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18 Oct 14 - Internet Business News

Why the NBN won't (always) make your internet faster
It also means that, with more water being transported through the tap, individuals, households and businesses can operate multiple online apps, websites, video streams and downloads simultaneously without worrying about a slow–down. But for the single ...

Sell Your Internet Business For Millions
Nonetheless, BizBuySell noted it's still a buyer's market, with the average cash flow multiple of businesses that sold holding steady at 2.23.

HBO To Offer Its Programming Over the Internet
Starting next year, HBO will be available a la carte to the 70 million households with basic cable or satellite service, and to the estimated 10 million households with high-speed internet but no pay TV service at all. Because HBO has some of the most ...

Review: Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 inflight Internet
Inflight Internet is commonplace in the US but in Australia it's closer to a novelty than the norm. That's shaped one of my longtime pre-flight habits of working a bit too solidy in the lounge before boarding my flight, especially firing off last ...

Draft 'Internet-of-Things' policy sees business worth $15 billion
BANGALORE|NEW DELHI: The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) on Friday laid out a draft policy on Internet-of things in India, envisioning the IoT industry to be worth $15 billion by 2020. "We had a meeting on July 31 in Delhi ...

Inside The Internet's Secret Marketplace For Hacked Photos Of Naked Celebrities
But there's an even more secretive side to the online photo trading industry. Private dealers still operate, using encrypted email accounts and fake names to avoid detection.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: Government Surveillance Is Going To 'End Up ...
Google Chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt says that the ways that governments spy on other countries is going to "end up breaking the internet." Schmidt, speaking at an event hosted by Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden, says that the digital surveillance ...

Holograms, Virtual Reality, And Artificial Intelligence - Here's What The ...
Bruce Mehlman, co-chair of the Internet Innovation Alliance, predicted an end to “one-size-fits-all broadcasting from the front of the room” teaching, while business and economics professor Ed Lyell suggested that teachers will become less talking-head ... is an Experienced Internet Business Broker with a Proven ...
A spokesperson commented on their strategy for success, “As an internet business broker, we customize strategies to the assets being sold using our extensive experience as brokers for eCommerce business specialties.

Internet of Things World Forum: Pushing adoption of IoT business models
Accelerating the adoption of IoT business models is the theme of this year's Internet of Things World Forum (IoTWF).

States and corporations grab for reins of the Internet
"Therefore, they are stepping in with force to figure out how to reduce potential harm to customers and to their businesses." Governance of the Internet will be a high-profile topic at the ICANN 51 meeting that will continue through October 16 in Los ...

Teh Internet Is Serious Business review – a high-speed hacktivist adventure
Teh Internet Is Serious Business (typo intentional) throws up a mass of issues it only partially addresses. If hacktivism can, as in many of the cases cited, be used to attack corporate culture and government agencies, could it not also be deployed ...

Hillary Clinton Calls Internet Freedom 'An Ongoing Struggle'
"When I was Secretary of State, it became clear to me that internet freedom, the opportunity to speak out and to associate with others around the globe was a core value in line with freedom of speech and what we have enshrined in our Bill of Rights ...

Ebola Outbreak Sparking Internet Scams
“We're already seeing scams,” says Katherine Hutt, a spokeswoman at the Better Business Bureau. “We're seeing products claiming to cure or prevent it as well as email scams.

The 'Internet of Things' Will Be The World's Most Massive Device Market And ...
The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to grow significantly, as consumers, businesses, and governments recognize the benefit of connecting inert devices to the internet. In an all-new report from BI Intelligence, we examine what is currently ...

CHART OF THE DAY: The Fastest Internet Speeds Aren't In The US
We are hugely dependent on our internet speeds for everything - on a desktop or mobile device, for business or pleasure, we need fast internet to do just about everything these days, since most of our lives have moved online. And yet, according to ...

Internet caretaker ICANN to escape US control
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) chief Fadi Chehade expressed his confidence in the move during a press briefing at the opening of the nonprofit organization's meeting this week in Los Angeles.

The biggest, baddest bug on the internet
With the memory of the Heartbleed bug still lingering in the minds of many denizens of the internet, there's a bigger, badder bug in town.

Internet Business Awards 2015 call for entries
Now in their fifth year, the Internet Business Awards have been steadily and quietly building a reputation for an impartial annual assessment of the best of the UK's business websites.

Rocket Internet's IPO
What Rocket does is launch clones of proven internet-business models. Even among such clone factories it is unique. It aims to turn out 80% of its new businesses in less than 100 days.

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