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18 Oct 14 - Entertainment Movies News

Entertainment Geekly: 'Pulp Fiction,' the video store, and the evolution of ...
My new apartment doesn't have internet or cable, because I don't know if I want internet or cable. “Not wanting cable” is so hot right now.

Movie review: 'Fury'
But even a B-movie stuffed with clichés can be gripping. “Fury,” written and directed by David “Training Day” Ayer, takes us into the claustrophobic confines of a tank and makes a fine star vehicle for Pitt, if not the most original march down World ...

ABOUT: A Mexican love triangle lasts from childhood through adult years for two men and a woman. RATED: PG for mild action, rude humor, some thematic elements and brief scary images.

Entertainment Geekly: Which movie from 1999 has aged most poorly?
It's been 15 years since 1999, because that's how time works. 1999 is generally considered a great year for movies.

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Name any movie where a hot talent and a burning ambition are yet to combust. The same question will invariably be asked of the protagonist.

Inside 'Interstellar,' Christopher Nolan's emotional space odyssey
It's a risky move for Brand and a risky beat for the movie; the speech could easily veer sentimental or incredible. But after a few takes and a few gentle words from Nolan, Hathaway satisfies her director and the production moves on.

Warner Bros. Announces 10 DC Movies, 3 Lego Movies and 3 'Harry Potter ...
Congratulations, Marvel: you now have a fully-fledged superhero competitor. Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsuijihara announced the studio's plans for its DC Entertainment properties this morning, naming ten DC movies between 2016 and 2020, in addition to ...

TV Shows Based on Movies: Often Doomed
“When you have 300 scripted shows on many different networks, to have a presold title helps so much for marketing,” Darryl Frank, co-president of Minority Report producer Amblin Entertainment, told The Hollywood Reporter, while co-president Justin ...

New York Film Festival 2014: Favorite Movies of the Festival
Having only seen a number of films, it was thrilling to see the quality of films that the festival showcased. There were a number of films that this writer thoroughly enjoyed, including "Inherent Vice" by Paul Thomas Anderson. While it certainly is not ...

The movie flops that turned out to be the best films ever made
Many of the best films ever made were flops. Don't believe me? Here's a quick top 10 of films that were failures on debut: The Wizard of Oz (1939), The General (1926), It's a Wonderful Life (1946), Blade Runner (1982), Night of the Hunter (1955), Once ...

"The Book of Life"
... voiced by Ana de la Reguera, in a scene from "The Book of Life." Posted: Friday, October 17, 2014 10:05 am. Movies: Oct. 17, 2014 0 comments. 'Dracula Untold' - New. Read Pamela Powell, movie reviewer for The Daily Journal, says 2 1/2 out of 4 stars.

5 classic movies for Throwback Thursday
“Sabrina” is a must-see for anyone who enjoys romantic movies. While the 1995 re-make starring Harrison Ford is still entertaining, nothing can compare to the Audrey Hepburn version from 1954.

Cineplex offering free movies Saturday morning
“Community Day is an opportunity for Canadian families to come together and enjoy a morning at the movies in support of a great cause,” Cineplex Entertainment vice-president of communications and investor relations Pat Marshall said in a news release.

DC Comics Announces 10 Upcoming Movies
There's a number of huge surprises from this announcement, though, including the casting of "The Flash," the confirmation of a solo "Wonder Woman" movie - a huge deal for fans of both the character, and people who have been asking for a solo female ...

Harry Potter author working on three wizard-based movies
(LOS ANGELES-AFP) - Harry Potter author JK Rowling is working on three new wizard-based movies to be released starting in 2016, studio giant Warner Bros announced Wednesday.

Entertainment Geekly Mailbag: A serious attempt to explain movies about White ...
1999 will always be one of my favorite years for movies. This is partially because there were a lot of great movies released that year, but mainly because in 1999 I was in high school, and as we all know, the world was more important and less terrible ...

SNEAK PREVIEW: Movies opening this week
Brad Pitt plays a battle-hardened tank commander who literally takes no prisoners when he and his crew encounter Nazis in the waning days of World War II.

This week's cover: Your exclusive all-access pass to Christopher Nolan's ...
We also watched Nolan make it, and in this week's Entertainment Weekly, we bring you onto the top secret set and take you into editing room to chronicle how the man who made Batman fly to new heights pushed himself creatively and personally to produce ...

Let's take a close look at every DC movie coming out between now and 2020
... franchise-extension plans in movie history. Between now and 2020, WB plans to release a whopping 13 movies based on DC comic book characters–including two Justice League movies, the long-awaited Wonder Woman film, a movie starring the popular LEGO ...

A Tetris movie is coming soon, Threshhold Entertainment says
Threshold Entertainment, the same company behind the punch-em-up Mortal Kombat films, says it is starting work on an “epic” live action movie based on another arcade classic: Tetris. There are no directors or cast attached to the project yet, but a ...

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