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18 Oct 14 - Manufacturing Paper News

Building Smarter Manufacturing with the Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT will fundamentally change how products are invented, manufactured, shipped and sold. Leading manufacturers are designing for constantly evolving, evergreen products and services.

The Cisco Connected Factory: Powering a Renaissance in Manufacturing
Industrial enterprises around the world are retooling their factories with advanced technologies to boost manufacturing flexibility and speed, achieving new levels of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), supply chain responsiveness, and customer ...

NZ manufacturing job losses despite positive PMI
Job losses are still hitting New Zealand's manufacturing sector, despite positive economic indicators and talk of the nation's 'rock star economy'.

RBA says low dollar no saviour for manufacturing
The soaring Australian dollar in recent years - fuelled by the mining boom - has been blamed for choking the manufacturing sector by making exports too expensive for overseas markets.

Out of the attic: Museum features Curtis paper, other manufacturing
This week's Out of the Attic item is a current picture of the newly enhanced exhibit at the Newark History Museum about the Curtis Paper Company. For more than 210 years, a paper-making company has operated on this first industrial property in Newark.

Alex Salmond accused of manufacturing 'betrayal' over Scottish powers
The Government published a command paper on Monday summarising the three UK parties' proposals for extra devolution but Mr Salmond claimed there was a “huge gap” between its content and the “extensive” powers promised.

Manufacturing Building Materials from Plants and Waste
The company has patented the process, which uses cellulose from textile waste, recycled and reclaimed paper, industrial hemp, and waste and renewable plants.

'Made in Australia': The high-tech track to manufacturing success
While Flying Machine and Carbon Revolution use leadingedge industrial technology to make new things for global markets, much of Australian manufacturing is stuck in the digital dark ages, according to a CSIRO discussion paper released this week.

Breaking Bad's Real Life Walter White, Former Chemistry Teacher Charged With ...
Rudine is being accused of possessing, manufacturing and delivering meth. In the TV show, Breaking Bad, Walter is a high-school chemistry teacher.

P&G increases sustainability targets around water conservation and packaging ...
The company says the new water conservation goals follow water saving successes between 2002 and 2012 in which it reduced water use at its manufacturing plants by more than 70% per unit of production. Regarding ... The company's existing goals for 2020 ...

AusBiotech welcomes industry agenda as a win for common sense
... hopeful that these steps are followed by further actions to support innovation, entrepreneurship and translation of research and looks forward to the Tax White Paper, which it is hoped will include a tax incentive for Australian innovation and ...

International Paper Receives "Buy" Rating from Citigroup Inc. (IP)
International Paper Co logo International Paper (NYSE:IP)'s stock had its “buy” rating reiterated by Citigroup Inc. in a research note issued on Friday.

Indian manufacturers hit back over quality claims
India is regarded as the 'developing world's pharmacy', as it produces one-fifth of the world's generic drug supply.

Network Health Medicare Advantage rated highly
The 4,000-square-foot building will house Farm Products' manufacturing activities, and provide rail loading and off-loading capabilities for raw materials and a variety of products used in the paper manufacturing industry. The project is scheduled for ...

Report: Oil exports could drive manufacturing renaissance
“Higher levels of oil production require higher investment expenditures for capital equipment and construction, which in turn boost overall demand for goods,” the paper says. “This stimulates the manufacturing sector and its supply and distribution ...

New face of manufacturing
CSIRO proposes the direction for such a move in its discussion paper Equipping Australian Manufacturing for the Information Age: iManufacturing - Is Australia Ready?

Media back PM Modi's labour reforms plan
The paper urges the PM "to make legislative changes which rationalise and simplify labour laws, introduce flexibility in the labour market and encourage formal sector employment in large-scale manufacturing units". The Hindustan Times says the reforms ...

Manufacturers' Monthly Material of The Month Part 2: Graphene
... promise involves making a surfactant free dispersion of the material. Covered in a 2008 paper in Nature Nanotechnology, “Processable aqueous dispersions of graphene nanosheets”, the process has been licensed to Sydney-based start-up NanoCarbon.

New industry policy welcome, but reform process is just beginning
Done well, this approach should also find bi-partisan support and yield a meaningful policy framework to support the re-invention of Australian manufacturing. The political test will be whether the growth centres provide enough institutional support ...

Manufacturing is out, iManufacturing is the future: CSIRO
Australia needs to play to its strengths and transition from traditional manufacturing into new areas of competitive advantage.

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