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18 Oct 14 - Games Addiction News

Video game addiction can get you a college scholarship
Games have evolved from the days of "Pac-Man" and "Donkey Kong" into something much more complex. They demand hyper mental acuity and involve multiple players communicating with each other in teams, plotting strategy, predicting opponents' moves ...

Secret life of teens: Internet addiction changes boy into 'shell of a son'
Take away their smartphones or video games, and most teens act like their life is over. But for some, the Internet really is as addictive as a drug, experts say. Once the virtual world takes over, the consequences can be all too real, as NBC special ...

Parents and educators can learn how video games and social media affect kids ...
Dr. Culotta will also discuss the specific risks of video game addiction for kids with ADHD, and how parents can tell if their child is addicted.

"The myth of gaming addiction being just about young guys playing for hours needs to be left behind. We need to realise how widespread the problem can be with mobile gaming taking the problem to new audiences from teens to middle aged women.

Addiction to online gambling games: How to recognize and fix the problem
Or, I ponder if they would have graduated to online roulette games on sites like Caesars, places where you can use real money and plop in your Visa and MasterCard numbers or use other forms of payment to gamble.

Man in Navy Is First Person Treated for Addiction to Google Glass
... as Internet addiction disorder (IAD), stemming from his overuse of Google Glass. IAD is characterized as a "severe emotional, social and mental dysfunction" that results from the overuse of technology such as mobile devices, video games, and computers.

Game for anything
Concern over online gaming addiction is nothing new. When Atari introduced Space Invaders in the late 1970s, the game caused consternation.

'The Fault In Our Stars' Star Ansel Elgort Admits To World Of Warcraft ...
23, Time reported. He also has many friends who play the game. Still, the actor found "an excuse to get addicted to one of the most addicting video games in the world," which he said was "sick." Elgort told Huffington Post, "I got addicted to World of ...

Google Glass blamed for man's addiction
A 31-year-old man admitted to the facility in September of 2013 had Google Glass -- as well as everything else -- taken from him for treatment, Dr.

UK basketball notebook: All-SEC ballot places faith in UK returnee as Player ...
Poythress led UK in scoring (11.8 per game) even though seven teammates averaged more playing time. He played with purpose and palpable resolve at both ends of the floor.

Indian Center board hears nothing but support for continuing alcohol ban
20 Nebraska-Miami football game. Lincoln police officers issued 27 tickets that day for violations ranging from minors in possession to assault on a police officer after fans hurled beer cans and bottles at three buses before kicking, denting and ...

Venus and the Moon Talk Addiction and Family Jam Sessions, Plus They ...
Frally: I lured her back into the game [laughs]. I love papercranes; I love every band member I ever had and I think there were about 40 of them.

Weekend Checkdown: the top stories of the week
He, Bill Steinbach and I were experiencing that this past Sunday afternoon as even the stoutest of Steelers supporters were abandoning ship as that ugly game wound down. I certainly don't blame folks for doing so. It was difficult to watch and a test ...

EU Commission sues Sweden over online betting, poker laws
Under EU law its 28 member states are allowed to impose restrictions on the cross-border supply of some types of gambling activity to protect people against addiction or to prevent crime if they can demonstrate that the measures are suitable and necessary.

I grew up in a family of crack addicts. So why did I fear being taken away?
During the daylight, plenty of love flowed through our four-bedroom home, when the addicts among us were asleep, resting up for another round of their crackhead equivalent of The Hunger Games. Still, I learned to hide myself in the back room, hoping ...

Bell: Jim Irsay vows he's learned from arrest
Irsay, 55, who has battled drug addictions and alcoholism for decades, returned to the NFL last Friday from a six-week suspension imposed by Commissioner Roger Goodell as discipline for an arrest in March for driving under the influence and illegal ...

Games Inbox: Forza Horizon 2 perfection, Destiny addiction, and Ghostbusters ...
A few weeks ago you asked for suggestions for 10/10 games and I went for Call Of Duty 4, Grand Theft Auto V, and Forza Horizon 2 even though the later had not been released at that time.

Internet addiction on the rise in Hyderabad
The youngest person who was brought in by his parents for net addiction was 13. He had the constant urge to be on the net, access it on phone or play a game. Most of the youngsters we are dealing with are in the age group of 17-20. There is no great ...

Can Brain Imaging Detect Risk Takers?
Risk-taking seems to come naturally for some people - from those who don't hesitate asking for a new promotion, to those who don't flinch before artfully diving off a cliff into the ocean below.

New York state editorial roundup: Help addicted gamblers; Bono's song of truth
Let's call this what it is: flatly immoral. New York state tempts gamblers with get-rich-quick games, making more money off them than any other state, including Nevada and New Jersey, yet does less than others to deal with the social problems it foments.

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