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31 Oct 16 - Internet News

Dutchman 'who almost broke the internet' to go on trial
A Dutchman accused of launching an unprecedented cyberattack that reportedly "almost broke the internet" is to go on trial Tuesday on charges of masterminding the 2013 incident that slowed down web traffic world-wide.

How the Internet was born: A stuttered hello
In the late hours of October 29, 1969, an apparently insignificant experiment carried out in a lab in the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) would spark a revolution, the implications of which are still unfolding nearly five decades later ...

Internet of Things poised to transform cities
The internet of things (IoT) is set to transform municipal life, according to government officials surveyed by the nonprofit trade association Computing Industry Trade Association (CompTIA).

How Not to Regulate the Internet
On the internet, ads giveth and ads taketh away. They're the reason you can enjoy so many services for free, and also why everything you do is so relentlessly tracked.

We could lose the internet, warns security researcher Dan Kaminsky
"The internet is not a safe place right now, and, more importantly, the tools we're using to interact with it are relatively broken," warns Dan Kaminsky in a podcast with O'Reilly's Courtney Nash.

Internet Rips "Arrogant" Mike Baird Over Joke Facebook Post About Graffiti Removal
It seems Bairdy did a Baird Baird thing when he decided to update his constituents on New South Wales' official graffiti removal day with a Facebook post that was part-PSA, part troll.

Aussie House Hunters Sold On Internet Speed
NBN General Manager of Build Partnerships Julian Nachmias said for many buyers, a fast internet connection is no longer a luxury but an expected addition to Australian properties.

Could your kettle bring down the internet?
It seems unlikely but that's what happened recently when hackers attacked the internet infrastructure run by US firm Dyn, knocking out services including Paypal, Twitter and Netflix.

Level 3 brings the global internet to CenturyLink
A little more than a decade later, the company stands to be transformed through the $34bn acquisition of Level 3 - a former darling of that tech boom and now one of the largest global internet providers critical to data-intensive businesses such as ...

Grassroots techies growing internet innovation in Perth
"The Internet of Things is where you have devices that have sensors and they collect information and send it up to the cloud - and the Internet of Everything is another layer on top of that, where you find ways to actually use the data that's been ...

So who broke the internet?
Many internet users have woken up to find that access to some of their favourite services has been limited or interrupted. What's happening?

Mobile internet use still on the move
A report out this week from Zenith, which researches advertising, marketing and media, says mobile gadgets will account for 75 percent of internet use next year. That's up from 68 percent this year and 40 percent in 2012. Zenith says the figure should ...

From politics to stalking, the Internet can torment and terrify. Happy Halloween!
What makes this a scary tech story is that this sort of performance art meme would, prior to the Internet, have been isolated to a few locations, perhaps repeated with the occasional newspaper reports.

Internet disruption causes chaos in southeast Turkey
The cashier apologized, saying she could not perform the transaction because the internet was down. The customer walked out visibly upset; sales personnel were also disappointed.

23 genius Halloween costumes that won the internet
If you were pleased with your own Halloween costume efforts then you will undoubtedly appreciate these spooky creations. Many Halloween fans have been sharing their efforts on social media and the genius costumes have been racking up some serious ...

Congratulations, internet: Memes are now bigger than Jesus
The internet is now bigger than Jesus, as Consequence Of Sound reports that, for the first time in recorded history—or at least since Google started keeping track of users' search histories—people have searched for “meme” more often than “Jesus” on ...

$10000 Is All It Costs To Bring Down The Internet
For just US$7500, you can buy access to a botnet of shitty, compromised Internet of Things gadgets that can break the 'net.

A collision of Chinese manufacturing, globalization, and consumer ignorance could ruin the internet for everyone
Then hackers deployed a malicious strain of malware known as Mirai into the devices, and used them to direct huge amounts of internet traffic to Dyn, a Domain Name System (DNS) provider that often serves as a virtual “first stop” for computers ...

Clean Internet Bill Blocking Pornographic Sites Gets Government Backing
A bill which would require internet service providers to block access to pornographic websites by default and keep track of internet users who request access to the sites received preliminary backing by a Knesset panel on Sunday. Customers would have ...

Ultra Fast Internet? Google Fiber Says No New Cities Are Going Online
Google's super fast internet slows down to a halt, at least in terms of growing its infrastructure, that is. With announcements of job layoffs just last week, Google is taking a step back on its promise to bring its Fiber service to new cities like Los ...

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