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18 Oct 14 - News Chats And Forums News

Hedge Funds Listen In On Patient Chats For Pharma Bets
On the Internet, people talk about everything, even their illnesses. Now, Wall Street is listening. In the data age, a handful of companies are packaging conversations on Facebook, Twitter and online patient forums to sell to drugmakers, insurers and ...

How To Hire A Hacker
But while this brain trust can prove useful, MacDougall warns, "If the hacker is involved in the underground scene and frequents a lot of forums and IRC chats, you still need to be very cautious. You can get a lot of blowback." For example, MacDougall ...

We recommend Starr, Gallegos, Allen
We appreciate Gallegos' folksy manner and his visibility at many community events. He is often out in public and accessible to citizens, offering a friendly presence to constituents while attending political forums and coffee chats or walking in ...

Business Niche Spotters Think Big And Look Wide Before Zeroing In
He liked how the travel site pioneered consumer reviews and interaction via forums, and he thought its model could apply to health care.

Disability Claims and Social Media
One of the most powerful sources of information and community is the internet. That's why Pro Health has been such a successful community for FM and CFS patients.

Cured in paradise: Why Aussie addicts are going to rehab in Chiang Mai, Thailand
As well as online support - alumni forums and video chats with counsellors - clients are encouraged to channel their addiction into a productive, healthy avenue, such as service work or exercise.

Jeb Bush stumps for Michigan GOP
It was one of three stops in Michigan for Bush Monday, one day after Snyder and his challenger, former Democratic Congressman, met at a forum in Detroit. He began the day in Grand Rapids, and ended it in Troy, with Snyder. The focus at Troy's rally was ...

Intertelecom launches staff management service
Employers will be able to form black lists of internet sites, including social networks, dating portals, forums, or chats. The database of sites filtered by the service currently includes over 6.8 million internet sites. The service will be free until ...

Online Troll Sentenced For Assisting Suicide
He wrote in one of their online chats: "im just tryin to help you do what is best for you not me." Last month, a court found him guilty of assisted suicide in Mr Drybrough's death.

Extensions, Add-Ons and Apps, Oh My! How to Utilize Google in Your Classroom
... list anytime you want, or send that list to others by sharing it as a webpage. When grading assignments in Google Drive and using a Google Chrome extension like Permanent Clipboard, teachers can store common comments on student work, or create an ...

Fixing Battlefield 4: DICE Talks Launch Issues, Fall Patch, And Lots More
Now we are obviously listening everywhere--I have reports every week from the forums and whatnot; I have been really, really active on Twitter and Reddit and forums and everywhere I can be active. ... We also have a select few community members that we ...

Fat Chats: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Comments
The study is one of the first to analyze how weight is discussed on various social media channels such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, forums, Flickr, and YouTube. Chou and co-author Abby Prestin analyzed 1.37 million posts in the sixty days between 23 ...

Milla Jovovich Says Her Family Was Threatened by Stalker
"A lot of my followers [have] been asking why i don't chat on here anymore. unfortunately, my family was threatened last year by a stalker," she wrote.

Why would Facebook be interested in anonymity?
His comments also indicated that Facebook could be working on something that gives people have usernames -- like in the forums and chats that have let people make up names since the birth of the Web. Just one that's somehow tied to Facebook. So is this ...

Get Three For The Price Of One
The excitement is in the air. Bulldog football is ranked No. 1 in the nation and QB Dak Prescott is being mentioned as the top contender for the Heisman Trophy Award.

For the Next 2 Days, Thousands Will Be Online Discussing the Future of ...
Although the structure is similar to a conference, in which the schedule is planned around specific forums and themes, participants will be exposed to different socially driven tools meant to prompt conversation, from polls and word clouds to chats ...

The Walking Dead Episode 501 'No Sanctuary' Recap and Poll
Back in the shack Martin chats with Tyreese, asking him about Judith and his friends. Martin says he doesn't have any friends, “just assholes I stay alive with,” and talks about how he used to have friends and watch football on Sundays and go to church ...

Jovago Incorporates Live Chat Feature On Website
The company is also involved in promoting/pushing the E-tourism agenda through related seminars and conferences mostly hosted under tourism forums. has its regional headquarters in Nairobi-Kenya, Lagos-Nigeria, Senegal-Dakar and ...

BitTorrent Bleep extends its IM security to Android, Mac
Top Categories; Appliances · Computers · Gaming · Home Entertainment · Internet · Mobile Apps · Phones · Photography · Security · Tablets · Forums · Speed Test · Wearable Tech ... Asynchronous chats, in which one recipient is offline, don't work yet.

best free online dating sites
And the full on bicycle gear, cheats and catfishUnfortunately, its still a great place to meet Latter-day Saint singles online, but none whom I was into to the point of dating, one young singleton was determined to bring a bit of old-fashioned romance ...

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