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18 Oct 14 - News Extended Coverage News

Extended Warranties: Some Are Worth It, Most Are Worthless
Purchases made with with certain credit cards get extended coverage. American Express (AXP) is cited by The New York Times (NYT) as the best card for extended warranty protection.

Extended warranties a big sell. Are they worth it?
“I love extended warranties and service contracts but only the ones you sell yourself,” he said. “Look at the price of that contract and put the money in the bank and hold it there.

Katie Edwards: Extend health care coverage using federal funds
I look at everything from a business perspective. When I sponsor a bill or am deciding how to vote on a bill, I examine the cost-benefit analysis.

Extended communications coverage meets sustainable objectives
Two companies would share the mast and they would be able to deliver improved 3G and 4G coverage, the inspector noted, and they proposed to re-use an existing site rather than develop a new one elsewhere.

extended auto warranty coverage
Accident Coverage Not Included One thing you should always be aware of is no extended car warranty contract or mechanical insurance policy will ever pay for repairs that are needed due to an automobile accident.

Extended warranties are a big sell, but are they worth it?
“I love extended warranties and service contracts, but only the ones you sell yourself,” he says. “Look at the price of that contract, and put the money in the bank and hold it there.

EUC 2014; Unemployment benefits and extended news coverage for ...
The coverage and push for EUC in the U.S. has waned in recent months and it is difficult to find a politician/lawmaker that is still actively pushing to get another extension deal through Congress.

Extended Warranties Necessity Questioned
Protection Plan Extended Warranty Coverage Shopping Cart. And Anthony Giorgianni, associate finance editor of Consumer Reports' Money Adviser newsletter, says, “You can go broke basically insuring everything you buy.

Leveraging IT to extend coverage of medical professionals
Our population of eight billion and growing doesn't have enough medical personnel (doctors, nurses, physicians) to keep everyone healthy.

McConnell: Whistling past his Obamacare evasions
Steve Beshear has emerged as one of the law's most outspoken champions, it has extended health coverage to some 500,000 people and is widely judged a giant win for the state.

Tropical Storm Watches in effect for Newfoundland as Gonzalo approaches island
EXTENDED ACTIVE WEATHER COVERAGE: Tune in to The Weather Network for live updates on Hurricane Gonzalo. Our team of reporters and meteorologists in the field provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date coverage.

State Warns Consumers About Aftermarket Auto Warranties
ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) - They are sold to vehicle owners to give added peace of mind in the event of serious repairs, but Minnesota's Attorney General Lori Swanson is warning consumers about extended warranty coverage that fails to live up to the ...

Trump Casino Cuts May Save Taj Mahal at Union's Expense
After making his decision, the judge said he was “concerned about health-care for the employees” and wanted to ensure there's no gap in coverage.

How to cover the Islamic State — and survive
Yet this voluntary censorship also had unintended consequences: In late 2013, when 30 journalists were missing in Syria, there was virtually no coverage of the problem, little public awareness that Islamic State fighters were actively searching for ...

Chapter Nine: The Beach Boys And Newsroom Changes
By 1989, another town news expansion - for which the paper hired another 45 reporters and 25 correspondents - extended The Courant's coverage to 82 of the state's 169 municipalities, including regular sports coverage of 119 high schools. The scope of ...

Grand Rapids Game of the Week: Who wants it?
The stakes are big, and so will be the coverage for the game with the most votes when the poll closes Tuesday at 3 p.m. You will find extended coverage on MLive, the Grand Rapids Press and the Michigan Sports Radio. Don't forget: you are eligible to ...

In the Obamacare birth-control debate, there's a logical path
In New York and Washington states, for example, a woman can walk into a pharmacy with only her Medicaid card and get the morning-after pill free.

fidelity extended auto warranty reviews
My car was 90 miles above the limit. Your update should be done soon. Each time they have been denied (they always state to the service department that this is not covered). Incredibly, unless of course you have Extended Vehicle Protection, if I had ...

For those caught in Ebola in scare, a life in quarantine
DALLAS - The refrigerator in Youngor Jallah's small apartment broke down last week, and it did not take long for the stench of rotting food to grow unbearable.

Shen football completes regular season undefeated with 44-14 homecoming win ...
Guilderland recouped during the extended homecoming halftime festivities and Sentz put the Dutchmen on his back once again, heading up the middle before breaking for his own sideline for a 41-yard gain, stopped by Taft at the two-yard line.

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