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18 Oct 14 - News Directories News

Are You Listed? Tips for Using SEO Directories Today.
Although online directories are still a part of every complete strategy for search engine marketing and optimization, they don't hold the power they once did.

Are Directories The On-Premises Sacred Cow?
There's no doubt that directories are important; whether based on AD or LDAP, for most organizations they're the cornerstone for identities and access controls," he says.

Social Networks And Directories Main Target Of European Search De-Listing ...
Some interesting data has been released today by the service, regarding Europe's so-called 'right to be forgotten' (rtbf) court ruling which seeks to balance the region's individual privacy rights against the algorithmic power of search ... The web directory for everyone
Web directories are listings of websites, organised according to types of content - like Yellow Pages, but for online purposes.

siliconANGLE » JumpCloud unveils Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS) Active ...
Now extending into cloud infrastructure, the Boulder, CO-based company has announced JumpCloud Directory as a Service (DaaS), a new offering that the company projects as an alternative to existing on-premise directory services like the Microsoft Active ...

Santa Monica Software Startup, Brilliant Directories, Yields 500% ROI for ...
Online entrepreneurs report a 500% ROI within 45 days of implementing the Brilliant Directories platform. Monetization features include paid subscriptions, banner ad management, and auto-renew memberships - all turnkey options in Brilliant Directories: ...

Zeef Pulls In $1.55M For Its Crowdsourced Link Directory
“Normal directories/search engines have a focus on individual links which are tagged and grouped by subject, we have a focus on an entire overview of links about a subject by one person to give a complete overview of each individual person's view.

Family Owned Locksmith Sues Google and Major Online Directories
Google, Yellowbook, and Ziplocal, are being sued for violating U.S. and state laws specifically, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act or RICO, and the Lanham Act.

Yahoo killing off Yahoo after 20 years of hierarchical organization
In January 1994, Jerry Yang and David Filo, graduate students at Stanford University, created a hierarchical directory of websites, "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web.

The Easy Way to Find Local Food – USDA Launches New Local Food Directories
Christy (left) and Lilah Talbott of Richmond, VA came to the Fall Line Farms pick-up point, a food hub that offers a wide variety of household food staples and specialty items.

Ann Deegan to speak on Redlands city directories
Ann Cody Deegan will discuss her latest publication, “Redlands City Directories 1896-1967,” when the Redlands Area Historical Society meets at 7 p.m.

Stand Out from the Crowd with These Tips for Article Submission Directories
Stand Out from the Crowd with These Tips for Article Submission Directories image Numero Uno 09 If you're creating content for your business, you know that articles are a great way to present yourself in the public sphere.

Interactive directories installed at City Center
qmedia Decaux has completed the installation of new interactive digital directories at City Center Doha. This follows the award of the exclusive advertising concession in the mall, according to a statement.

Crain's List: Largest Michigan manufacturers
This list of manufacturing companies is an approximate compilation of the largest such companies in Michigan. It is not a complete listing but the most comprehensive available.

Cloud May Be The New Outsourcing, But The Same Due Diligence Must Apply
Yes, it has become significantly easier and faster to sign on new services (literally with the swipe of a credit card) in the cloud era, versus the previous era when potential suppliers had to be sought through word of mouth, professional directories ...

How Data's Location Is Found in a HDD
OP, note that, in your post, you list a "name" for the hypothetical file that is really the complete list of nested sub-directories, from root entry to the actual place the file is located, and THEN the actual file name at the end. That is how the OS ...

How Large Multi-Location Businesses Can Dominate In Local Search
An important factor in local search ranking algorithms is the number of citations, the accuracy and consistency of these listings, and how authoritative the website providing the citation is.

New Brunswick Conquers Identity Management With Virtual Directory
SNB uses Radiant Logic's RadiantOne, a federated identity technology, to pull together disparate directories into a single location for application authentication and authorization.

How the new stacks up with the old
WASHINGTON -, the website for health insurance under President Barack Obama's health care law, has been revamped as its second enrollment season approaches in about a month.

Church notes
Merrimac Community Phone Directories have all been delivered. If you are a resident or business and have not received one, or would like an extra stack for your business, contact the Merrimacport United Methodist Church, PO Box 214, Merrimac, MA.

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