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18 Oct 14 - Education Languages News

Paddy Ashdown: 'Learning six languages has changed my life'
When people ask how many languages I speak, I reply I have forgotten six. That's the problem with languages: if you don't use them you lose them.

Language festival: a celebration of cultural and linguistic diversity
Such initiatives have had some effect, but are yet to filter through to A-level students or university education. In September, the government introduced a new curriculum to target the problem, which included making languages a compulsory element of ...

'Children should start learning languages at age three'
French lessons are introduced and, without even realising they are learning a second language, the children follow the story book adventures of favourites such as 'Bob le bricoleur' and the 'La Chenille qui a très faim'.

Three European languages that you didn't know existed
A great many Faroese people get their education abroad and, in the 70s, Denmark was by far the most common place. “Most people around my family were Faroese and my first language is Faroese, but in childcare in Denmark, they did not understand when I ...

Study: Education, Language Skills Play Big Role in Women and Media in Africa
A new study by the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) and Gallup on women and media in Africa says education and language skills play a big role in influencing which platform women access most frequently. And while daily TV usage for men and ...

Modern languages A-levels marking schemes 'penalised most able pupils'
The marking and setting of modern languages A-levels is to be urgently revised, after an investigation found lapses and failures in the marking of French, Spanish and German that penalised the highest achieving pupils and contributed to the ...

Foreign language push features new state credential
Backed by a new law, the Illinois State Board of Education wants to ratchet up foreign language skills. The move will allow school districts to add a special credential called the State Seal of Biliteracy on high school diplomas and transcripts if ...

Federal Government Renews Funding for Legal Education Projects
Today, the Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, announced renewed funding to the Continuing Education Division of the Université de Saint-Boniface under the Access to Justice in Both Official Languages Support ...

$16M for UW foreign-language students, programs
The U.S. Department of Education awards these kinds of foreign-language grants every four years, and they are designed to help the U.S.

There's value in encouraging strong languages
Yet restructuring the bachelors degree does not always encourage language learning. When Murdoch University restructured its degrees and introduced specially designed breadth units - and rejected a recommendation to include languages - enrolments ...

Classes teach young children foreign languages
Like any 2-year-old, Cayman Collins is learning the fundamentals like identifying colors, but he's learning them in Spanish at a business called Fun with Foreign Language, which offers second language courses in Towson to children as young as Cayman.

Bilingual children 'show advantage' in noisy classrooms
This shows "the importance of learning a second language early", said co-author Dr Roberto Filippi. The "acquisition of two languages in early childhood provides a beneficial effect on cognitive development," said Dr Filippi, senior lecturer in ...

New Minn. school preserving languages
Inside Hope Lutheran Church off of Ivy Avenue, the American Indian Montessori School will focus on embedding the Ojibwe and Lakota languages in early childhood education. A second school, Hmoob Toj Siab Montessori Academy, started by the Hmong ...

Johnson: bilingual brains
Those studied in 2014 in Scotland were not frequently required to switch between their languages. The Gaelic-English bilinguals had not been educated in Gaelic, and presumably spoke it to a small group of friends and family, and only in certain settings.

School Successes Inspire NC Push for Dual Language
What teachers like Ms. Saavedra at Collinswood see in their dual-language-learning students—high levels of engagement, ease of switching between two languages—has been borne out in cognitive research. Being bilingual—aside from the obvious ...

Confusing 'jam' for 'condom' and nine other mistakes while learning French
You learn languages: you're not taught them. It is crucial to have people that you can ask questions when you are stuck, but you need to find questions to ask them yourself.

EMC Publishing Launches Online Learning Environment for K-12 World ...
MINNEAPOLIS, MN and ST. PAUL, MN--(Marketwired - Sep 23, 2014) - EMC Publishing, a leader in print and digital education programs, today launched Passport®, an innovative and unique online environment for teaching and learning world languages in ...

Government struggling to achieve language revival in schools
Australian Education Union state president Meredith Peace agreed, saying the planned language revival was one of several education promises the Coalition had failed to meet, on top of failing to make teachers the best paid and continuing a Labor ...

Krieger School secures support for foreign languages, international studies
The Krieger School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins University has been awarded a $960,000 grant of Title VI funding from the U.S.

Polyglots and insults: how our European leaders use language
Though comfortable conducting political discussions one-to-one in German, diplomatic protocol requires the Russian leader to revert to his native language when aides are in attendance to ensure they understand. Putin has also been studying English ...

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