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18 Oct 14 - Manufacturing News

Entrepreneurs can help bring new thinking to manufacturing
Essential to the development of advanced manufacturing is the development and diffusion of new technology. Yet, Australia ranks poorly when it comes to technology-based entrepreneurship.

Why the Australian economy still needs manufacturing
With major employers heading offshore and employment numbers decimated, what will emerge from the ashes of Australia's manufacturing industry? And what role should manufacturing play in the federal government's competitiveness agenda?

Surviving the end of auto manufacturing
Australia's automotive manufacturing industry will shutdown in 2017, with Holden, Toyota and Ford all pulling out of the country.

Australian industry can learn from its manufacturing 'outliers'
We studied 1,054 small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises across Australia to investigate what leadership techniques led to increased productivity.

Xiaomi 'Horribly Underestimated' Demand In India, 'Very Seriously' Considering ...
Xiaomi Inc., the Chinese mobile-device startup that surpassed the Samsung Electronics Co. to become the top handset seller in China, has plans for India that may include smartphone manufacturing. Four months ago, Xiaomi was an unknown name in India, ...

3D manufacturing plant opens with Holden, Ford and Boeing on its books
Less than a year after Holden announced its departure from Australia, a new manufacturing revolution is quietly taking place.

Software Intensive Manufacturing - the Game Changer?
A manufacturing sector is a fundamental component to a thriving economy. However, here in Australia, we have been witnessing a steady decline and over the past five years close to 100,000 Australian manufacturing jobs have been lost. An Australian ...

NZ manufacturing momentum builds
New Zealand manufacturing activity continues to build momentum after a mid-year lull, with a pick-up in agricultural production stoking activity in the food and beverage sector.

What Australian manufacturing industry can learn from its 'outliers'
Australia's manufacturing industry is in decline. Yet some businesses are managing to buck the trend. The question is what do these “outliers” do differently from their competitors?

The secret to unlocking productivity in manufacturing
With major employers heading offshore and employment numbers decimated, what will emerge from the ashes of Australia's manufacturing industry? And what role should manufacturing play in the federal government's competitiveness agenda? In this ...

Blueprint to pick economic winners in push away from manufacturing
Knowledge-based industries driving the future economy will be treated more favourably in tax and assistance terms than the old industrial powerhouses under a new competition and investment agenda to be released on Tuesday.

Manufacturers, Employers Remain Steady Amid Tumult
U.S. economic activity appears to be holding steady despite market convulsions over fears of a global slowdown, with American manufacturers and employers showing new signs of stability. Industrial production rebounded strongly in September and capacity ...

Modi unveils reforms to boost manufacturing
NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled a string of labor reforms, seeking to fullfil a pledge to boost the country's manufacturing sector. Modi, whose Bharatiya Janata Party swept to power in May on a mandate to revive India's ...

Manufacturing needs a management makeover
A study of more than 1,000 manufacturing SMEs, commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Industry, has shown while most workplaces have at least some of the practices in place, there is still a long way to go before they are reaping the ...

Good news for manufacturing
The Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce of Australia (META) has announced a new venture aimed at creating opportunities for high performance textile products.

NZ manufacturing job losses despite positive PMI
Job losses are still hitting New Zealand's manufacturing sector, despite positive economic indicators and talk of the nation's 'rock star economy'.

Australia's first commercial 3D printing factory opens in Melbourne
The managing director of Australia's first commercial 3D manufacturing plant sees a role for technology in revitalising regional industry.

Manufacturers struggling with regulatory burden
Australia's manufacturing future lies in 'advanced manufacturing' - technology, processes and skills along the whole value chain.

Australia's First 3D Printing Factory Aims to Shape Future of Manufacturing
MELBOURNE - As industry stalwarts Ford and Holden start to wind down local operations, there is an air of uncertainty around Australian manufacturing at the moment. But a new state-of-the-art facility in outer Melbourne is looking help shape its ...

Manufacturing woes deepen despite dollar dive
Of the eight manufacturing sub-sectors, only the large food and beverages and the smaller wood and paper products sub-sectors expanded.

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