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18 Oct 14 - Internet Blogging News

Do-It-Yourself articles overwhelm today's Internet blogging culture
A more disturbing trend that can be seen all over the Internet, but particularly in the blogging and lifestyle websites, are the terrifyingly out-of-touch suggestions for clothing, vacationing and decorating - subjects that tend to be the focal point ...

'Am I being catfished?' An author confronts her number one online critic
Her Twitter profile said she was a book blogger who tweeted nonstop between 6pm and midnight, usually about the TV show Gossip Girl.

Blogging History: Precedents for "Internet makes us dumb"; 3D movies are dumb ...
Internet dumbing-down hysteria compared against previous waves of anti-tech backlash: Salon has a refreshing take on the effect of the net on wider culture, courtesy of Dennis Baron, author of the new book A Better Pencil. Baron places hysteria about ...

Bloggers Behind Bars: Ethiopia's Zone9ers and Threats to Online Speech ...
CENSORSHIP “We want more openness, more transparency,” Ethiopian writer Endalkchew Chala told me in a phone interview. “People deserve choice; people deserve access to the world's knowledge.

5 Surprisingly Deadly Mistakes Businesses Still Make In 2014
The only way to get real results online is by effectively leveraging content both offsite and onsite; this comes in the form of your own blog, guest blogging on other websites, doing content partnerships with other websites, leveraging various forms of ...

Rise of the food blogs
As the Internet explodes with self-styled critics, food has become an unexpected battlefield. Aided by social media and blogs, a legion of 'foodies' are taking over the once-hallowed 'art' of critiquing restaurants. Admittedly, it's debatable whether ...

The 5 Best Free WordPress Plugins to Promote Your Blog
According to the the plug in's developer, Pretty Link enables you to "Shrink, track and share any URL on the Internet from your WordPress website. Unlike other link shrinking services like tinyurl, budurl, and, this plugin allows you to create ...

From the classroom to the Internet: Former Lee teacher finds blogging success
“I'm not that type of person who can just go to a job and not have it affect their life,” said Jasper, who started a blog last summer called ConversationED, aimed at getting people to talk about the state of education today. Although she was blogging ...

Happy 20th anniversary to Dave Winer – inventor of the blog
His name is Dave Winer and on 7 October 1994 he published his first blog post. He called it Davenet then, and he's been writing it most days since then.

The plus-size bloggers taking on the fashion industry
The internet provides a space for plus-size bloggers to represent women they feel are ignored by mainstream media. "If it weren't for 'fatshion' blogging, there'd be no images of fat women looking cool and wearing clothes anywhere," says the Londoner ...

What Are You Doing For Open Access Week?
We wanted to share a handful of ones that we've heard about, most of which are screenings of the fantastic film, The Internet's Own Boy, a documentary about the late Internet activist and pioneer Aaron Swartz. We're delighted that many of these ...

Top 50 Blogs About Blogging [Slideshare]
Two more reasons why there are so many blog resource sites is because bloggers like to use their sites as ways to share their online marketing / blogging experiences - almost like live case studies for everyone to see. The other reason is that there ...

Three services that take the headache out of creating a website
Even in this time of Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook many people argue you need your own online presence with a personal or professional website.

Is SportsBlog the Future of Sports News? Bloomberg TV Interviews SportsBlog ...
In today's internet age of shareable content, social media and blogging, where does traditional sports journalism stand?

Remembering Mahsa Shekarloo, Iran's Internet Pioneer and Women's Rights ...
In the early 2000s, Persian was the second most used language on the Internet. Blogging from Iran was a phenomenon. A nation of storytellers had discovered a format for their stories.

Waterloo prof's tweet about sexist baby pyjamas woke up the world
"In new media, we're often participants in the things that we study so I have published on mommy blogging and I have mommy blogged for a long time.

10 Top Tips For Writing A Top Tips Blog Post
Easy to read, easy to share, easy to action, meet Mr Top Tips. Born of the Internet age, Mr Top Tips uses the same ancient formula handed down from his grandfather - the pen and paper list.

Young voters
In a recent op-ed for Medium, a blogging website founded by the inventors of Twitter, he resorted to naked flattery. “One of the reasons ... A quarter live without cable television, preferring to stream shows from the internet, and so also avoid ...

Now, listen to music on Twitter
The micro-blogging site Twitter has added a new feature to allow its users to listen music directly from the twitter stream on mobile devices.

VMware gets serious on the Internet of Things
His view is that as consumers start to take advantage of such things as Apple's Homekit they will expect the intelligence they have at home to be delivered at their work place as well, a concept he was blogging about during his days at SAP. Well past ...

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