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15 Feb 20 - Marketing News

13 Effective Ways To Interpret Marketing Data And Get Actionable Answers
Properly analyzing your business data can be a massive undertaking, but there are ways to streamline the process. Here are some of the most effective, efficient ways to interpret large volumes of marketing data to create insights.
Coronavirus prompts Facebook to cancel marketing summit
IBM also pulls out of RSA Conference taking place in San Francisco in February. Fears over a novel coronavirus, now officially named SARS-CoV-2, have prompted tech companies to cancel plans Friday for major events in San Francisco.
Facebook Prepares for Wave of Influencer Marketing in Politics
Some politicians have started following brands into an advertising grey zone. Facebook Inc. is trying to clarify how it will handle a new wrinkle in the world of digital political advertising: politicians paying influencers to post on social media platforms like Instagram,
COVID-19 Outbreak Forces Facebook To Call Off Global Marketing Summit
Close to 4000 people were expected to participate in Facebooks Global Marketing Summit this March. But the California-based tech giant cancelled the massive event because of public health issues related to coronavirus.
Meet the 11 power-player marketing execs who will battle it out in the next phase of the streaming TV wars
These execs from companies like Hulu, Disney, and Apple have to convince people to open their wallets to subscribe in an increasingly crowded market.
A little scoop: Unilever will stop marketing to kids in an effort to curb childhood obesity
Unilever, one of the oldest multinational consumer goods companies, pledged this week to stop advertising ice cream to children. By the end of this year, the company will stop marketing and advertising foods and beverages to children under the age of 12 in television and print, and for children under 13 via social media channels. Unilever may ...
Gloucester City Council's marketing firm ceases trading
Image caption Marketing Gloucester organised a range of major events in the city including the Tall Ships Festival Gloucester City Council's marketing company which organised some of the city's biggest events, has ceased trading with immediate effect. A review found Marketing Gloucester's financial position was "untenable" and insolvency ...
Why Your 2020 Marketing Strategy Should Include Influencers
Many marketers are saving a place for influencers in their marketing strategies this year. Influencer marketing helps brands tap niche content creators to promote certain products and services. Brands compensate influencers in exchange for promoting them to a targeted following.
Facebook cancels global marketing conference due to the coronavirus outbreak
Facebook has canceled its upcoming global marketing conference out of caution for the coronavirus outbreak, according to Reuters. The conference was set to take place in March at San Franciscos Moscone Center,
Coronavirus prompts Facebook to cancel marketing summit, reports say
Fears over a novel coronavirus, now officially named SARS-CoV-2, have reportedly prompted tech companies to cancel plans Friday for major events in San Francisco. Facebook canceled a marketing summit scheduled for early March,

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