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18 Oct 14 - Education Tafe News

TAFE-Deakin link sets pathways to uni for students
A Pathways Partnership agreement signed yesterday between the two tertiary education bodies guarantees that South West TAFE graduates in five diploma fields will be able to start as second-year students in five degree fields at Deakin. The agreement ...

Job cuts deepen in Australian TAFE colleges
Teachers' jobs are being destroyed at an accelerating rate, and student fees are rising sharply, in public Technical and Further Education (TAFE) colleges across Australia as the Abbott government intensifies funding cuts and pro-market restructuring ...

Privates attack Vic Labor plan to restore TAFE specific funding
“It should be on a case-by-case basis rather than simply saying if you are public you get additional funding and if you are private you don't,” Mel Koumides, the Victorian chairman of the Australian Council for Private Education and Training, said. He ...

Call for overhaul of 457 visa training system to prevent risk of corruption
NSW Department of Education sources suggest Sydney TAFE has not provided training related to these funds as required and money has been used inappropriately to pay migration agent commissions.

The six types of education that can help your career
TAFE. TAFE has been the backbone of working-class education in Australia for many years. Business owner, Larni Mulry achieved her hairdressing trade through TAFE. "Without TAFE I wouldn't have started my business. For me TAFE was the process I ...

Changes to TAFE vocational education courses
“Parents, students, business groups, and local employers are all urged to attend the meeting where Amanda Spalding from TAFE Western will explain fundamental changes to the program from next year. “If you have anything to do with a VET program then I ...

Chisholm TAFE gets $22m for Frankston campus
Chisholm chief executive Maria Peters said the Frankston area suffered from low participation in tertiary education and the two facilities would help the TAFE expand its range of offerings. The Advanced Manufacturing Trades facility is targeted to be ...

Public Service Association Union fights TAFE course fee rises
IT IS called the "Smart and Skilled" program, but the union representing TAFE thinks it is anything but clever. Public Service Association members held a protest on October 9 at Kogarah in response to state vocational education and training reforms ...

'Anti-Semitic' TAFE leaflet pulled
“In an era where enormous emphasis is placed on diversity and political correctness in childcare centres in particular, I was stunned this takes place in our TAFE education system. “As an educator myself, this is not the message we should be imparting ...

Car yard to house new Box Hill Institute, but unions and Labor slam move as ...
But Labor candidate for Evelyn Peter Harris said the move was “an insult” when the Swinburne building was sitting vacant nearby.

Political promises fail to match need for more schools in Victoria
In addition to planning Goss suggests more flexible education policies - including bigger class sizes in low growth areas - should be considered to free up to 5 per cent of the education budget. Class sizes are one of the most controversial areas of ...

Newcastle, Charlestown byelection 2014: Jodie Harrison, ALP, Charlestown
No.2 community concern is the impact of cuts to education spending. The cuts to Glendale and Belmont TAFE make no sense because people rely on a quality TAFE to retrain. Schools should be able to put some money they expected to receive under Gonski ...

Premier Campbell Newman's education summit: security outnumbers protesters
"This government needs to be investing in our children, but also in the future of our youth. And there is more to education than a piece of paper - they need a career path and TAFE is vital to that." But inside the hall, it was almost a different event ...

VIDEO | Parents 'key' to education overhaul
"I also want to see a very clear collaboration between all our schools, our university, and our TAFE colleges." Mr Rockliff held strongly to his position on changing educational culture. "Parents have a major responsibility. Education is not just about ...

Nepalese chef adds training tips to his menu via TAFE stint
But through a new program offered by North Coast TAFE and Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education, he is developing his knowledge of the industry.

Murphy's Lore: Questions to answer on TAFE plans
Two Rose Hill ward councillors have reacted to criticism of their lack of involvement in the redevelopment of the TAFE site in Avondale Heights (TWR, Oct 1).

Autofest tipped to double in size
... and 2000 people, and this year we hope to get about 200 cars and about 100 bikes.” The event will also have a serious message, with safety and education exhibits from Albury TAFE, Wodonga TAFE, and the Driver Education Centre of Australia on display.

Melbourne Polytechnic chooses Publicis Mojo for relaunch assignment
The North Melbourne Institute of TAFE, one of Australia's prominent tertiary education providers, is repositioning and relaunching as Melbourne Polytechnic and has chosen Publicis Mojo Melbourne to lead communications for the transformation.

Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE to be rebranded as Melbourne Polytechnic
State Higher Education and Skills Minister Nick Wakeling said the Government had given NMIT $19 million to help with the institution's transformation.

Somalian refugee calls Townsville home
I start study for TAFE, I'm level three now. I want to finish maybe next year my English course, make friend with other ... The group's helped them find a home and education, even the local soccer club. Manager Meg Davis says stories like this are ...

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