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Business cards with attitude, that's what Eyecatchers can create for you. Eyecatchers is a Plastic Card Manufacturer that manufactures and prints plastic business cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, ID cards and more. We can process your order in just 7 working days and we all try to meet any tight deadlines if the need arises. That's only 7 days to create full colour, solid PVC plastic cards printing by Eyecatchers.
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18 Oct 14 - Manufacturing Printing News

3D manufacturing plant opens with Holden, Ford and Boeing on its books
"Print is the end-use goal; it's the material of 'now'." For low-volume manufacturing, 3D printing - which has been around for 30 years - is gaining momentum and is now cheaper than traditional volume-based production methods, finally putting ...

Australia's first commercial 3D printing factory opens in Melbourne
The managing director of Australia's first commercial 3D manufacturing plant sees a role for technology in revitalising regional industry.

Australia's First 3D Printing Factory Aims to Shape Future of Manufacturing
MELBOURNE - As industry stalwarts Ford and Holden start to wind down local operations, there is an air of uncertainty around Australian manufacturing at the moment. But a new state-of-the-art facility in outer Melbourne is looking help shape its ...

Additive manufacturing/3-D printing coming to Keystone College campus
The new manufacturing/3-D printing center at Keystone will serve as a regional resource to provide support and training for individuals and companies to take advantage of this new, advanced technology and will be a catalyst for regional economic ...

How 3-D Printing is Transforming Everything from Medicine to Manufacturing
The technology has the potential to alter—even revolutionize—dozens of industries, from small-batch manufacturing to aerospace engineering, from prosthetics to reconstructive surgery and beyond.

ORNL's EBM Discovery 'Potentially the Most Important Development in Metal ...
Researchers at the ORNL, led by staff scientist and metal additive manufacturing lead, Ryan Dehoff, as well as ORNL's Hassina Bilheux, and Mike Kirka, University of California Berkeley's Anton Tremsin, and Texas A&M University's William Sames, have ...

How China Could Be The Future Of 3D Printing
"As patent-granted monopolies end on various technologies, Chinese manufacturers of 3D printers will see explosive growth," said Benster.

Solar 3D printers take manufacturing off the grid
3D printers have been designed for using plastic, metal, cement -- they've even been designed for manufacturing in space.

3D Printing factory opens in Melbourne
3D Central Advanced Manufacturing Centre, a manufacturing plant that uses only 3D printing in the production process, has opened in the Melbourne suburb of Carrum Downs.

Local Manufacturer Investing Heavily In 3D Printing
3d printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is the process of designing a 3d model and printing layers of material into a 3d object.

Two-thirds of Top 100 Manufacturing Companies Already Use 3D Printing Says ...
In fact, manufacturing will nearly quadruple its share of the total 3D printing market, accounting for a projected 46% in 2025.

Two-thirds of industrial manufacturers use 3D printing
A worker at the Ford 3D Printing Lab in Detroit removes a part from the 3D Sand Printing bin. Ford has several "binder jet printing machines" that churn out large bins filled with 100 or more molds into which molten metal will later be poured to make ...

Stratasys Highlights 3D Printing on Capitol Hill With Discussion and Demos
The conversation and main discussion encasing the event, hosted by Stratasys, revolved around the advent of 3D printing and how it is transforming manufacturing, sweeping change through a number of industries, and paving the path for “changing the way ...

Building the future: 3-D printing promises to transform manufacturing industry
At the Livermore lab, researchers are combining 3-D printing technology with high-performance computing to quicken and refine manufacturing processes, and exploring unique printing methods and exotic ink mixtures that aren't being tested anywhere else.

Manufacturing the future: How 3D printing went from pipe dream to your desktop
Teaming with Washington-based special effects prop designer Ivan Owen and consumer 3D-printing powerhouse MakerBot, Van As launched Robohand, a non-profit aimed at outfitting young sufferers of Amniotic Band Syndrome with prosthetic appendages ...

3D printing will do to the manufacturing industry what Napster did to the ...
What you have to bear in mind is that we're in the “dot matrix” era of 3D printing; it's at the same stage now that 2D printing was at in the early 80s. Some people owned expensive, low-resolution home printers, but the majority of people took their ...

Additive manufacturing technology can print using plastic, paste or concrete
It all started with the needs of an architecture student and the interest of an engineer who, seeing the high cost of manufacturing molds, decided to develop a 3D modular printer which uses polymers (plastic) to generate models for low-cost functional ...

Wipro ventures into 3D printing with lone printer
Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing uses an automated process that can create the units in one metal piece through successive layering of materials.

Has 3D Printing Disrupted the Manufacturing Industry?
Although 3D printing is constantly in the news, will it actually change our lives? After all, the majority of 3D home printers can only print cheap plastic replicas. However, we are currently at the start of a new technology! Do you remember printers ...

3-D printing promises to transform manufacturing industry
At the Livermore lab, researchers are combining 3-D printing technology with high-performance computing to quicken and refine manufacturing processes, and exploring unique printing methods and exotic ink mixtures that aren't being tested anywhere else.

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