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18 Oct 14 - Health And Wellness Weight Loss News

23 health and wellness apps that connect to Apple's HealthKit
Noom Coach, formerly Noom Weight Loss, tracks diet and exercise, but also offers users a virtual coach, which assigns the user educational articles and challenges associated with his or her daily schedule.

5 Dos and Don'ts for Weight Loss Motivation
If you find yourself doing this, I hope you can stop, because in my 15+ years of helping clients lose weight, I've seen this pattern only lead to discouragement, or depression, and abandonment of health and weight loss goals. If you really want to ...

New Approach Personalizes Weight Loss
To encourage you to experience the power of personalized health, ph360 is offering an exclusive lifetime membership for only $97 until August 31, 2014.

Your Company's 'Wellness Program' May Actually Be Illegal
As part of that benefit you may earn a discount on a gym membership, have access to a weight loss or smoking cessation program or other informational and healthy lifestyle resources. Nearly two-thirds of smaller companies (199 workers or less) and a ...

'Extreme Weight Loss' show to go, now a bootcamp at Aurora's CU Anschutz ...
Bootcampers carry half a ton of weight up three flights of stairs, Oct. 7 at the Health and Wellness Center on Anschutz Medical Campus.

How Jess lost over 40 kilograms
It's amazing how much fat you can burn when you're lifting weights! ... Goodlife Health Clubs are running a simultaneous exercise class on Saturday October 25 in Brisbane, which Jess will be attending, as part of the Goodlife Wellness Festival. To join ...

How wearables and wellness programs are transforming the workplace
Employers and insurers are seeing increased value in employee wellness. Today these programs are largely focused on basic metrics like weight loss and management, step counting, and smoking cessation. Additional health-related metrics as well as other ...

Weight loss tourism becoming a hot travel trend; people are traveling to ...
Dr. Holly Wyatt and the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, were featured on 'Extreme Weight Loss' last season and will be again next year.

Paleo diet serves up Stone Age cuisine for health, weight loss
“When you go on a meal plan like this, you're getting rid of your high amounts of unhealthy carbohydrates and with that there will incur a weight loss, more from decreasing portion sizes and decreasing calories,” says White. The amount of protein and ...

Crash diets may be most effective weight-loss technique, UK study suggests
The family doctor and author of Health First: Winning at Weight Loss and Wellness says his program is not about diets or deprivation.

Global spa, wellness industry estimated at $3.4 trillion: report
Nutrition and weight loss, preventative and personalized health, complementary and alternative medicine, and beauty and anti-aging treatments were the biggest growing sectors, the report compiled by the non-profit research center SRI International showed.

Wilkinson Pharmacy Health and Wellness Meeting
... is hosting health and wellness meetings. A meeting was held today at the Carthage library where they discussed depression and the signs to look for in your loved ones.

Workplace workouts work
Companies that promote and help with health, fitness and wellness programmes in the workplace are wise to do so, says Dr Trish Bradbury, senior lecturer in the School of Management at Massey University.

A Fitness Trainer Comes Clean About Exercise-Related Weight Gain
And third, it's the responsibility of fitness professionals like me to shift the conversation about weight, wellness and behavior away from nickel-and-dime, waste-of-time crap (like calorie-counting), and on to the stuff that actually matters, like ...

5 Ways Weight Loss Surgery Improves Health
19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The medical experts at Beverly Hills Physicians understand that, to benefit from a truly well-balanced lifestyle, an individual needs to address both their physical appearance and their health and wellness. That's why bariatric ...

Paleo Diet Weight Loss for Women Online Summit from Paleohacks announces ...
Paleohacks, organizer of the new Weight Loss Solution For Women Online Conference, announced their Free Health and Wellness event will be held from October 21st - November 12th. Additional Bonus "The Top 10 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight" to ...

Dr. Angela Tran Interviewed on Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat Diets
DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - Oct 17, 2014) - Dr. Angela Tran of Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss Clinic was interviewed by Front Porch, a local newspaper delivered to the Stapleton, Park Hill, Lowry, Montclair, Mayfair, Hale, and East Colfax neighborhoods in ...

Week 3 wellness challenge: Bills assistant trainer recommends record-keeping
This can be an incredible motivational tool as you set on your path to improving health and performance. Record ... Several studies have shown that people who keep food journals are more likely to be successful in their weight loss goals. Researchers ...

Body Contouring after Weight Loss Surgery Leads to Long-Term Weight Loss ...
The specialists at BHP are acclaimed for their strong belief in the importance of a balance between health, wellness and beauty to ensure a rich and joyful life - making them the ideal option for those seeking a better life through weight loss treatment.

Diet and exercise work hand-in-hand for weight loss
"Losing weight is great, but losing strength is not," she added. "Maintaining a proper exercise routine during the time of weight loss is crucial to one's health and overall wellness." For the most part, the fitness and nutrition experts appear to ...

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