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15 Feb 20 - Internet News

USDA investing $9 million to expand high-speed internet in rural Tennessee communities
Cumberland County is one of 10 rural counties in the state of Tennessee that is part of a new high-speed broadband project. The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced it will invest $9 million to create or improve high speed internet connectivity for more than 3,
Ex-San Francisco resident scrapes internet for the reasons people leave the city
After seeing these stories go viral online for years, Ryan Kulp was inspired to find the common thread in all the individual testimonies. Some of the most commonly used words in these farewell pieces?
Rebecca Black Discusses 9 Years Since "Friday," Internet Bullying + More
Rebecca Black stopped by Kevin In The Morning with Allie and Jensen to talk about the 9th anniversary of her song "Friday," mental health and bullying, and new music co-written with FINNEAS. ABC 11 -
The Dog Show Divided The Internet! Plus, More Nostalgic Disney Reboots This Week On Did You See This?
Just think of something new already. Siba the Standard Poodle took home the award for best in show at the Westminster Dog Show, but the internet seemed to have a different favorite! Look, Daniel may not have won best in show, but he won best in heart, ok, comedian Drexton Clemmons joked. Fans of South Korean comedy thriller Parasite ...
Perry Bible Fellowships Nicholas Gurewitch on making comics for the internets golden age
Projects get delayed all the time. I dont feel like people might have been mad at you, unless you actually did get some angry emails. I think when you enter into a relationship over the internet like that, theres less of a sense of people waiting for you. But as I went through and started the delivery process and became acquainted with ...
Memes parodying Mike Bloomberg's paid Instagram meme campaign are flooding the internet
It can be difficult to distinguish between the real sponsored Bloomberg posts and the fakers but that may have been the campaign's intention.
India keeps lid on Kashmir's internet 6 months into lockdown
Six months after India's government stripped restive Kashmir of its semi-autonomy and enforced a total communications blackout, it is heralding the restoration of limited, slow-speed internet as a step toward normalcy.
Britain to Create Regulator for Internet Content
To push Google, Facebook and other internet giants to police their own platforms, Britain said its media watchdog would become an internet authority. LONDON Britain on Wednesday introduced a plan that would give the government more latitude to regulate internet content,
Michael Bloomberg wanted ironic internet cred, but he wont like these anti-Bloomberg memes
After Michael Bloomberg paid some of Instagrams biggest meme creators to run tongue-in-cheek messages highlighting his campaign, the media workers group Study Hall found a way to counter the effort. The group is offering payments of its own for memes that are critical of the candidates history of alleged bias. SH is proud to announce a ...
How the Internet is Changing Sexual Health Education Access
Despite many of our commonly held perceptions, lesbian, gay, bisexual and other sexual minority (LGB+) teen girls are 2-4 times more likely to be pregnant as an adolescent their non-LGB+ female peers [1]. Addressing gaps in knowledge about how to prevent pregnancy and access to health services are essential first steps in improving sexual ...

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