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18 Oct 14 - Manufacturing Agriculture News

Since Federation, Australian agriculture has received less Federal Government ...
Since Federation, the level of Federal Government assistance given to the agriculture industry has been far less than the manufacturing sector, according to a study by two University of Melbourne economists. The paper, published in the Australian ...

Want to develop Indian economy on pillars of agriculture, manufacturing ...
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asserted that agriculture, manufacturing and service were the three pillars of the economy that can help build a new India.

Business Monday: Manufacturing and agriculture suffering
Senator Watson gave the feature address at the 20th anniversary celebration and awards function of the Prudential Co-operative Credit Union Limited, and lamented the slide in manufacturing and agriculture, including the apparent decline in food product.

Ag and food training needs
Agricultural and food manufacturing industry leaders met with Victorian State Ministers today to discuss the sectors' future training needs.

Figures to figure it out!
STRONG RUN: Princess Royal's Jack Rowe and Luke Bavistock were strong operators on EU-accredited stock at the Mount Gambier sale on Friday, paying $995 or $2.16/kg for 13 Angus-cross steers, 16-18 months, weighing 460kg and a pen of nine ...

Qld coal workforce, royalties grossly overestimated: study
... have seen agricultural employment remain steady or increase during this period. · Analysis commissioned by the China First mine proposal in the Galilee Basin suggests that project alone could reduce employment in manufacturing by over 2,000 positions.

Which States Derive the Highest Percent of Gross Product from Agriculture ...
(Note that North Dakota produces over 90 percent of this nation's canola and flax. It also produces barley, spring wheat, honey, peas, and sunflowers.

McKinsey's winner an also-ran here
When the Productivity Commission was asked by the Treasurer, Joe Hockey, to investigate the cost pressures on Australian dairy manufacturers, what it found was an industry infected with a new enthusiasm: attractive government intervention to create a ...

Coal generates just 1.2% of Qld jobs – not 13%
Impacts of the mining boom such as the high exchange rate and competition for land, water, labour and other resources have been hard on industries like tourism, agriculture and manufacturing. It finds that hotel occupancy rates in tourism areas have ...

Mixed market for eastern cattle
Heavy D2 manufacturing steers sold to a top of 168c, back 6c and averaging 163c, and heavy D2 cows to slaughter averaged 137c, back 9c/kg.

John Deere Manufacturing Company To Participate In Fagro 2014
To showcase the importance of mechanization within the agricultural industry, leading American Manufacturers of Agricultural Equipments, John Deere Manufacturing Company, will hold field demonstrations at this year's National Food and Agricultural Show ...

Clear to Cochlear we're on the road to a smart Australia
The government's plan will assist the development of a wide range of industry sectors, from resources to manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare. Parliamentary secretary for deregulation Josh Frydenberg said the benefits would be felt across the ...

Indian state calls for manufacturing to build wealth
“In the field of agriculture, Madhya Pradesh has reached its peak,” said Mr Chouhan, a member of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party who has governed the state since 2005.

Agricultural Systems Manufacturer Expanding in Kosciusko County
CTB, Inc., a global designer, manufacturer and marketer of agricultural systems and solutions, announced plans today to expand its manufacturing operations here, creating up to 80 new jobs by 2017. The Milford-headquartered company, which is a ...

A BATTLE has erupted between two of the world's grains powerhouses over last ...
Joe White Maltings supplies malt to major Australian beer makers including Lion Nathan, CUB and Coopers, and also supplies malt to the burgeoning Asian beer manufacturing sector. The issue has been bubbling along in company boardrooms for some ...

Why the Australian economy still needs manufacturing
Over the last half century, manufacturing employment as a proportion of total employment has been in long-term decline. Although many have predicted the eventual death of manufacturing, and some have even suggested it is inevitable, there are a number ...

Cattle yardings boosted but prices lag
Quality at Wodonga was quite good, with an excellent selection of grass finished and supplementary fed yearlings and a good quality yarding of grown steers and bullocks, however, there was an increased number of mixed breeds suitable for manufacturing.

Politics needs people with a broader experience of life
Few of them appear to have got their hands dirty working in manufacturing, agriculture, services or not-for-profit work.

Why Australia still needs manufacturing
Writing in The Conversation earlier this year, Professor Tim Mazzarol highlighted a clear link between economic growth and the presence of a viable manufacturing sector. This reflects a number of factors, including a direct relationship between the ...

Tech research boss says Govt should focus on potential, not strengths
If you look at mining or agriculture, two very strong areas in Queensland, you go back 100 years and 30 per cent of the population of Queensland was employed in agriculture; now that's 1 per cent. And so I would have liked to see a balance in the plan ...

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