Sweden, Norway) receive grants ...

The Dutch King's speech
What does the Dutch government plan to do with the public's newfound willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of security?

Introducing Netherlands' Latest Southern Gospel/Country Artist Kristen Alting
Coming from the Netherlands, Kirsten Alting certainly brings a different perspective to Christian music. With traces of country, contemporary Christian pop and southern Gospel in her music. Alting also brings an international perspective into her most ...

Vietnam Days held in Netherlands to follow up celebration of diplomatic relations
A “Vietnam Days” event is currently running in The Hague, the Netherlands, as an initiative to follow up a series of activities to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries held last year, the Dutch Embassy in Hanoi said ...

Rules vary about travel to countries hit by Ebola
Beginning Saturday, temperature checks for passengers arriving in Paris from the Guinean capital of Conakry. Netherlands: The government advises against travel to the same three nations and urges Dutch citizens in those countries to leave. No direct ...

Sharing Flood Mitigation Strategies with At-Risk Countries
After a 1953 North Sea storm surge killed nearly 2,000 people in the Netherlands, the country's government built massive new protective seawalls along the coast.

Now German biker gangs join their Dutch counterparts in fighting against ISIS ...
Public prosecutor spokesman Wim de Bruin said: 'Joining a foreign armed force was previously punishable, now it's no longer forbidden.

The Netherlands has fourth richest population in the world
People in the Netherlands have been ranked fourth in a listing of the world's richest countries, by net assets per capita, according to this year's Allianz Global Wealth Report.

New horizons for Vietnam-Netherlands relations
Against the backdrop of this new orientation, the Netherlands has agreed to provide Vietnam assistance giving effect to the private public partnership (PPP) model.

Blog Action Day: #Inequality between the Netherlands and America
Since then, the gap between the rich and poor in Holland has remained relatively narrow, and the country now has some of the best pre- and postnatal care in the world.

Holland asks India to join global cyber crime control initiative
The initiative is to be launched at the fourth Global Cyberspace Conference to be hosted by Netherlands during April 2015, Uri Rosenthal, the country's special envoy for the conference, told reporters Friday on the sidelines of a conference here on ...

Humble spud poised to launch a world food revolution
The process is far too expensive to be used for irrigation in poorer countries. But thanks to a partnership with Dutch development consultants MetaMeta, several tonnes of the Texel seed potatoes are now on their way to Pakistan where thousands of ...

The Netherlands has pledged to invest in development projects in Bangladesh ...
“The Netherlands has lot of things to learn from Bangladesh,” he said. The Dutch prime minister also said his country wanted to follow innovative and greener ways of tackling floods without constructing embankments. In reply, Hasina said her government ...

Vietnam Deputy PM visits Netherlands to enhance ties
Vietnam's Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte agreed on Monday that two countries would cooperate more closely on climate change, water management, agriculture, and energy. Hai, who began his three-day official ...

IAF studies sway of developing countries' apparel sector
IAF studies sway of developing countries' apparel sector. September 22, 2014 (Netherlands). A new study commissioned by International Apparel Federation (IAF) explores the increased relative power of the garment industry in developing countries vis-ŕ ...

PM announces Governor General's visit to Poland, Netherlands and Belgium
This year marks the 75th anniversary of the start of the Second World War and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands and Belgium from Nazi occupation. Canadian-led efforts in the liberation of both countries are well remembered. In ...

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