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18 Oct 14 - Internet Programming News

BUSINESS BRIEFING HBO To Offer Its Programming Over the Internet
In a blow to cable and satellite TV providers, HBO will offer its programs directly to consumers over the Internet -- potentially giving millions more Americans another reason to cancel their pay TV service.

Why Sports Fans Have No Reason to Cheer the Rise of Internet TV
Viewers are getting more reasons to consider ending cable subscriptions this week after HBO, the premium cable channel owned by Time Warner Inc. (TWX), and CBS said they would offer programming over the Internet to people without pay-TV accounts.

DEAL TALK: US DOJ digs into Comcast's Internet reach in merger review
The meetings dig deep into the workings of the Internet and video markets invisible to consumers, such as how companies negotiate connection fees and work out programming deals. A question that has come up is whether a larger geographic footprint for ...

Cord-Cutters Rejoice: CBS Joins Web Stream
And with it, the virtual monopoly that cable, satellite and telecommunications companies have had over TV programming is dissipating.

Hackers: they're 'superheroes' that 'change the world'
"They're the superheroes that help fix flaws in the internet so that it's a good place." She should know having been one since she was ten years old, at which point she discovered a bug in ... Liukas first discovered programming age 13 (an age that ...

From HBO to CBS, the dream of a la carte TV is coming true one stream at a time
HBO's recently announced plans for an online-only subscription service next year, free from the bonds of a cable or satellite subscriptions, sent shockwaves throughout the Internet. As we look at the ramifications of one of the most anticipated moves ...

Editorial: Proposed FCC ruling won't stop TV cost hikes
After considering the question for more than 2 1/2 years, the FCC may soon propose to expand the category to include TV services that use the Internet to provide programs as they are aired - in other words, not video-on-demand services such as Netflix ...

HBO Will Finally Give Cord-Cutters The Streaming They Crave
In the past, HBO took a laissez-faire attitude to its purloined programming, which amounts to free advertising. But not everyone wants to steal.

After a suicide, a mother builds a social network
"Millennials are the Internet generation, so it's natural for them to gravitate toward social media," said Giuffra, a professor of clinical psychiatry at Washington University .

With HBO, CBS announcements, here's how we'll watch TV
CBS unveiled a $5.99-a-month Internet subscription package Thursday that lets customers watch much of its programming on demand without a subscription to cable or satellite TV. A day earlier, HBO announced it will start selling a streaming service ...

Dish Wins Tentative Ruling Over Fox in AutoHop Litigation
The contested features of Dish's Hopper digital-video recorder, which also include the ability to automatically record all four major networks' primetime programming every night, would be fair use under the U.S. Supreme Court's 1984 decision in the ...

Read this: A thorough yet readable review of Apple's new OS X Yosemite
Non-developers might drift off a bit when Siracusa gets into details of Apple's new programming interfaces, but it's easy enough to bypass those sections, as the review is meticulously organized.

Why schools in England are teaching 5-year-olds how to code
The U.K. government has overhauled the way it teaches computing to the country's children by adding mandatory programming classes. After taking advice from the likes ... By the time they hit 14, teachers will guide them on how to use two or more ...

Online Learning Opportunities Continue to Expand
The online classes mirror a great strength of the Internet: while the Web has a vast reach, much like a broadcast, it also enables people to access information on a very narrow topic.

CBS Deals a Blow to Comcast, but Comcast Could Have the Last Laugh
This week, CBS (NYSE: CBS ) joined Time Warner's HBO in the race toward unbundling by offering a streaming, Internet-only service that allows subscribers to watch current and past shows on demand.

Without net neutrality, what stops HBO from turning the internet into cable?
Several years ago, someone came up with a potent worst-case scenario for an internet without net neutrality: it would look like cable TV.

Aussie minnow joins global giants to forge Internet of Things standard
Mr Gillan suggested that eventually a set of application programming interfaces to the IoT could emerge that would lead to a proliferation of applications.

Comcast Is Winning The Internet Access Battle Because It Owns Content
Instead, it's Comcast that is winning the fight for Internet broadband, because it owns owns NBC Universal, offering a steady flow of TV, movie, and sports programming it can distribute at no additional cost to itself. It's the same vertical ...

First HBO, then CBS offer streaming. Is this the end of the cable bundle?
... television in their home any more but rather will have all programming through the Internet, says Jeff McCall, professor of communication at DePauw University.

How Changing TV Habits Lured HBO, CBS, and Paula Deen Beyond the Bundle
One key factor driving the TV programmers' rush to the Internet is that with each passing year more and more Americans are starting to watch some, if not all, of their TV shows online.

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