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Puzzle and other brain games you can play for free.
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18 Oct 14 - Games Puzzles News

Supreme Court to decide whether Travel Ludo, Travel Chess & Draughts and ...
Funskool India has conceded to assessing officers that Snakes & Ladders and Monopoly could be treated as games and paid duty on them.

The Saturday Quiz: Try our weekly brain teaser
The popularity of the TV series 'Game of Thrones' has been blamed for a rise in the abandonment of which breed of dog?

Space Kitty Puzzle is an addictive game not really about cats
Puzzle games are dime-a-dozen, quite literally. So if you find a puzzle app that catches your attention and keeps you occupied, get it.

Puzzles and Games at
The Sacramento Bee is pleased to provide this opportunity to share information, experiences and observations about what's in the news.

The Saturday Quiz answers
The Independent · News · Video · People · Voices · Sport · Tech · Life · Property · Arts + Ents · Travel · Money · IndyBest · Student · Offers · Lord Freud Oscar Pistorius Back To School George Osborne Greece Michael Gove · Arts + Ents > Puzzles and ...

Dokuro - A Quirky Puzzle Platformer Comes To Steam Greenlight
Multiplatform publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America (GOEA), who has been behind previous titles like Puzzle & Dragons, Freak Tower and many others, has announced that their side-scrolling, puzzle-based chalk-art adventure PC game, Dokuro, ...

Hey, you! Worms developer Team17 releases new Hay Ewe puzzle game for iOS
Team17, the studio behind the popular Worms and Alien Breed series of games, has just released Hay Ewe on the App Store. Hay Ewe is a new iOS game that challenges you to help Matilda, the titular female sheep, navigate puzzles in order to collect ...

Jumbo Games to launch Game of Thrones puzzles
And for those starting to plan their long nights in with a puzzle and a jug of wine, Jumbo Games has unveiled a new line of Game of Thrones jigsaws. Jumbo has secured a pan European deal with HBO global Licensing to produce the new collection of adult ...

A Game About Becoming A Better Person. And Claymation Birds
Transformation, living with mistakes and learning from them, is the main theme of the game, and Funomena aims to have that manifest in both puzzles and story. “It's a tactile puzzle game,” Hunicke told me during in an interview at Indiecade in Culver ...

Jumbo Games to develop Mr Bloom's Nursery puzzles and games
The puzzle and game specialist has signed with Bulldog Licensing for the popular CBeebies show. Bulldog Licensing has signed a new deal with Jumbo Games to develop a new range of games and puzzles based on CBeebies' Mr Bloom's Nursery.

Secrets and Treasure for Windows Phone a puzzle game with Xbox skills
Secrets and Treasure for Windows Phone is the latest puzzle game to be released by Microsoft Studios. It's a free game to download and play. Search out hidden treasure on your Nokia Lumia for free - we've been checking it out on our Nokia Lumia 635.

Thanks for including Quell in with such fine games! I agree with the comments, it does seem the target audience for puzzle games is more willing to pay up front than for some genres. Which is positive for developers if it lasts. It's easier to design a ...

'The Sailor's Dream' Is the Ideal Video Game for People Who Don't Like Video ...
Even games that presented no discernible threat to player avatars could wind participants into a frothing rage: Think back to the befuddling puzzles of The Secret of Monkey Island, or worse still the purely illogical problem-solving of Discworld. Casual Games 16 October 2014
Some say it's just a collection of puzzles, but does that matter? There's no story, just Clutter, Clutter and more Clutter.

State of play: A closer look at the games and puzzles sector
Games and puzzles are back in fashion. As board game clubs, 'badult games' and revamped versions of classics hit retail, Billy Langsworthy asks toy firms why they believe the space is in rude health.

HopSlide: One of the Most Creative PC Games You'll Play in 2014
One is the game window, featuring a little man that you control with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Xbox 360 controllers are also supported.

The Secret of Raven Rock Review: Building a Myst-ery
The Secret of Raven Rock from Raven Rock Games can accurately be described as a “Myst-ery.” That is to say, it's a point-and-click adventure game that presents tons of puzzles in a lonely, deserted place. It's also the kind of game that keeps you ...

110 Puzzles for Kids, a fun time waster for your Windows Phone Kids Corner
The game, as you would guess, is a collection of puzzles designed for 3 to 4 year old toddler to tackle and will help develop their observation and visual memory skills.

Wolf in White Van by John Darnielle, book review: Puzzles of an isolated ...
The story zips between different time frames, from Sean's childhood, where his solo games involved playing a bloodthirsty ruler wreaking brutal revenge on his subjects, to the time spent recuperating in hospital after his injury and the years beyond.

Mini Puzzles Make Smart Stocking Stuffers
Flip-It!, GeoToy's new line of mini, two-sided brainteasers make the perfect stocking stuffer for every puzzle fan on your holiday list.

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