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18 Oct 14 - Home And Garden Personal Finance News

Buy-to-let nightmare: £56000 of damage and my insurer won't pay
Mr and Mrs Meryon have owned their £300,000 home in Ivybridge, Devon, for 36 years. In 2009 they decided to take up a post in Jerusalem as volunteers with a British Christian charity.

Quinlan's former D4 homes rent at €500 a day
The annual rent of €180,000 is enough to buy a house outside the capital. Mr Quinlan bought the two homes for a reported €27m in 2006.

The Newbie's Roadmap to Buying a First Home
“A lot of them still think they can negotiate and do low-ball offers all around,” says Kristi Ferrara, a broker with Better Homes & Gardens Kansas City Homes in Kansas City, Missouri. The market is fairly balanced between buyers and sellers in Kansas ...

High-end revival
Those with the financial resources or the qualifications to meet stricter lending laws found the market awash with amazing deals.

Luxury Living: Spoil yourself with these homey spoils
Also in Oakville, check out The Wave, modern townhouses by Matas Group, which start at $940,000 (, and in the single-family category, The Gardens at Coronation by Hush Homes, $1.4-million to more than $2-million ( Amexon ...

Plan ahead for family cabin inheritance
With the temperatures falling and daylight waning, it's time to pull in the dock and shutter the cabin. For some families, it's also a time of year to ponder a more dramatic change: What to do with the family cabin.

How to Save Future Generations From Financial Illiteracy
CardHub interviewed more than 50 experts in the fields of education, public policy, early childhood development, economics and personal finance about this very issue, and roughly 70 percent of them believe that financial themes should be incorporated ...

Recent Grad Buys Olive Garden Endless Pasta Pass To Learn About Finance ...
He plans to eat at Olive Garden every workday (the Philadelphia location is about a block from his office but an hour from his home) and has found he can get at least two meals from each take out order even though not eating in the restaurant means his ...

Great Gardening by Sally Cunningham
The energy savings and financial benefits of trees are a bit more measurable: • Trees placed properly around a home can reduce air conditioning costs by 30 percent and heating costs by 20 to 50 percent, according to the United States Department of ...

Opa-locka voters to choose mayor, two commissioners
Jeb Bush in 2004 after being indicted for defrauding the Internal Revenue Service by allegedly trying to use several family-run schools as a coffer to pay $140,000 in personal expenses. She pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge. In 2011, she paid a $1 ...

Personal finance down 1.8% in June
PERSONAL finance commitments, were down 1.3 per cent to $8.376 billion in July, seasonally-adjusted, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said on Friday.

Houses for Heroes: Wells Fargo donates home to vets
"I am thinking nutrition and personal training and also some art and agriculture," said Sigfrid, who likes to paint, draw and dabble in the garden. He also will be getting a bit of an education in personal finance through the Military Warriors Support ...

Prudential Financial and The Root resume weekly personal finance video series
These are just a few of the personal finance concerns that will be addressed this Fall when Prudential Financial, Inc and The Root premiere Season 3 of The Root Live: Bring It To The Table, an online 16-week series of 10-minute episodes featuring ...

When the fish smells of money, invest in it
Mr Clive Tan likes to invest in things that he does not find to be a chore, which is why he invests heavily in his passion for interior design, namely his interior design firm Living Gaia Interior, which he hopes to grow into a regional entity by ...

Which is better: Joint or separate finances?
Kills the fun of having a secret financial garden - there is a certain thrill to not having to explain your spending decisions and to be able to indulge yourself without consulting anybody.

Sir Roy Strong to destroy his famous gardens after snub from National Trust
The 79-year-old had also offered the trust an endowment worth “several millions” to ensure the financial viability of the gardens, which he spent more than 30 years creating with his late wife Julia Trevelyan Oman. But according to The ... Clarifying ...

Paul Daniels: 'I wasn't even a millionaire when I met Debbie McGee'
Not at all, because our house wasn't flooded although the gardens and surrounding lands were flooded. In 2003 we were flooded while we were away, so I didn't know where the hell it came in or how.

Broke retirees drive Australian trailer-park boom
The Australian manufactured home parks often include amenities such as pools, recreation halls and barbecue areas, and many homes have porches and even small gardens. The lack of mortgage financing for them in Australia also means that they're ...

SpiderMan may swing over Beijing in new theme park
China is home to 11 of the top 20 amusement parks in Asia with about 166 million visits in 2013. Revenue is expected to total nearly $3 billion this year, estimates research firm IBISWorld.

Extreme Personal Finance Tips: Pass or Fail?
We've all seen the stories about the stay-at-home mom or dad going to the store to buy $200 worth of groceries and only having to pay $5.34 because of all the deals, coupons and other promotions they've found.

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