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15 Feb 20 - Funny News

Onyx Collective Releases New Single 'My Funny Valentine'
On Friday, elusive New York City jazz group Onyx Collective returns with the release of their new single. "My Funny Valentine" features Nick Hakim and is a reimagining of the song originally written for Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart's 1937 musical Babes in Arms. On Onyx Collective's stripped-down rendition of the song, out via TMWRK Records ...
Review: `Love, Unscripted is a funny, bittersweet novel
Set in London 2008, Nicholls uses an interesting mix of ingredients to draw the reader in. He manages to combine President Barack Obamas election with nostalgic movie references and song lyrics, and the result funny and bittersweet. Working as a projectionist in a movie theater, Nick adopts the habit of comparing his relationships with ...
Will the Man in the Funny Hat Replace Angela Merkel?
Just the other day, Armin Laschet, the premier of North Rhine-Westphalia, stood in a cage on a podium in his native Aachen, wearing a funny hat and doing his best to be, you know, hilarious. Thats one of his roles in German politics. It was also his job that day, because he was receiving an award for levity (yes, theres such a thing).
50 funny things to ask Alexa: Jokes, trivia and more
Let Amazon Echo relieve your boredom with these fun commands. You've been using your Amazon Echo ( $100 at Amazon ) for the basics, like turning on the TV or playing music, but now it's time to kick it up a notch.
These Cute and Funny Birthday Captions Will Really Take the Cake
Congratulations on making another trip around the sun! Whether this is a milestone age or just a new year, your birthday is a time to celebrate. So call up your best friends, make a playlist filled with feel-good songs,
You fill the pothole in my heart: See these funny #NOLAValentines
You fill the pothole in my heart: See these funny #NOLAValentines Everything in New Orleans is better, even Valentine's greetings. Check out these silly, punny, sarcastic, hilarious NOLA-centric messages that residents have been tweeting out.
Review: After his makeover, Sonic the Hedgehog is legit funny, heartwarming and entertaining
So color me surprised to discover that after all of that, Sonic the Hedgehog is legitimately funny, heartwarming and entertaining. A few hard and fast facts about Sonic: he claims to be a hedgehog, he runs everywhere, hes from an idyllic island and he has little golden rings that allow him to transport himself anywhere. Writers Patrick ...
Sonic the Hedgehog is sweet, funny and smart. Wait, what?
Ah, the joy of a kids movie that doesnt have any fart jokes. Or at least one that comes close. Sonic the Hedgehog may have one moment of flatulence, but this hybrid of live-action and CGI animation gets away with it, otherwise bypassing the all-too-common cheap laughs for a story thats loaded with smart humor, snappy dialogue and ...
MTA warns wearing hazmat suits on subway 'ain't funny' after coronavirus prank
said it has referred to the New York Police Department (NYPD) and MTA police the case of two teenagers who wore HazMat suits on the New York City subway and spilled a bucket of mock "coronavirus."
Funny valentine: Comedian Nate Bargatze brings Good Problem to Have show to ABQ
It does take a few months to get everything just right. Its also evolving on a constant basis. Although Bargatze is open to material thats funny, he tries to keep it PG without touching on politics. I dont think of that stuff for my comedy, he says. I try to be a break from the daily news. Its just not what I want to do.

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