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18 Oct 14 - Games Tile Games News

Best way to store tile data
For games with tons of tiles and tons of processing, you often have N bytes for each grid cell. Those are then interpreted differently depending on context (the first byte could be the tile type, which determines the meaning of the rest of the bytes ...

Five Tabletop games to try out this fall
Carcassonne is a game where players take turns building the countryside, one tile at a time. Watch as the world is built before you, resulting in endless replay-ability as no two games ever look the same. Construct sprawling cities, solitary ...

Acceptable resolution for character turning?
So even if you want your game to only have 4, or 8, or 16 different directions to face, your displaying of it to the player can be more finished.

Game of the Day: Brainie
This game will check your mad math skills. Select a combination of numbers to equal the value displayed in the bubble next to Brainie's head.

HopSlide: One of the Most Creative PC Games You'll Play in 2014
One is the game window, featuring a little man that you control with the arrow keys on your keyboard. Xbox 360 controllers are also supported.

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Lanterns: The Harvest Festival
It's time for the Harvest Festival, and artisans are setting out beautiful floating lanterns in the palace lake, each trying to earn the most honor before the festival begins.

Five Tribes -- a twist on the worker placement game
Five Tribes does the opposite. The game starts with three random worker tokens on each of 30 tiles. On their turn, the active player must move workers from an occupied tile onto nearby tiles in a manner that evokes Mancala<. They must also remove at ...

Former Rovio Staff Launch 'Best Fiends' Game on iOS
A new Candy Crush style game launches on 9th October for tablet devices drawing on the talent responsible for Angry Birds. Best Fiends combines match-tile game-play with character development that follows a story of insects taking on slugs. While many ...

Mobile Game 2048: Top Tips to Getting a Higher Score
In this game, you are required to match tiles to create a larger numbered tile. Once the board is full, and there no more moves left, the game is over. To get to the mythical 2048 tile, you must think critically and strategize your moves carefully ...

Elections: South Bay, Peninsula schools seek bonds, parcel taxes
The district hasn't passed a bond in 15 years, and two middle schools have gyms with linoleum tile floors, so their basketball teams can't play home games. Among a host of other needs, Cohen said, campuses need fencing for security, driveways need to ...

Reality Check - Are Photorealistic Video Games Possible?
Wow! so it is true that some photoreal looking games used actual picture reference for the final environment. I still remember the first time looking at gears of war 1 in HD, it is one of the best graphics i've ever seen and it does hold up even by ...

Windows 10 tips: Your first 30 minutes with the Tech Preview
As Brad recommends, back up all of your spare files (photos, documents, saved games, etc.), preferably to an ... You'll see some Live Tiles already populated; feel free to right-click each and resize them, for example, or move them around. If you want ...

Card Dungeon by Playtap Games steps into the Play Store
Anyone that has played Dungeons and Dragons, or any other type of board games, will immediately have fond memories of playing games with friends in their bedroom, garage, or wherever it was that you hung out with your friends, to play games. It is ...

Getting Started
A few years back, on a forum similar to this one, I asked what the best way to go about learning to code (games in particular) and was told to focus on programming basics in general.

Poorly designed, MemoPics memory game is still fun, unique
The highlight of MemoPics is a feature that allows anyone to build a new game from scratch. It lets you customize everything from the splash screen to the game tile sizes to the images themselves to even the sounds and loops. The number of ...

Suburban Life: Plan a family game night with board or table games
Nate Martin of York holds a tile that he drew while playing the game Carcassonne with three others at Planet X Comics in York Township.

Camel Up Boardgame Review: Gambling Fun for the Whole Family
Camel Up won the 2014 Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) award, a prestigious honor previously bestowed on classics like Settlers of Catan and Dominion The choice was notable because Camel Up is so unlike the games that have won this award in the past ...

In heartbreaking times, a place of beauty, happiness
Founded by a pair of doctors from UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland, the home-like facility has rooms for eight kids, plus separate apartments for their families, a game room, pingpong tables, a karaoke machine and an art room. Pets are welcome ...

Acuity Games Releases One & Only Brain Game for iOS
One & Only is played by finding the only unique tile color in each round of the game. Rounds can have the same difficulty, or have an increasing number of colors and/or larger grid sizes.

Civilization: Beyond Earth Trailer: New Gameplay on Alien Worlds
There are three tile types (lush, arid, fungal) in addition to danger tiles (i.e. poisonous miasma) which can kill units that end their turn on these locations.

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