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Women in Gaming    

18 Oct 14 - Games News

Forget Hatred these are the most offensive games of all time
Forget this week's purposely gory trailer for Hatred: ever since Mortal Kombat drew shock-horror headlines - and vastly increased sales - back in 1993, games makers have been acutely aware that buckets of blood equals buckets of sales. Result: totally ...

Weekly Recap: PS4 Beats Xbox One and Mass-Murdering Game Revealed
The NPD Group released video game sales data for September on Thursday, and Sony's PlayStation 4 beat the Xbox One yet again in the United States.

The Kind of Video Game Violence That Disturbs Me
Hatred is a game about the wanton slaughter of people fueled by nothing but pure, well, hatred. Its trailer came out this week, and many people found it to be upsetting, even deplorable.

Steam is letting you play ten games for free this weekend
Are you looking to get your game on this weekend? Is your collection looking a bit stale? If so, you might want to boot up Steam, as the online store is throwing one of its largest free weekend promotions ever.

Gamergate: A Scandal Erupts in the Video-Game Community
Anita Sarkeesian's criticism of misogyny in video games has made her the target of violent threats. Credit Jim Wilson / The New York Times / Redux.

Forza Director Says Racing Games Have "Only Scratched the Surface" of the ...
Since the launch of the game, we've seen more than 18 million races online and players have racked up more than 75 million miles just in racing (that doesn't even count the miles just exploring the world).

SEC Network TV Schedule Today: Football Games on Saturday Include South ...
South Carolina running back Mike Davis looks for a hole between Kentucky defenders cornerback J.D. Harmon, left, and linebacker Josh Forrest during the second half of an NCAA college football game in Lexington, Ky., Saturday, Oct. 4, 2014. Kentucky won ...

The 5 iPhone Games You Should Play This Week
For those of us who played games like Age of Empires in the late 90s and early 2000's, everything from the similar title, to building a nation, to developing a reliable army makes War of Ages feel like a throwback to these original strategy games. But ...

Front Seven: Previewing Saturday's top college football games
The Fighting Irish, therefore, can expect business as usual from a game-planning standpoint as Winston and WR Rashad Greene constantly look for big-play opportunities.

Borderlands release another triumph for Canberra games studio 2K
2K Australia Studio manager Tony Lawrence and creative director Jonathan Pelling, said the new game's setting on the Moon was a departure from its other games set on the fictional dystopian planet ofPandora. The Canberra men said they were excited ...

Best iPhone and iPad Games of the Week: 10/17/14 - 'Helix', 'Zombie Highway 2 ...
As we're barreling towards the end of the year, it's no surprise we're posting so many great game reviews. It seems like everyone holds on to Q4 to release their best games, so I'm sure it'll only get better from here- Especially looking at what came ...

EB Games predicts sales boom as video games outsell music and film
Video games retailer EB Games is forecasting its sales to soar despite consumer sentiment nosediving and businesses from department stores to airlines bemoaning the slump.

The 5 Best Indie Games You Haven't Heard of Yet
Weird is so much more interesting, especially when it comes to games. Off-the-wall indie titles have been filling the gaps left by samey brown shooters for years now, so it's no surprise this wellspring of creativity erupted into a full-on geyser of ...

The 17 Best Games For iOS And Android
'Broken Age' is a hand-painted adventure game that features voice acting from Elijah Wood and Jack Black. There's a full orchestral soundtrack, gorgeous graphics, and a lovely coming-of-age story that tells the story of teenagers Vella and Shay who ...

Reds want more big games at Adelaide Oval
Adelaide, which has contractual and moral obligations to the Entertainment Centre that owns Coopers Stadium, now wants to take more high-profile games across town. "We are pretty confident of breaking Adelaide United's record home crowd for the ...

Video Games That Represent Strong Females
The topic of women in the world of video games has been a very hot subject as of late with many misogynistic and hateful remarks being thrown about, but one must not ignore the games that represent an array of strong females. As the presence of ...

New trailers: 'The Hunger Games,' Chris Rock's 'Top Five,' and Disney's 'Feast'
Microsoft has already all-but given up on creating original programming for its game console, but Sony is just about to get started.

Mozilla plays with Humble Bundle to push Web games
The games can be played via Steam or in your browser, and that's where Mozilla comes in. Mozilla has been promoting for a year and a half its ASM.

Michael Jordan Comments on Shortening NBA Season and Game Length
Some of the biggest stars in the NBA today have recently voiced support for shortening the 82-game regular season, but the most legendary player in the history of the sport disagrees with that mindset.

Games Inbox: Shadow Of Mordor length, Alien Isolation fears, and Assassin's ...
I've heard complaints from friends that there is pacing issues and it can become repetitive and tedious, but I don't think I'll run into these problems as I play games in short bursts. Love the design of the ship's androids, they really add to the ...

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