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18 Oct 14 - Funny News

The 13 Most Uncomfortable Family Feud Moments Ever
On an episode of Family Feud this week, host Steve Harvey posed the following question: “We asked 100 married women, if you could change one part of your husband's body, what would it be?

Bill Bailey review: life in Limboland consistently funny and dazzlingly quick
For a comedian known for flights of whimsy, this is heavier political fare than usual, but it's consistently funny and dazzlingly quick, Bailey's train of thought pinging between seemingly unrelated topics like a ball propelled through a neon-lit ...

Ebola-Infected Nurse Amber Vinson 'Felt Funny' During Her Travels: CDC
Ebola-infected nurse Amber Vinson felt unwell while she was visiting Ohio last weekend, but did not show the typical symptoms of the virus.

A Funny Philosopher Tackles A Tough Query: 'Does Santa Exist?'
Eric Kaplan has a long resume in TV comedy, from writing for Futurama and David Letterman to his current gig as a co-executive producer for The Big Bang Theory.

British satire isn't angry enough to be funny
That won't read funny on the page but it was ruddy funny on screen - unlike 10 O'Clock Live which must have looked very good on page but was judged to have failed in execution.

8 Reasons Why Girls Prefer Funny Guys!
Funny guys have a certain charm about them that no girl can deny. He will make members of the fairer sex giggle like a schoolgirl.

The funny thing about being a girl is . . .
I used to be funny socially; since I've become a professional comedian, I'm a lot less funny, socially. I used to be the one who was centre of attention, holding court, making everybody laugh - but now, I'm much more likely to be the person at a party ...

'Dear White People' makes you laugh at things that make you furious
These are the sorts of probing questions peppered throughout "Dear White People," first-time feature director Justin Simien's often hysterical look at the otherwise not-so-funny state of race relations in America. Set on the campus of a fictional Ivy ...

Take a first look at Nick Hornby's new novel 'Funny Girl'
The author of About a Boy is bringing you a new novel about a funny girl. In Funny Girl, Nick Hornby takes us to the London of the swinging sixties.

What's so funny? Depends on your age.
If you're looking for a joke grandma will like, stay away from the mean material. Older adults disapprove of the kind of "aggressive" humor that comes at the expense of others, according to a new study published in the journal Psychology and Aging.

Funny Women: An Interview With Humorist Annabelle Gurwitch
Annabelle: I still wonder about this every day. I fell into comedy completely by accident. I started out in experimental theater; there's nothing funny about experimental theater. I did a lot of German expressionist plays—want to talk about not funny ...

FGIC deal for Joe Louis Arena leaves a funny taste
Do I have to be happy about a premium slice of Detroit's riverfront falling into the grubby hands of a Wall Street financial outfit that made a bad insurance bet and then balked at paying the piper when the debtor defaulted?

"Evil Dead: The Musical" is stupidly funny (review)
It's a less-than-serious show that's funniest when no one is taking it seriously -- onstage players included. The big-production numbers did their part to progress the story.

7 Reasons Fantasy Is Better When Funny
I got into fantasy for a funny reason: the editor I wanted to write for was specializing in fantasy. Then I discovered that I just couldn't take fantasy very seriously.

Funny, Creative and Unique Halloween Costume Ideas 2014
So this year, if you're going for the funny angle and you're not sure where to look, go ahead and have a look at this list of funny costume ideas. Hopefully you'll find something here that will catch your eye and you'll be able to call your search to ...

Pride movie a funny, passionate tale
REVIEW: A confluence of gay activists and striking Welsh mineworkers might seem a ridiculous Hollywood re-imagining of the gritty reality of the 1984 British miners' strike.

Funny Couples Halloween Costumes for Beyonce & Jay Z Fans
Well, there's no better couple to emulate than Bey and Jay, which is why you should pick one of these funny Beyonce and Jay Z couples Halloween costumes for October 31.

Time waits for no funny man
I've recently come to the conclusion that time waits for no funny man, nor funny woman. I've been working my way up the comedy ladder for nearly three years.

Chappelle's first Seattle set: funny, intermittently tense| Comedy review
Comedian Dave Chappelle's 7 p.m. stand-up set Monday at the Neptune Theatre was funny and intermittently tense without clear highlights, a meandering, conversational performance, which the legendary comic could at this point call his own genre.

Watch Chris Rock and His Funny Friends in Top Five Trailer
"I don't feel like doing funny movies anymore. I don't feel funny." This is what Chris Rock says in the trailer for his film, Top Five, which features ultimate art-imitating-life meta moments.

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