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18 Oct 14 - Kids And Teens People And Society News

Child marriage robs a girl of her future. Can it be stamped out in Bangladesh?
There's more development happening, we are getting more educated and people have come to know the ill-effects of child marriage. People are changing traditions by ... Instead of trying to fundamentally alter the nature of Bangladeshi society, Amin ...

How Jo made good on a promise to herself
University of Wollongong academic Joanne Buckskin tells how a teen pregnancy and surviving domestic violence compelled her to succeed.

'When you face hard knocks, you learn to get up again'
University of Wollongong academic Joanne Buckskin tells how a teen pregnancy and surviving domestic violence compelled her to succeed.

Natalia de Molina and Francesc Colomer in a scene from Living is Easy with ...
During the drive south, Antonio picks up a couple of young runaways, both fleeing from the oppressive paternalism of the society in which they live. Juanjo (Francesc ... “Too many people live in fear in Spain,” Antonio says at one point, and the casual ...

Miley spits water over audience at Melbourne concert 0:18
Kylie Minogue's relationship with Michael Hutchence (he once said his favourite past time was “corrupting Kylie”) helped her swift passage from smiling teen to a young woman discovering her sexuality. Minogue shook ... And again, parents took their ...

Children require a vigorous STEM
So on that day my little girl was awarded the honour of being Bracken Ridge Library's Youngest Scientist. My little boy recently participated in the Murdoch Childrens Research ... It's a small way to bring science directly into children's lives while ...

Why company paid egg-freezing is terrible
WHEN I read the news that Apple and Facebook are now paying up to $20,000 for female employees to freeze their eggs, I had the distinct impression I was meant to react by dancing gleefully with my girls, high-fiving each other and generally whooping it ...

Parents told to rethink giving teens alcohol
... table with mum and dad. On average, Aussie kids get their first taste at 15 and a half years old. ... But with new research indicating alcohol can seriously interfere with young people's brain development, at what age and how, should we be ...

Kids and teenagers with mental health issues deserve early intervention
The Black Dog Index, which The Australian uses to chart the mood of the nation, earlier this year found a significant number of people using alcohol and cigarettes to deal with stress. More often, it was the university-educated, higher-income, full ...

Tanya Miller who took baby with her on armed robbery jailed
Tanya Miller, 30, had the baby girl with her in a car seat as she drove from her home in Carlisle to the Cumbrian town of Silloth for the knifepoint raid at a branch of the Cumberland Building Society. ... In the last post on their joint Facebook page ...

Ebola and the Epidemics of the Past
Joanne Wilson, 1955 National March of Dimes Poster Girl, looks on as her friend Roslyn Feigenbaum gets a Salk antipolio shot in New York in May 1955.

American Academy of Pediatrics Urges IUDs, Contraception for Teen Girls
In an updated policy, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is recommending long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs), such as hormonal implants, intrauterine devices (IUDs), Depo-Provera injections, and combined oral contraceptives for teenage ...

Tremors in 'Broken Hill Blues' are metaphor for society: Swedish director
A mix of documentary and fiction, the complex story unfolds via several depressed teens growing up in Kiruna, a town on the verge of collapsing as the earth beneath has become so fragile from mining that it often trembles.

9 Outrageous Things CEOs Said And Later Regretted
People in the audience immediately took to social media to criticise his comments. Women are hugely ... Last December, Gopman posted a four-paragraph tirade about San Francisco on Facebook that lambasted 'the lower part of society' for degrading the ...

Broken Hill Blues
Shown at Tribeca Film Festival, “Broken Hill Blues” stars Sebastian Hiort af Ornas as the aimless, angry, and confused teenager Markus, who is unable to connect with the life and people around him except for his friend Daniel (Alfred Juntii) and Helena ...

Fighting the good fight for society
... working with young teens at risk of becoming disengaged and anti-social. Taking a different approach to the youth than other strategies, with more intervention-based tactics, did raise some eyebrows.

Q and A: Justin Trudeau in his own words
It might have been clear to my father or to others, but to us as kids it wasn't until much later that we began to look back and say, “Ok, that's what was happening then.

Caution, No Kids Wanted
I mean, teens are rude, and children are expensive! No one can deny that parenting is hard work. It's 24-7 (forever not just 18 years,) and it's a huge financial commitment.

Dakota County Halloween fun isn't just for kids
At the hotel, people report hearing the ghost of Clara and the voice of a little girl, who is rumored to have drowned in a well in the basement.

Synod Message: Admiration and gratitude to the families who follow Christ, Way ...
The Message (which we publish in full) is addressed to "ordinary" families and speaks of the beauty of the love between a man and a woman.

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