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18 Oct 14 - News Journalism News

Syracuse University bravely saves students from exposure to journalism
Michel du Cille, a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist, was recently in Liberia to cover the Ebola outbreak. He is back in the United States now, and he was supposed to go to Syracuse University - home to a very prestigious journalism school - to ...

Journalism schools need practical focus
The manifest achievements of journalism - constant monitoring of political, social and economic events and exposures of corruption and incompetence - seem little mentioned, or not to the extent that students receive professional formation and walk ...

Boston reporter detained in Russia
Bergantino and Randy Covington, a University of South Carolina journalism professor, were released by immigration authorities Thursday morning after being detained for over five hours for allegedly illegally teaching a journalism workshop in St ...

Critical theory in journalism is in need of some criticism
It's a truism of critical theory, as it is applied in journalism courses at most universities, that Murdoch equals monopoly equals a monoculture of opinion.

True journalism fights for survival under gov't carrot-stick policy
Veteran Turkish journalists who have lost their jobs for basically trying to perform their profession have said they did not experience as much government pressure and intervention during the turbulent coup times of the past as they have under the ...

On folk devils and the <em>Oz</em>'s circle of confected outrage
The Australian media editor Sharri Markson went deep undercover to sit in on journalism lectures at some of Sydney's universities and has discovered not only do lecturers not worship Rupert Murdoch, but they also believe in the science of climate ...

Journalism students hone their skills in state-of-the-art facility
When Esther Wojcicki arrived to lead Palo Alto High School's journalism program in 1984, she was put in a corner room in the Tower Building with 19 students, one typewriter and a person hired at a dollar an hour to work the Justowriter, a now-ancient ...

#GamerGate is an attack on ethical journalism
Anyone who legitimately cares about ethics in journalism would react to #GamerGate by screaming in horror and hanging garlic from the doors.

Letter: Spread responsible journalism
This is the very misinformation being fought by the people in your article, which is being disseminated in a magazine being published by the same company.

Gary Webb was no journalism hero, despite what 'Kill the Messenger' says
An extraordinary claim requires extraordinary proof. That old dictum ought to hang on the walls of every journalism school in America.

PBMF Awards honor excellence in journalism
The 2014 Pittsburgh Black Media Federation's Robert L. Vann Media Awards program was recently held to honor excellence in print, broadcast, photography and online journalism coverage of the African-American community of Western Pennsylvania.

When Journalism Isn't Quite Enough
This headline must be one of the worst things a journalist could write, and this topic must be one of the least written-about, but for the subject I'm writing about I felt it necessary to abandon everything I've been taught and write primitively.

Former MBJ editor receives U of M journalism award
Also at the luncheon, Rick Fischer, retired U of M professor, received the Herbert Lee Williams Award; Marcus Mathews, author of "I Am Not the Father," received the Outstanding Young Alumni Award; and Kayla Stringer, a current U of M journalism student ...

Branded content: how online advertorials are changing the shape of modern ...
As Emily Bell, of Columbia Journalism School has pointed out, the origins of “advertorials” stretch back almost a century to 1917 when the American Federal Trade Commission settled a case with the Muensen Speciality Co, over an ad for its vacuum ...

Journalism startup Latterly doesn't care about page views one bit
Next month, an earnest journalism startup called Latterly will embark on a bold experiment: whether it's possible to run a business solely based on releasing high-quality nonfiction stories to the world.

Films that highlight agenda-setting public service journalism
Two new films highlighting the journalism of the Times and Sunday Times have been released in "the unquiet film" series.

CUK's Convergent Journalism deptt holds workshop
Senior journalist, Zaffar Iqbal was the resource person for the workshop. The topics discussed included electronic news gathering (ENG), writing pitches, Piece to Camera, voxes, modulation, TV writing, OB operations, feedback, product control room ...

Journalism in the age of mass surveillance and the Bureau's case to the ECHR
The Bureau's lawyer Gavin Millar QC spoke today about mass surveillance of the media industry at a conference organised by the NUJ and the IFJ.

OU dedicates Paul Massad Student Center in College of Journalism
The Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma on Friday dedicated its Student Services Center to Paul D. Massad, a 1960 OU journalism/public relations graduate. Massad is the Vice President Emeritus and ...

I totally just touched my new book: Collected Journalism, out next week!
The content is all completely different to Bad Science and Bad Pharma, with much more focus on bad behaviour by politicians, journalists, and scientists themselves: some golden gassers from yesteryear, some recent stuff, the odd government report ...

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