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18 Oct 14 - Games Dice News

DICE Working on Star Wars Battlefront 3 Along With EA Games
Electronic Arts and DICE are currently engulfed in designing Star Wars Battlefront 3, which is simply called Star Wars: Battlefront.

Halloween Gaming Finds – The Mars Attacks Dice Game
During the month of October, the minds of gamers tend to turn to thoughts of more scary games than they would normally play.

King's Forge Review - Throwing Dice for Fun and Profit
King's Forge is a dice board game that asks players to think strategically, but go with their guts when it comes down to the line.

Fixing Battlefield 4: DICE Talks Launch Issues, Fall Patch, And Lots More
In an interview with GameSpot, DICE LA co-founder and producer David Sirland acknowledged that Battlefield 4's rocky launch meant that EA lost player's trust--even if the game's commercial appeal has not been adversely impacted. Sirland spoke frankly ...

Making better use of dice in games
In 2010, publisher Clever Mojo Games Kickstarted a game called Alien Frontiers. The game raised $14,885 on a $5,000 funding goal and successfully made the transition from Kickstarter darling to brick and mortar product based on its novel approach to dice.

DICE "Certain" Battlefield 4 Launch Issues Won't be Repeated for Future Games
Sadly, regardless of how much fun Battlefield games are, fans expect something the games to launch with issues since that's been the norm even with past versions of the shooter.

Star Wars Battlefront 3 leaked gameplay shows up on YouTube
In May 2013, EA obtained exclusive rights to develop Star Wars games for gaming consoles, and its subsidiaries DICE, Visceral Games, and BioWare started work on Star Wars games. DICE first acknowledged the game at Electronic Arts' E3 2013 press ...

Developer DICE is still making upgrades to Battlefield 4
The modern-military shooter Battlefield 4 has a reputation as a broken game, but developer DICE claims it now works better than any other entry in the series.

Marvel Dice Masters Is Like Magic: The Gathering, But With Superheroes
Marvel Dice Masters is like a deckbuilding game with Magic: The Gathering style creature attacks, but using dice. Unfortunately, the parts don't add up to a very compelling game. Marvel Dice Masters is based on Wizkids earlier dice game, Quarriors ...

DICE admits that Battlefield 4 launch has damaged player trust
Battlefield developer DICE has stated its intention to win back any gamers who have been left disillusioned with the franchise following Battlefield 4. The game was last year beset by technical problems at launch that persisted well into 2014. "I can ...

casino game played with dice
No offer code required. How To Play Trolls is a 5-reel, you pick the number of lines youd like to play, but also people running Mac or Linux can get in on the fun.

Spellbounders, Fanatic Earth, Tiny Dice Dungeon, Star Wars Commander, And ...
I usually use this space to preview the games you're going to find in this column, but I am going to use my little soapbox here to tell you console players to go grab a copy of Destiny.

York County Man Rolls Dice with Game Idea
It might best be described as an art class with a party attitude. A fun night out with "aMuse Uncorked." A painting party enterprise headed by creators Adie and Bryan Hanisko.

Dice Game Review: 'Buccaneer Bones'
Nothing seems to suit a pirate theme more than a dice game. While many of the games that require rolling the bones are heavily luck-based, Buccaneer Bones from Wattsalpoag Games gives a refreshing amount of tactical play as players move ship tiles ...

Ex DICE Designer: Don't Buy Battlefield 4 At Launch, Wait For Reviews
If the game however is really stable and great on launch, go buy it with a feeling of satisfaction of a great buy. That's exactly what I'm gonna do at least,” he said.

Star Wars Battlefront 3: In DICE We Trust!
Allegedly, following a period of increased pleading, Electronic Arts allowed DICE to be in control for the upcoming 2015 release of Battlefront 3. Their interpretation of the game will be what they believe Battlefront should be, while still ...

Top 10 old-school holiday games that don't need a power plug
The die was enclosed in a plastic bubble over a flexible sheet in the centre of the board. You pressed down on the bubble, the sheet flexed and the die “rolled”.

Top 10 Poker Games and Apps for Android
So you're sitting down to a game of Poker with your poker buddies and you decide to bring some dice in the game. One problem - none of you have any dice! With Ultimate Dice, you can dictate how many dice you can use, up to six max, and all you need to ...

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 News: Game to Be Inspired by Original 'Star Wars' Trilogy
Fans of the Star Wars games and movies have been waiting for a glimpse of Star Wars: Battlefront 3, and now, EA and DICE have finally given a few spoilers of what can be expected of the game. According to Moviepilot, the game is in full production and ...

East/West/South Xtra: 'Dice set for key matchup against Brashear
"Every game is big because you only have so many teams in the league and so many games," Allderdice coach Jerry Haslett said.

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