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01 Jun 11 - Games Coin-Op News

TouchFX Platforms Brings Popular iPhone Game Apps To Big Coin-Op Touchscreens
For coin-op applications, the game software has also been significantly reengineered. Australia's Halfbrick Studios, creators of Fruit Ninja, designed a version that can be presented on a large screen in high-definition. With more than 20 million ...

After Receiving Restructuring Approval, JVL Unveils Updated Streaming Media System
... in the coin-op sector is to continue refreshing HD content and exploring low-cost music solutions. Founded 25 years ago, JVL Corp. is a privately held company that makes touchscreen videogame and media streaming systems, along with casino games. ...

Shinobi rebooted onto 3DS
For a long time Shinobi was one of Sega's most important action franchises, starting life in 1987 as a 2D coin-op and continuing with a series of well-regarded Mega Drive sequels and spin-offs. Like so many arcade games of the time though it never ...

King of Fighters Crowned
The King of Fighters is a vintage Japanese arcade staple, taking a backseat to the likes of Capcom's Street Fighter franchise during the coin-op phase in the fighting genre of the early-to-mid-'90s. Featured characters for the big screen adaptation ...

MotoGP 10/11 Video Game Review
Gone for this version are the horribly annoying menu noises and coin-op arcade-style menus. Jumping straight into the game, there is a bit of a learning curve as you get used to the controls and other assists. It takes some trial and error to dial in ...

Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury review: Harried Treasure
Shmups aren't known for how easy they are to complete, if only because the genre's roots are based on a coin-op business model that relies heavily on player failure. Treasure's games take this philosophy to the ...

Virtua Tennis 4 (PS3)
But for the gamer who is looking for something new, something exciting, you'd be looking in the wrong place here. Virtua Tennis 4, despite being the first of the games not to have an arcade version, is still a coin-op at heart.

CRT Amusement Device from 1947 was World's First Video Game
I generally think of the first video game being Pong. That isn't accurate though, Pong was one of the first home video games and one of the first commercial coin op games too, but there were other arcade style games before that. ...

Wooden SNK Neo Geo CMVS - Review
Not content with succeeding in the coin-op arena, SNK also launched the AES (Advanced Entertainment System), which was essentially the MVS hardware repackaged for domestic use. The price tag of the hardware was astronomical, and the games themselves ...

Dragon's Despair
Leaving virtually no system unharmed over the past 28 years, this classic coin-op just won't stay in its grave. But having survived the latest round of porting to the iPhone, PlayStation Network, DSiWare, DS (retail), Wii - and that discarded packet of ...

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