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18 Oct 14 - Health And Wellness Child Health News

Miami Children's Hospital introduces new comprehensive wellness program

'Mental health issues in children have been a hidden struggle for too long'
Place2Be believes schools should support and evaluate pupils' emotional well-being with the same rigour that they do their academic progress - a view I share.

Fostering Health & Wellness in the Introverted Child: Part 2: Control Vs ...
A child's level of introversion or extroversion can influence the parenting and care-taking they should receive. Parenting strategies and therapeutic techniques should be utilized with respect to the child's personality and way of being; whether they ...

Sport essential to children's mental health
The challenge for parents is to ensure their kids are healthy, happy and safe, which is not easy today with so many distractions.

Parents urged to monitor mental health of kids dropping out of sport
New research shows that children who abandon organised sport between the ages of eight and 10 are at high risk of mental health problems before they hit high school - up to 20 per cent greater risk than kids who keep playing sport. EXERCISE: Program ...

Self-esteem at core of healthy living
Rather than trying to contain that energy we should let them express it," he said, adding that today's children are being "let down" as busy parents turn to easy options like junk food or TV rather than healthy eating and exercise. From professional ...

For sick children, help with all of life's complexities
Her daughter, Aneixi, now 4, is in enrolled in Head Start and doing well - even though she was born 14 weeks premature, weighing only 2 pounds.

Child marriage robs a girl of her future. Can it be stamped out in Bangladesh?
The United Nations Population Fund conference in Cairo called for the elimination of forced and child marriage and female genital mutilation, as well as greater female access to education, jobs and sexual health services. In July, the UK Government and ...

What's being done to improve children's health in our region?
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is an integral part of the “Stay Well” piece of Healthy Futures, focusing on preventative care.

States With More Abortion Laws Have Less Support For Women And Children's ...
The study, conducted by Ibis Reproductive Health and the Center for Reproductive Rights, found that a state's performance on indicators for women and children's health and well-being is inversely proportional to the amount of anti-abortion laws in that ...

The Health Wrap: Mental Health Week; medical pressure points; standing up for ...
The boundaries for the new Primary Health Networks have been announced - slimmed-down networks proposed by the Coalition in this year's Budget to replace Medicare Locals.

Schools and parents must work together to improve children's mental health
“There's a lot you can do to remove stress from the time students spend at school, but you need to address what's happening when they're at home as well if you want to make a real difference.” Actress Emma Thompson, who ... their child's mental health ...

Haldiman: CHIP changes child health outcomes
Coolidge was the first president to issue a proclamation for Child Health Day in 1928, and it's been observed the first Monday in October since.

Why Ebola wasn't stopped by huge investment in African healthcare
The MDGs name HIV and malaria and “other diseases”, as well as malnutrition, child mortality and maternal health, as priorities - and this has real-life consequences for policy and funding decisions. HIV, malaria and tuberculosis still receive the ...

Children know family budgets dictate how healthy their food is
From celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's Money Saving Meals to blogging mum Jack Monroe's 100 Delicious Budget Recipes to the NHS Eat4Cheap campaign, eating well on a budget is now a national pastime. But research…

A Chorus of Voices for Children's Health Insurance
CHIP works so well for children because it's intended for children. Unlike many private insurance plans, which are based on the health needs of adults, CHIP offers benefits that are age-appropriate, including dental coverage and access to mental health ...

The letter we all need to write
... they'd anaesthetised themselves against the discomfort with wine. If the children are still at home, CHUCK THEM OUT.

Be Well: Phthalates may raise asthma risk in children
Researchers at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health first took urine samples of 300 pregnant women in their third trimester living in New York City to test their exposure levels to four different types of phthalates.

Children's Health System rebranding more than cosmetic, CEO says
The new name encompasses a full range of pediatric health, wellness and acute care services for children from birth to age 18, built around academic medical centers, specialty care, primary care, home health, a pediatric research institute and ...

Early intervention key in treating children with mental health issues, experts say
The Hunter Institute of Mental Health has released a federally funded guide for staff to look for early signs of mental illness in the 1 million Australian children in childcare. The institute's director, Jaelea Skehan, said early detection is key when ...

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