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18 Oct 14 - Home And Garden Home Buyers News

Buying art on a cruise ship
Like an informal garden party, the room is wall-to-wall kaftans and sundresses, shorts and sandals. The artworks .... Check authenticity - The auction house will provide a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) which should describe the work in detail. The ...

After Sculpture by the Sea, many works languish in elephant's graveyard
"It's not like a regular proper garden but they look presentable," he says. "I have them there so I can live with them and look after them as best I can and ... Le Grand is particularly proud of Anaconda, which was shown in three iterations of ...

How young Vancouver buyers are crashing the real estate party
A recent analysis of home-ownership rates in Canada done by Vancouver-based Urban Futures shows that the proportion of young homeowners increased from 2006 to 2011, a period when prices appeared to be climbing out of reach in many urban centres ...

Buyers flock to see house on historic Scarborough street
“The property is a spectacular oasis with in-ground concrete pool, water gardens including two fish ponds, landscaping, gardens and perennials.” Editor's note: Done Deals contain information gathered from real estate agents, home buyers, home sellers ...

Price cut repeatedly, Etobicoke home finally finds a buyer
Though only one spouse toured this Princess Gardens home online, the couple with kids wanted it as their own for $1.02-million.

Big crowds swarm Sydney home auctions
That's the question Sydney home buyers had to grapple with over the weekend as hundreds of bidders packed out home auctions, ensuring great results for vendors but continuing frustration for buyers. RP Data preliminary figures showed that 639 auctions ...

Trying to shift your property? Six things that will send home buyers running
One of the biggest sins you can commit against the future buyer of your home is staying put for the viewing, following them around the house like a needy puppy, pointing out your favourite features along the way and quizzing them on what they like or ...

How to improve the value of your home for $1000
“Make it fresh and up to date and spend some time and money doing up the garden because it's the first impression people have.

25 years after Bay Area quake, most don't have earthquake insurance
For many of Reyes' generation, who are now entering their peak earning years and looking to purchase bigger homes to accommodate families, the aftershocks of the Loma Prieta quake, as well as the 1994 Northridge quake in Southern California, are ...

Labour would reserve half of all new-build homes for 'local' first-time buyers
local authorities to collaborate and form Olympic-style New Homes Corporations to build quickly; financial incentives to local authorities so that they deliver a programme of new garden cities and garden suburbs to help unlock 500,000homes. measures to ...

Standard Pacific Homes Debuts New Homes In Winter Garden
The homes include thoughtful details such as home organization areas for coats, keys, and backpacks to help owners maintain a sense of organization within their home. Home shoppers will have the choice of seven home designs. Ranging in size from 2,400 ...

High-end revival
“For instance, we use the same sets of plans, but we're able to give a production price and schedule while still offering a lot of changes to our buyers,” said Hilscher. “If they want to repurpose a bedroom into a second home office, we'll do that. The ...

Aucklanders flee soaring house values
Unless they can use it to leverage a mortgage extension out of the bank, or to seduce a monied buyer, the real effect on most home-owners will be a higher rates bill. Home-owners whose valuations increase more than 33 per cent will, with a few ...

Relisted with the price cut, James Gardens home sells quickly
Editor's note: Done Deals contain information gathered from real estate agents, home buyers, home sellers and sale prices that are publicly available from government sources.

Neometro reveals newest South Yarra development
We have delivered on that, providing generous hallways, expansive living areas along with a choice of outdoor areas in each residence that offer garden aspects or city views,” said Provan. The apartments ... “These residences aim to raise the benchmark ...

Buying a property with friends could be the answer
He added: "I already have plans to build a pond in the garden and to install a home cinema." Another appeal of the site was its proximity to a village pub that will be opening and leisure and recreational facilities that form part of the development ...

Man carried to safety as east-central Fresno home goes up in flames (video)
Redfin offers online tools for homebuyers and sellers. Click to Continue » ... Previously, someone next door tried to put out the flames with a garden hose before an explosion sent people running away from the home. Townsend said the fire was under ...

Quinlan's former D4 homes rent at €500 a day
The annual rent of €180,000 is enough to buy a house outside the capital. Mr Quinlan bought the two homes for a reported €27m in 2006.

New Tesco boss likely to sell assets to fund recovery plan
Once an apparently unstoppable engine of growth, Tesco started to hit problems in the late 2000s when it held back investment at home to spend on new operations in Asia and eastern Europe, and an expensive failure in the United States. The mistakes ...

Buying and Selling: It's all about the escrow
During this process, a title search and home inspection are typically conducted, disclosures are completed, claims/liens against the property are paid off, and loan documents are signed.

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