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18 Oct 14 - Games Developers And Publishers News

The Australians of EB Expo
Many developers helped kickstart their careers through the fledgling first titles at similarly small booths at conventions around the world.

Watch Sunset Overdrive's In-Game Message to Reviewers
Sunset Overdrive, the stylized open-world shooter exclusive the Xbox One, will be released later this month, so reviewers are already playing the game in preparation. As you can see in the video above (via Forbes), developer Insomniac Games put a ...

Playing games used to be simple: Why better hardware is not always a good thing
By and large, the recent advancements are necessary, but manufacturers and developers shouldn't forget the whole purpose behind consoles.

Video game software still struggling despite Destiny release
Video game industry sales in the US overall were roughly flat in September, despite the launch of a highly anticipated title from one of the industry's most respected developers. The sci-fi title dubbed Destiny, from Halo creator Bungie and publisher ...

Why I can't support GamerGate – Reader's Feature
However, recent events (namely the harassment of game developer Brianna Wu, and articles published by The Escapist which have shown themselves to be highly suspect) have prompted me to edit and resubmit this article and get everything out of my system ...

Amazon's hope for gaming success at last? Build a multimedia empire
The fall lineup is a mix of original titles and collaboration with other game developers, all made specifically for Amazon's devices.

Jagged Alliance 2 by Darius Kazemi Review: A Material History
Over the course of Jagged Alliance 2 , Kazemi traces a line from the early 1990s to the early 2000s: from a time when hobbyist developers submitted completed games to hungry publishers, to the era of three person dev teams working from contract to ...

How Developers React to Game Reviews
“With the bigger games, schedule and budget are what often prevent developers from trying new things. A negative review is just the tangible result,” said Holmes.

Twelve Scottish game developers shortlisted in TIGA Games Industry Awards
Twelve Scottish-based game developers have been shortlisted as finalists in the TIGA annual Games Industry Awards. TIGA , the trade association for developers, digital publishers, service providers and education providers, will announce the winners at ...

Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: perfect game length
Changing tastes and a vastly different audience has made judging how long a game should be much harder for publishers and developers. They've got to appear to be offering good value for money by having a substantial amount of playtime but not so much ...

Helpshift Launches Free Version of its Leading CRM Platform for Mobile Game ...
“We've realized that the big publishers are making the move to get on Helpshift, but at the same time, there are tens of thousands of mobile game developers and self-publishers that are dealing with support requests via email, or other outdated methods ...

Comment: This guy makes millions playing video games on YouTube
On the one hand, players appropriate footage—sometimes wholesale—from copyrighted video games and run ads on them. Game developers argue that this amounts to intellectual property theft, and is illegal without a license from the games' publishers.

MediaBrix Bolsters Global Business Development Team: Promotes Art Santos to ...
Lo Noroña brings to MediaBrix deep experience in mobile business development, product marketing and revenue operations. He will report to Santos and focus on expanding MediaBrix's developer and publisher relationships for games and apps. Before ...

Walking is the new shooting
Of course independent developers are pushing the limits of what the medium is capable of as they're not beholden to publishers, and these more experimental curios have had a lot of success relative to their minuscule studio sizes. ... Exploring its ...

Key games firms in the running for top mobile content awards
A wide range of games developers and publishers are among the finalists for this year's Mobile Entertainment Awards, which takes place next month.

"Glaive" GamerGate Interview
Glaive has worked in the game industry for 12 years, with a career that spans publishers, AAA development studios, and game consulting houses. The Escapist was privately provided with evidence that confirms Glaive's biography. We interviewed Glaive ...

Defending online games from piracy, cheating and fraud
And as the industry watches the next big blockbuster, high budget video gaming production - Destiny - build on its global roll-out, we ask why more attention isn't being paid by games developers and publishers to build security into gaming software as ...

Ari Pulkkinen's Quest to Turn the Volume Up on Game Music
That aside, Pulkkinen's presence at the festival wasn't to talk about Angry Birds, but about the challenges facing musicians and composers in the game industry; his focus is to help publishers, developers and creatives make the most out of a game's ...

How much does it really cost to promote games at expos and is it worth it?
In the world of gaming, entertainment expos and conventions have become a 'necessary evil' even for small studios and independent developers. Attending a convention and showing off your games can get pricey, especially if you reserve your own booth out ...

Join Us October 25 For Our 24-Hour Extra Life 2014 Livestream Marathon
Prizes are a huge part of our livestreams, and we've got games and a ton of stuff to give away from publishers and developers like Turtle Rock Studios, Sony Santa Monica, Double Fine, Ready At Dawn, Respawn Entertainment, and many more. We'll be ...

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